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Order this bundle and save! This is a live kombucha starter kit. Making kombucha is a lot of fun! This kit includes the following items: Donna’s Live Kombucha Starter (reg. $26.99) Gallon Glass Jar with Plastic Lid (reg. $21) Heating Strip (reg. $18.97) Five page booklet on how to make kombucha Laminated…(Read More)

Mayonnaise is a common condiment that so many of us use regularly. Mayo was said to be the invention of one of the great chefs of France. Marie-Antoine Carême was the personal chef of the Duke de Richelieu in 1756. While the Duke was defeating the British at Port Mahon, his chef was…(Read More)

Mayonnaise is generally made slowly, blending eggs and oil together over the course of five to seven minutes. However, that has all changed with one of my new favorite kitchen tools: an immersion blender. You can find these just about anywhere that sells mixers and blenders. They’re great for soups and batters, but what they do best is emulsify oil and eggs—in about 20 seconds! A note before you begin: This recipe calls for raw eggs. People with compromised im- mune systems should not eat this. For those of you who do choose to make the mayo, use the freshest eggs possible. The best choice is to get eggs directly from a farm or a reliable vendor at a farmers market; but eggs from cage-free, pasture-raised chickens, which are sold in most grocery stores, are also generally safe.
Here are some of the benefits of eating this salad. Apples help to activate the muscle cell insulin receptors keeping blood sugar levels in better balance. Strawberries have strong anti-inflammatory properties. Blueberries have compounds called proanthocyanidins that prevent bacteria from sticking to the walls of the urinary tract, preventing UTI's. Walnuts also have a positive effect on thermogenesis. Thermogenesis helps to increase your metabolism (the rate at which you burn calories), suppress your appetite, and promote weight loss. Kefir & Kombucha are probiotic powerhouses that give you tons of probiotics. All of the fruits are prebiotics and the kefir and kombucha are probiotic so this salad has numerous benefits!
Day 1 (side view)

Watching tea turn into kombucha is quite a thing to behold. You give it the ingredients and let it work its magic. Billions of microbes and yeasts transform the tea into a bubbly probiotic tea that you will love. When you first start making kombucha you might be concerned and not know what to expect…(Read More)

This is a time-lapse video I did to show you how a SCOBY forms in your kombucha. It’s quite a beautiful thing to behold with all the bacteria and yeasts dancing around in the jar. I hope you enjoy it. This was a project done with love, and I was so surprised by…(Read More)

Kombucha is an amazing drink. Sales have grown to be over 600 million dollars, and this was all done strictly by word of mouth. I have watched it grow and I’ve also witnessed the major soda beverage companies start to lose their credibility and hit a 30 year low in sales as people wake…(Read More)

Do you wonder when your kefir, kombucha, and cultured vegetables are done fermenting? I have a few tips to help you understand how and when they’re at the perfect place with lots of probiotics and will taste the best. There’s a little science behind this, and since culturing your food is an artisanal…(Read More)

Kombucha is a wonder drink. This fermented tea has been around for centuries and is legend in many countries such as China, Russia, and Korea. There are even stories that Genghis Khan drank it often and gave it to the men in his armies.  It can become a part of your life very quickly and…(Read More)

One of the reasons your kombucha may not be bubbly is because it’s fermented for too long. The good yeasts in kombucha eat the sugar and then release carbon dioxide. This is what creates carbonation. If you let it ferment too long the kombucha go flat. If you don’t let it get vinegary…(Read More)

Your house is probably on the cooler end of the spectrum, and kombucha takes longer to ferment at lower temperatures. Just leave it to ferment longer. I use a brew belt for a dependable temperature. You can also use a heating pad, but brew belts provide a consistent temperature that is more easily controlled than…(Read More)

Stay Healthy – Drink Kombucha During Cold and Flu Season Kombucha is a wonderful probiotic drink and something you should really consider drinking daily during cold and flu season. The special probiotic yeast in kombucha (Saccharomyces boulardii, which cannot be killed by antibiotics) can help you stay healthy when viruses are all around you. This…(Read More)

When you’re brewing kombucha, you need to feed the microbes so they can make probiotics. Sugar is the fuel source for these hungry critters. Always remember that the sugar is for those little microbes and not for you. They consume the sugar and then make probiotics and naturally occurring carbonation through the process of…(Read More)

Apple cider vinegar has many health benefits. Kombucha vinegar is very similar and has many of the same properties.  This recipe uses the convenience of  kombucha to speed up the process of making vinegar and uses apple scraps to give it that tangy apple taste. Apple cider vinegars are made with crushed apples that are…(Read More)

I like to make this recipe during apple season when apples are abundant and I will be collecting a lot of apple scraps from baking and juicing!

So, you all keep asking . . . What do I do with all these SCOBYs?! If you are anything like me, you have a pile of SCOBYs in a massive SCOBY hotel just waiting . . . It feels somehow wrong to throw them away when you have taken care of them and watched…(Read More)

Jun! The Champagne of Kombucha! For some of you, this culture is old news . . . for others, you may have never heard of it. Jun is a cultured food similar to kombucha but supposedly its own separate thing. It is brewed with a SCOBY culture that is light in color and is made…(Read More)

Jun Kombucha


Traditional "Jun" is said to be a completely different culture than kombucha.  Jun is made with honey and green tea. There are some who believe it is just a hybrid of the traditional kombucha SCOBY. In any case, this is our kombucha version of Jun and to learn more check out this blog: Jun! New Culture or Honey Kombucha Hybrid?

A recent study, published in the journal PNAS, suggested that bacteria in the gut may play a role in alcohol addiction and the risk of relapsing after rehab. The study was done on 60 alcohol-dependent individuals. They tested their intestinal bacteria composition and found that 26 out of the 60 alcohol-dependent subjects suffered…(Read More)

Yerba Mate Tea Kombucha


There are many health benefits to yerba mate tea and it is revered in the tea world as an energy booster. Many who are sensitive to caffeine say that even though yerba mate is high in caffeine they don’t get the side effects like they might from coffee. It is an acquired taste for…(Read More)

The legend goes . . . in China, 2727 BC, the Emperor Shen Nong, who was known as “the divine healer,” was boiling his water to clean out impurities. The pot was underneath a tea bush and several leaves fell into the pot. The pot had such a wonderful fragrance, color, and taste that the…(Read More)

Jasmine pearls create a lovely floral flavor with your brew. We like it so much we rarely second ferment it!

White Tea Kombucha


White Tea is a delicate tea and will create a very mildly sour tasting brew. Although you normally only brew white tea a few minutes, make sure that when using it for kombucha you brew it for at least 10 minutes. This will ensure the appropriate amount of tannins are in the brew to produce a healthy SCOBY.

Grapefruit Mint Kombucha


I like to use bottled juice with this recipe because it gives a better, less strong flavor and doesn't cause explosions. If you do use fresh grapefruit juice, only ferment 2-5 days.

Did you ever stop to taste a carrot? Not just eat it but taste it? You can taste the beauty and energy of the earth in every bite. A Bright Orange Liquid I was young, nine years old, and sitting in a classroom staring at my teacher’s desk. She had a thermos; and from…(Read More)

Carrot Kombucha


This kombucha is super bubbly and loaded with antioxidants and lots of vitamin A. I think carrots are something special and that we should include them in our diets as much as possible. I love the flavor of fresh carrots. Nothing shouts, "Get back to your roots!" quite like carrots.

This is a live kombucha scoby and 1 cup of starter liquid. I highly recommend getting a live kombucha starter and one that has been used actively. I really want you to be successful and if you have my starter, I know you will. This starter has been made with a combination of green and…(Read More)

Is kombucha good for you? Is it alcoholic? As of late, kombucha has been getting a lot of press. Kombucha has become a 0.6 billion dollar industry and is causing quite a stir in the beverage business. Its popularity has grown strictly by word of mouth and is growing at an incredible rate. Even…(Read More)

Hibiscus Tea Kombucha


This is a recipe/tea option for first fermenting your kombucha, although we don't normally recommend using herbal or floral teas as a base for kombucha. The plain dried Hibiscus flower works great alongside green or black tea and creates a wonderful fruity flavor much like a natural version of kool-aid! Kids, especially, love this recipe.

Pumpkin Juice Kombucha


My daughter Maci says this is the most bubbly kombucha she has ever made. It's crazy good, too!

Faux “Coffee” Kombucha


This is a great alternative for those who don't drink coffee. It tastes similar to coffee and is quite delicious. This may brew faster depending on the temperature in your home.

Kombucha Mayonnaise


This mayo is fantastic. The taste is delicious and there are no chemicals or preservatives. Store-bought mayo can't compete.

I get an overabundance of kombucha SCOBYs (Symbiotic Colony of Bacteria and Yeast). Every time you make a pot of kombucha you get another SCOBY. So what to do with them?  I usually just put them in my garden. The plants love the B vitamins in the kombucha SCOBYs and they seem to nurture the…(Read More)

Here is one of the very first videos I ever made. The first half of the video explains why I started drinking kombucha and how much it helped my family and me. The second half shows the process of how to actually make kombucha. I hope you enjoy the video and you will learn not…(Read More)

Last year on my thirtieth wedding anniversary we took a cruise to the Caribbean and stopped in Cozumel, Mexico. We took a Salsa Salsa class where we made lots of salsa, guacamole, and Margaritas. We had so much fun and since I don’t really drink, but loved the taste of Margaritas, I wanted a…(Read More)

Donna’s Kombucha Starter FREE SHIPPING! This is a live kombucha scoby and 1 cup of starter liquid. I highly recommend getting a live kombucha starter and one that has been used actively. I really want you to be successful and if you have my starter, I know you will. This starter has been made…(Read More)

Ginger is powerful medicine! I have been consuming ginger every day and found it to be very effective in helping with any kind of inflammation – especially hay fever in the springtime. Ginger is anti-viral and anti-inflammatory as well as being a powerful antiseptic and antihistamine. They say it works powerfully on allergies to…(Read More)

Ginger Kombucha


Consume lots of ginger if you have hay fever or allergies. It works so wonderfully, you'll be amazed!

This is how you make super fizzy kombucha! There’s nothing better than bubbly fruit flavored kombucha. For those of you who don’t want to spend the money to buy it, you can make it. A couple of years ago, a friend of mine was in a bad car wreck. He actually broke the…(Read More)

Your body’s ability to heal is greater than anyone has permitted you to believe. My husband is used to my crazy new ideas and has become accustomed to my enthusiasm for whatever happens to be my latest discovery. He goes along for the ride but never jumps in with both feet until coaxed. Kombucha…(Read More)

Kombucha, pronounced kôm-bo͞o-CHA, is a beverage produced by fermenting sweet tea with a culture of yeast and bacteria. The good bacteria and yeasts eat the sugar out of the tea and make probiotics and then produce a naturally-occurring carbonation. You don’t get tons of sugar because the bacteria eats…(Read More)

The bubbly kombucha wasn’t opened yet. But there was an audience to watch I assure you. This is the process at my house. My daughter Maci got married and moved to a farm with her husband. She has a couple apple trees and she’s making tons of recipes with apples in them. Before…(Read More)

Candy Cane Kombucha


Make sure you buy organic candy canes from your local health store. These won't have the harmful red dyes in them.

Coffee Kombucha


This is the same recipe you would use when you are making regular kombucha except you use coffee instead of tea. Once you use your SCOBY for coffee kombucha, you can't use it again in regular kombucha tea.
This smoothie is made with Greek yogurt which is food for bacteria in your gut. It's important to eat different types of cultured foods because they have different strains of bacteria in them which enhance the bacteria that live inside of you.

It was 12:30 am and once again I found myself wide awake. It is an interesting phenomenon that has been happening to me this summer. It seems that I am needing less and less sleep. The older I get, the younger I feel. “What is up with this?” I said to myself that particular…(Read More)

Making your own Kombucha may seem a little scary at first, but I assure you it’s quite easy. Just follow these easy steps, and you’ll be brewing your own Kombucha tea in no time! The key ingredient you’ll need to start brewing Kombucha is a SCOBY and some starter tea. You can…(Read More)

Kombucha is growing in popularity and for good reason. The detoxifying  power of kombucha is enormous.  It has been recognized for its ability to counteract liver cell toxicity. As you drink kombucha, you will notice a flushing of toxins from your body as it filters toxins through the kidneys and the bowels. It purges you…(Read More)

Kombucha   My SCOBY sank to the bottom when I made my kombucha. Is it okay? It is 100 percent okay if your SCOBY sinks. Sink or float—it makes no difference to your kombucha. It won’t affect the brew or taste.   My kombucha is still sweet. What did I do wrong? Your house is…(Read More)

Nothing is more important to me than having my kombucha be bubbly. When it is not.. well, it hurts my feelings. Seriously, it does. I need the fizz. It’s important to me. It also means that I have not given these microbes enough food to do their job. I have to do my part…(Read More)

In the early days of making kombucha I would often let my kombucha go to long and it would lose it’s bubbliness.There was a few times, it turned so sour that it made me squint and gasp. I honestly thought I had killed my uvula. You know that little thing that hangs down…(Read More)

Most recipes for root beer kombucha are overly complicated with hard to find ingredients. Since my husband loves the flavor of  root beer, and I often buy High Country wild root kombucha for him. I figured it was time to devise my own.  The only special ingredient you will need to buy is sassafras bark…(Read More)

If you haven’t tried kombucha, you are missing out! So what exactly is kombucha? Kombucha (pronounced come-boo-cha) is a living health drink made by fermenting tea and sugar with the kombucha culture. It has been around for hundreds of years. If you are concerned that it is made with sugar, you needn…(Read More)

There is a vegan ice cream shop in California that is serving kombucha floats. I was so intrigued by this idea, I devised my own kombucha float. This was about 4 days ago that I discovered this novelty. In those last 4 days, I have had a kombucha float as my lunch, for three of…(Read More)

This is such a wonderful healthier replacement for regular root beer.This may seem like a lot of sugar but it is an extract and you only use a small amount which the yeast and bacteria will eat to convert to co2. Remember the sugar is for the microbes to eat and not for you. So you get the taste of root beer without tons of sugar. Click on the words, "Root Beer Extract" to find the extract recipe.

There’s nothing better than bubbly fruit flavored kombucha. For those of you who don’t want to spend the money to buy it, you can make it. A couple of years ago, a friend of mine was in a bad car wreck. He actually broke the steering wheel off with his chest. He was…(Read More)

When you and I find the courage and strength to be better in any regard we help everyone around us. This goes for every area of our lives and even what we eat – and it includes our bacteria. You have trillions of hitchhikers that live in and on you, and they play a huge…(Read More)

Her name was Mary and she changed my life the day I met her. It was the very beginning of my journey with cultured foods, and I was in hiding with my newfound knowledge. People didn’t understand what I was doing, and the thought of letting food ferment on your counter for days at…(Read More)

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