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How to make Kefir

Kefir, how do you make it?

It is quite simple and a lot of fun. You can make kefir with a variety of milks, dairy and non-dairy.

There are two ways to make kefir.

One way is with kefir grains that will reproduce and last a lifetime (if you don’t kill them with heat or starve them by not feeding them.) Or you can purchase kefir culture packages.

The culture packages is the method I used when I first started making kefir. I call this method “Kefir for Beginners.” It’s really easy, you can make as much as you want, and it doesn’t require you to make kefir every day. It comes in a powder form, and you basically just add milk and you’re done. Six packages can make up to 42 gallons of kefir. So if you’re struggling or feel overwhelmed, this is a great place to start.

Here’s my How to Make Kefir video from my DVD “The Trilogy

Kefir Grains is the method I use now. It’s a little bit more involved, but it’s still really easy. You have to keep your grains fed and happy, but in return they will make you delicious kefir! The kefir made from grains is actually a lot stronger than kefir made from the powder packages. The powder packages have ten good bacteria, and I mean really good ones. However kefir made from kefir grains has over fifty!

When I switched to grains, I saw a big difference and never went back. I really love my kefir grains, almost as much as I love my children. If you take care of your kefir grains and love them half as much as I do, they will make you wonderful kefir for the rest of your life!

You will need to either find or purchase kefir grains. Click here for some resources.

Ok, let’s make some kefir!

Here’s the methods for making kefir. The first is making kefir using Live Kefir Grains.

How to make kefir using kefir grains

How to make kefir using Easy Kefir powder packets

Second Ferment Your Kefir

Once you get the hang of making kefir, I encourage you to start second fermenting it. Not only does second fermenting increase the nutrients in your kefir, it also make it taste a LOT better! I always second ferment my kefir. It’s not hard and I encourage you to try it and see the difference!

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Store your kefir while on vacation

If you are unable to make kefir with your live grains for a short period of time and would like to store it, place your grains in at least 2 cups of milk, remembering that if you have 1 Tbsp of grains to 1 cup of milk rule and adding a little more. I like to store mine in at least 3 cups of milk making sure that they have plenty of food to eat. Then you place this in the refrigerator. This will last for one week and then if you want to do it longer drain the milk and add new milk after 1 week. If you are going  to be gone longer than a week double the milk you would add. Your grains eat the lactose (milk sugar) out of the milk and you want to be sure they have plenty to eat so they won’t die.

It is a living colony and needs food just as you do!