Orange Juice Kefir Smoothie

Orange juice is a functional food with many health benefits. Oranges contain the flavonoid hesperidin which works with our body to help with blood levels of key phenols (the color pigments in orange juice). These special phenols lower inflammation, reduce DNA damage, improve your cholesterol, and do many other beneficial things like helping improve memory. Not only that, hesperidin is one of the most powerful natural defenses to fight highly virulent viruses like H1N1 and Covid-19. It suppresses numerous mechanisms needed for these types of viruses to proliferate. Not only that but it contains large amounts of vitamin C that supports our immune system and keeps things running smoothly. Check out this article for more info. Hesperidin, the amazing compound in Orange Juice


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  • Place all ingredients in a high-speed blender and process until combined and frothy. Drink immediately.