Probiotic Mocktails! Kefir, Kombucha, and More!

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Probiotic Drinks!

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A recent study, published in the journal PNAS, suggested that bacteria in the gut may play a role in alcohol addiction and the risk of relapsing after rehab. The study was done on 60 alcohol-dependent individuals. They tested their intestinal bacteria composition and found that 26 out of the 60 alcohol-dependent subjects suffered from leaky gut syndrome and generally had a low amount of intestinal bacteria.

Mimosa 1After 19 days without alcohol, the 26 test subjects still scored high on tests that measured depression, anxiety, and alcohol cravings.  The remaining 34 subjects with normal gut flora were recovering much better, scoring lower on tests measuring depression, anxiety, and alcohol cravings.

Probiotic drinks keep your gut in check

The more alcohol you drink, the more alcohol-loving microbes you create that keep you craving it. It's important to have a balanced inner ecosystem, and consuming probiotic drinks can help you keep your gut in check while satisfying your cravings.  Here are some wonderful probiotic drinks with no tequila or vodka needed. Try these fermented twists on some of your favorite drinks! Kombucha, Kefir Soda, Cultured Veggie Brine, Water Kefir, and more make up your favorite cocktails in these fun recipes!

A twist of lemon, a cute cocktail glass, and you are ready to sit poolside and sip on these not only fun and delicious but extremely probiotic, drinks!

Extra tip: Check out my Peach Kombucha Sangria in my book Cultured Food for Health on page 167.

Recipes For Probiotic Mocktails!

Bloody Mary Water Kefir Mocktail
Stick a few spears of fermented celery in this drink to give it prebiotics!
Cultured Veggie Cosmo Mocktail!
Get your dose of two types of probiotics in this delicious cocktail! Veggie probiotics and water kefir, too!
Kombucha Mai Tai Mocktail!
This is an alcohol-free cocktail that is based on rum extract, kombucha, coconut kefir, and fruit juices. It's refreshing and a great summer drink!
Margarita Kombucha - Strawberry Too!
You really should eat more strawberries. They're filled with antioxidants, have tons of vitamin C, and they can even help whiten your teeth and keep your breath fresh! Strawberries are one of my cup a day fruits. I eat them almost everyday. We have a farmers market here that sells them and I swear they taste like candy! This strawberry drink is one of my favorite afternoon pickups! You can try two different ways to make Margarita Kombucha's. The strawberry is my favorite.
Pina Colada Kefir Smoothie
I love to top this with fresh coconut. Toasting the coconut is even tastier, but it's not necessary but is delicious. I'm always in a hurry and hungry and can hardly wait to eat this yummy smoothie. If you don't have coconut kefir, no worries. Use regular kefir and add some extra shredded coconut to the smoothie.
Water Kefir Mimosa
This mimosa mocktail is simple, full of probiotics, and full of vitamin C!

These delicious recipes are for my Biotic Pro Members!

Exclusive Recipe!
Bloody Mary Kombucha Mocktail
We dipped the rim of the glass in smoky artisan sea salt for an extra kick. Stick a few spears of fermented celery in this drink and give it even more probiotics!
Exclusive Recipe!
Coconut Kefir Mojito Mocktail!
Limes, mint, and coconut kefir are a match made in heaven. I don't think I ever drink Coconut Water Kefir without adding a slice of lime. With the addition of mint, its refreshingly clean taste makes this drink something special.
Exclusive Recipe!
Frozen Cherry Kefir Soda Daiquiri Mocktail!
Any frozen fruit will work with this drink! You can use water kefir or kombucha for this recipe as well!
Exclusive Recipe!
Moscow Mule Kombucha Mocktail!
A Moscow Mule is a cocktail made with spicy ginger blended with lime juice and garnished with a slice or wedge of lime. It is usually served in a copper mug and served with vodka. We omit the vodka and make a yummy probiotic drink instead. If you REALLY like ginger, try using our Lemon Ginger Kombucha for this recipe to add even more of a punch. You can also make this recipe using fermented ginger beer or ginger kefir soda!
Exclusive Recipe!
Water Kefir Margaritas and Strawberry Too! Mocktails!
Two different Margaritas for your water kefir. Use good salt, like Celtic Sea Salt, for added minerals. Make sure to use good bottles made for brewing.
Exclusive Recipe!
White Russian Kombucha & Coconut Kefir Mocktail
This Mocktail combines two different cultures so you get a wide variety of pre- and probiotics!