What is happening day by day

Watching tea turn into kombucha is quite a thing to behold. You give it the ingredients and let it work its magic. Billions of microbes and yeasts transform the tea into a bubbly probiotic tea that you will love. When you first start making kombucha you might be concerned and not know what to expect, so I made something to help you. I took pictures day by day, step by step, as well as top and side views so you can see what is happening each day. I have a time-lapse video for you as well, and hopefully this will help you feel confident and assured that your kombucha is fermenting properly.

I always use a heating belt when I make kombucha, and then I can count on it being done at the same time each week. If you’re not using a heating belt, your tea might ferment more slowly. The belt keeps it at 78 degrees and if temperatures in your home fluctuate, the kombucha might act a little different and take longer to ferment. So, when you’re concerned about your brew fermenting properly, take a look at these pictures and rest assured, these little unseen microbes are busy at work making a tea that could possibly change your life in a wonderful way. Kombucha does this . . . it’s a wonder tea!

👉🏼 Click on each picture to see what’s happening each day.

Not much is going on. The bacteria is enjoying its sweet tea and warm heating strip!
The starter scoby is floating on top, but it can also sink to the bottom. Either way is normal.
The starter scoby has sunk to the bottom, but some of the yeast from it is trying to go back up.
The starter scoby has sunk to the bottom, but some of the yeast from it is trying to go back up.
You can start to see a very thin layer forming at the top.
All of the spots you see are normal. A lot of people get worried and think that it's mold.
As the thin scoby starts to get a little thicker, you can see some bubbles starting to appear!
You can really start to see the bubbles on top!
The scoby is thick enough for the bubbles to start making bigger pockets of air.
Try not to disturb your scoby. You don't want the fizziness to escape!
Look how thick my scoby has gotten! Those bubbles are going nowhere!!!
Don't worry if your scoby has weird dark spots. This is normal.
Look at that big air pocket on the left side! My scoby has done a great job at keeping all bubbles in.
At this point, the scoby is pretty much done forming its shape.
Your kombucha should be ready enough to start taste testing.

Watch The Videos

Here’s my kombucha time lapse video that shows a scoby forming:

Biotic Pro Members check out this extra video of a kombucha SCOBY forming. It's crazy to watch and only the most advanced fermenter can handle it!

It's called "Creature From the Deep!"

Click to watch