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Day 1 (side view)

Eight Days With Kombucha


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Watching tea turn into kombucha is quite a thing to behold. You give it the ingredients and let it work its magic. Billions of microbes and yeasts transform the tea into a bubbly probiotic tea that you will love. When you first start making kombucha you might be concerned and not know what to expect, so I made something to help you. I took pictures day by day, step by step, as well as top and side views so you can see what is happening each day. I have a time-lapse video for you as well, and hopefully this will help you feel confident and assured that your kombucha is fermenting properly.

I always use a heating belt when I make kombucha, and then I can count on it being done at the same time each week. If you’re not using a heating belt, your tea might ferment more slowly. The belt keeps it at 78 degrees and if temperatures in your home fluctuate, the kombucha might act a little different and take longer to ferment. So, when you’re concerned about your brew fermenting properly, take a look at these pictures and rest assured, these little unseen microbes are busy at work making a tea that could possibly change your life in a wonderful way. Kombucha does this . . . it’s a wonder tea!

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Here’s my kombucha time lapse video that shows a scoby forming:

Biotic Pro Members check out this extra video of a kombucha SCOBY forming. It’s crazy to watch and only the most advanced fermenter can handle it!

It’s called “Creature From the Deep!”

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