Kombucha Vinegar

Use your over-fermented kombucha to make kombucha vinegar! I use it all the time in recipes calling for vinegar. It makes wonderful salad dressings and marinades. Check out this article on what to do with your over-fermented kombucha. 10 Ways to Use Your Over-Fermented Kombucha!
Servings: 32 ounces


  • 16-32 ounces Kombuchaover fermented and vinegary tasting

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  • If your kombucha turns really sour, let it ferment for a couple weeks longer on the counter. Ferment it just like normal kombucha, with a cloth and rubber band.
  • Bottle it with a secure lid and place in your cupboard. No worries if it makes another SCOBY on top. You can just pull it off or leave it. It will last just like regular vinegar, perfectly preserved for months on end.