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If you’re having trouble sleeping, fixing your gut can be the answer. Join me to learn about new research on sleep and the world of the micro-biome and cultured foods. Sleeping is so important to feeling good each day, and cultured foods can help…(Read More)

Three foods that provide different good bacteria and yeasts that enhance the trillions of bacteria in the body and allow them to thrive, grow, and multiply. This allows you, the host, the opportunity to heal disease, remove pathogens, enhance digestion, make serotonin, and experience a multitude of other opportunities for healing that otherwise would not…(Read More)

Find out how to avoid the flu/cold this year. This is what I use for my family, and myself and is an all-natural flu/cold remedies that works to keep you healthy for years on end! Listen in as I tell what happened to me when I stopped eating cultured foods for a…(Read More)

Almond Kefir is special. It has wonderful properties that have huge health benefits. Let me tell you how to make the best almond kefir and explore all the benefits it affords. You’ll get addicted to it and won’t want to stop making it. I’m crazy for almond kefir. https://www.culturedfoodlife.com…(Read More)

There are powerful reasons to eat cultured foods if you have cancer. In fact, new research says it can make all the difference, especially if you’re going through chemo. I’ll explore the research and will have a special guest to talk more about the benefits of eating cultured foods while battling cancer. &nbsp…(Read More)

Sugar is a tricky thing in the body, and it can drop your immune system by 75%. It’s mistaken for a vitamin that your body desperately needs to keep your immune system running strong. Before you eat all that Halloween candy, have a listen to my podcast…(Read More)

Food is the most magical thing in the world. It makes the cells of our bodies and it holds powers that few understand. If you take food and ferment it, then those foods get super powers. Your body was designed to keep you well, and the magical alchemy of fermentation is something you will want…(Read More)

Hi friends! I’m Donna and this is my Cultured Food Life podcast. I love to talk about health, wellness, and how to harness the power of your 100 trillion microbes. Talking about the food that makes the cells of your body is exciting, interesting, and life changing. Making cultured foods can help with a…(Read More)

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