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Kombucha Treats For Your Dogs


Kombucha Treats For Your Dogs

Dog Treats

Pets Need Probiotics Too!

Scoby treats 2I get an overabundance of kombucha SCOBYs (Symbiotic Colony of Bacteria and Yeast). Every time you make a pot of kombucha you get another SCOBY. So what to do with them?  I usually just put them in my garden. The plants love the B vitamins in the kombucha SCOBYs and they seem to nurture the soil and keep the bugs away. I have scared my husband when he goes to till my garden. There are a gazillion SCOBYs in the ground from the winter. They look as if something is taking over the garden as little round circles appear everywhere. Animals such as chickens and goats love SCOBYs, too, and I've even fed them to the fish at the lake. But here is another great way to use your SCOBYs: Probiotic treats for your dogs!  They're easy to make and they contain tons of nutrients.

If you have an overabundance of SCOBYs, and you will if you make kombucha on a regular basis, you can throw them to the chickens, goats, or fish. Or dig a hole in the ground and plop the SCOBYs in. The plants will thank you.  Or you could turn your SCOBYs into probiotic treats for your dog.

In the pictures below - Kelly Rau Hodges (Fancy Farmgirl ) feeds her goats lots of SCOBYs. Jolene Tarento says her chickens love eating kefir grains and SCOBYs. And my daughter's dog's, Ledge and Sasha,  love SCOBYs as probiotic treats!!

Recipe for Kombucha treats below!

Kombucha and Goats
Scoby Ledge
Scoby Ledge
Sasha Scoby
Scoby Sasha
Kombucha Treats For Your Dogs
When you don't know what to do with your extra Scobys? Probiotic treats for your dog!~Donna
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  1. Cut up the SCOBYs into strips.
  2. (This is optional) Spread a little Better Than Bouillon Chicken base on each strip. Maybe a 16th of a teaspoon.
  3. Place them in the dehydrator at 95 degrees and dehydrate until dry.
  4. Can be stored for several months in a sealed container.
51 Responses to "Kombucha Treats For Your Dogs"
  1. Such a great idea! I always blend up my scobies and feed to the soil of my orange trees. Definitely going to try this recipe for my yorkie.

  2. Please Donna I want to know whether a person with candida can drink kambucha as people are saying that it’s can worsen your problem, and is the yeast in kambucha candida? Thanks

  3. Donna, I used to volunteer for the SPCA and as a result we have 12 very well taken care of cats but no dogs. I too have an over abundance of SCOBYs and kitty treats are quite expensive for a dozen kitties lol. Got any recipes that will work for cats?

    Side note: I’m pregnant and find that the SCOBYs have a similar texture to sushi, so they have become my go-to sushi fix for the last 6 months 🙂 Sliced up over rice and dipped in soy sauce with wasabi they come pretty close!

  4. Lol I know this is weird but one day I sat down at the table with a pile of scobies and thought to try and eat them as if they were pancakes,

    With berries, maple syrup and cinnamon!

    Let’s just say it didn’t work out……. 🙂

  5. My oven is too hot and no dehydrator. Would the oven light make it warm enough? I make yogurt that way so don’t think it would kill the good bacteria.

  6. I don’t have a dehydrator, but I get good results with this method:

    Lay the SCOBY between thick bath towels and squash as much moisture out of it as possible, then roll it up. Take a paper towel and fold it like a paper napkin (or use a paper napkin! LOL), folded over so it’s a triangle. Put the rolled SCOBY into the long part and pin or clip the triangle top to something so it’s got some air flow.

    It will dry naturally, though I find I need to change the paper toweling after a day or so or the SCOBY sticks to it. When I change to a fresh one to finish the drying, I twist the partially dried SCOBY roll. It won’t hold the twist before it’s been dried a bit, but I think it makes the chew treat a little tougher for the dogs to gnaw at.

    They were skeptical with the first two, but now they know what they are and come running when I have two to give them.


  7. This is awesome, thanks for reposting it. One of my dogs just finished a round of antibiotics for UTI, I’ve been giving her yogurt throughout and have tried to think of a way to give her kombucha. This is perfect!

  8. This was interesting. I have a friend that cuts them up and eats them. I was concerned that this would be too much. Nice to hear your daughter blends them up and eats them herself. I hope i understood this correctly, right?
    Has anyone else eaten them and gotten good results? Curious.

  9. I was wondering if a fresh Kombucha scoby was digestible after my English Lab swallowed a whole one. I wanted to share that no they are not. After about three days it came back up, in its entirety, not even reduced in size. So I would be careful in future to dehydrate them so that they are chewed like a leather chew.

    • Our grand dog (Shepherd/Husky Mix) swallowed a whole one a few years ago, and we never saw it again in its original form so some dogs must be able to digest it. Huskers grabbed it right off the plate and ate it.

  10. I give most of my scobys away, but I love the idea of feeding them to my chickens. I’ll do that tomorrow. I’ve been using Kombucha in lots of things that usually have vinegar, like coleslaw, deviled eggs, potato salad, cucumber and tomato in vinegar, and kombucha mixed together. It’s wonderful!

  11. Hi Donna,
    I tried to dehydrator the scoby for my dog, but it turned out like paper thin like “leaf”, my scoby wasn’t thin when still wet, do you use the very thick one to make the Jerky? thanks.

  12. Our chickens love the SCOBYs so we’ll have to try the dogs on them! My thought on giving them to pets, especially outdoor pets, is that this has to be beneficial for them to combat the constant radiation exposure they are getting from the ever leaking Fukushima disaster.

  13. Thanks for sharing this! I recently started brewing my own kombucha and I have so many extra scobys that I don’t know what to do with! Hopefully my dog will eat them; she’s pretty picky! I will definitely share this idea with others. Thanks again 🙂

  14. I feed our scobys to our chickens and goats. I like the idea of putting them in the garden. I haven’t been brave enough to try blending them in a smoothie yet—but I often use Kombucha itself in green smoothies and it is great. Has anyone tried feeding scobys to cats? I have 3 house cats–but they are kind of picky.

  15. I got my kombucha scoby 2 weeks ago. I let it sit for a week in tea then poured off the tea and let that sit another day. I do not know if it is making more scobys or not?? My KT tastes like sweet tea with lemon. I added raw ginger pieces to the second ferment. It tastes ok but still am wonderring where the new scobies are so I don’t waste them.
    God bless ferments!

    • Did you have some starter liquid with the scoby? You can’t make kombucha without the starter liquid.It will make a scoby and turn tart and not sweet if it is working.

  16. My dogs love the dehydrated scobies but one of them got diarhhea. I will give him a smaller piece next time and work him up to a bigger piece. I also give them my extra water kefir grains on their food with no apparent intestinal problems.

  17. i FEED THEM TO MY dog all the time. I just cut them up and mix them in her food and she loves them. I’ll have to try dehydrating them for chew toys, great idea!

  18. oooh! i like the idea of giving them to the chickens.

    i’ve done research about taking too much probiotic. (I was specifically asking about pill form at the time, but I think the answers would be the same.) the general consensus (online, at least) seemed to be that you can’t get too much of the good guys.

    • You have an assortment of 10 trillion bacteria’s in your body. The good guys flourish and control the eco -system. Probiotic pills are not always alive so it is unlikely that you would have a problem. The only time you would is if you are not use to large amounts of good bacteria. They kind of come in like a swat team and clean house. May take a little time to adjust to all the changes going on inside.

    • My daughter has done this and blended it with other things too. She even made popsicles with blended up scobys and fruit. She is intense LOL!

  19. That’s awesome… I have a dog, cats, chickens, goats, sheep and cow. I was just getting ready to start in with my kombucha culures again tomorrow! Can’t wait to try this out. Thanks for sharing!!

  20. I have beagles (aka canine goats!) I can toss a cold soggy scoby to my dogs and they will go after it!
    How much is too much for them??

    • I really don’t know the answer to that question. I have a friend who feeds her chicken her extra scobys. They never seem to complain and lay more eggs than ever. These scoby’s are suppose to have anti cancer properties.

  21. I made kombuch a few times and decided doing the wkg was easier and tasted better. Anyways, I have a ton of kombuchas that have been sitting in a jar. I’ll have to try that and also put some in the dirt of the potted hibiscus plant. Thanks for the ideas.

  22. Well this is interesting. I have not had much success with Kombucha but I love to drink it. Maybe I will try it again.
    We have a Lab at home and we don’t give her dog food but rather liver, apples, root vegetables, lettuce, milk and water. She has lost much weight (was overweight a few months ago) and is now at a healthy weight.
    I’m going to remember to use up my SCOBYs this way though. Thanks!

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