Pumpkin Juice Kombucha
If you want bubbly kombucha, then this recipe is one of the most bubbly kombuchas we've ever had. Pumpkin is a prebiotic so it feeds good bacteria, makes it grow and multiply, and makes for lots of bubbles! ~Donna
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Pumpkin Juice:
Pumpkin Juice Kombucha
  • 2ounces Pumpkin Juice
  • 14ounces Kombuchaplain
Servings: serving
  1. To make pumpkin juice: blend all ingredients until combined.
  2. Pour 2 ounces of pumpkin juice into a 16 ounce bottle.
  3. Pour 14 ounces of Plain Kombucha into the rest of the bottle leaving a small amount of room (about 1 inch) at the top.
  4. Cap your bottle and allow to ferment for 5-14 days.
  5. Check it often by opening it to see if it is bubbly.