This is an easy way to store your extra SCOBYs and have some starter tea on hand as well!



  • Kombucha SCOBYsHowever many extras you have
  • Plain KombuchaEnough to cover your SCOBY.
  • 1 cup sweet tea

Sweet Tea

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Sweet Tea

  • Boil 1 cup water and add the sugar to dissolve, then add a tea bag to brew and let cool OR you can use some of the sweet tea made for your regular kombucha brew (if you are making them at the same time.)
  • Place all your extra SCOBYs in a glass jar big enough to hold them all leaving room for your sweet tea.
  • Add your cooled sweet tea and plain kombucha until your SCOBYs are covered. Leave at least two extra inches of room.
  • Top with a cloth napkin or coffee filter and a rubber band and store on the counter like you would for regular kombucha.
  • You can store them like this for several weeks with almost no maintenance. If you add more SCOBYs, you will need to add more plain kombucha or more sweet tea (no need to add both).

Using Hotel as Starter Tea:

  • You can use the kombucha tea from your hotel as an extra-strong starter tea to make your next batch of kombucha. It will ferment it faster and be convenient as well. However, remember you will then need to add more sweet tea to the jar to cover the SCOBYs and replace what you took out to brew your kombucha.
  • You will get a new SCOBY growing on top of your SCOBY hotel (just like in your kombucha brew). It does not need to stay under kombucha/sweet tea. It will need to be pushed down into the tea/kombucha every few weeks to keep it from getting too thick and blocking the air. This will allow another new SCOBY to begin.


Store your SCOBY Hotel on the counter, not the refrigerator.