Life Changing – 20 Second Kombucha Mayo

kombucha Mayo

Mayonnaise is a common condiment that so many of us use regularly. Mayo was said to be the invention of one of the great chefs of France. Marie-Antoine Carême was the personal chef of the Duke de Richelieu in 1756. While the Duke was defeating the British at Port Mahon, his chef was creating a victory feast that included a sauce made of cream and eggs, or what we call mayonnaise.

Store-bought mayo can be filled with oils and chemicals that you don't want in your diet. I make a mayonnaise that takes 20 seconds to blend together, is probiotic, and is filled with healthy ingredients.  You'll never want to go back to buying store-bought mayo again. I can't count the times I needed mayo, went to the store, stood in the aisle, looked at the ingredients on all the jars, and just couldn't buy it. Soybean and canola oils, along with chemicals and preservatives, made me cringe and I would wind up buying healthier versions of mayo at the health food store. But they were super expensive. So, I found a way to make my own. But that required me to stand at a blender and drizzle olive oil into my food processor ever so slowly, so it would slowly emulsify together, which would take five minutes of carefully pouring it till it was done. Now five minutes isn't a lot of time, but I'm busy, and when I found an immersion stick could do the job in 20 seconds,  I was all over that!

My daughter Maci came over the other day and said, "This mayo is life changing. I never have to buy mayo at the store again. This is so awesome, I can do 20 seconds. You need to tell everybody because it's like the best thing ever!'

So I am giving you the recipe and video so it can change your life - and because Maci told me I have to, lol. Life Changing Probiotic Mayo might be a new trend. I'm counting on it.

I have two delicious recipes to choose from!

20 Second Kombucha Mayonnaise

Avocado Kombucha Mayonnaise

Watch the video:

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