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Kefir Cheese & Whey


Kefir Cheese & Whey
Homemade kefir is the way to go if you are making kefir cheese. This does not always work the same if you are starting with store-bought kefir. It never really thickens right and remains runny. The longer you let the kefir cheese strain the denser the cheese will be. Depending on the recipe, you may want to let it strain longer to achieve the results you want.~Donna
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Servings: cup
  1. Place a basket style coffee filter in a strainer and place the strainer in a bowl.
  2. Pour prepared kefir into the coffee strainer. The bowl will catch the whey which is the liquid that will drop through the filter.
  3. Cover and place in the fridge overnight.
  4. The next day you will have a beautiful lump of kefir cheese in the filter.
  5. Remove the cheese from the strainer. You can use the cheese immediately or place it in an airtight container in the fridge.
  6. Save the whey that has dripped into the bowl. Just place the whey in a glass jar in the fridge. You can use the whey to make fermented drinks or cultured vegetables.
Recipe Notes

Store kefir cheese in a covered container in the refrigerator. It can last for several weeks but will continue to ferment slowly in the fridge. You might get a little more whey leaking out and it will turn more sour tasting. It tastes best if eaten within a couple weeks of making it.

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  1. I make raw whey all the time by curdling raw cow’s milk and separating the curds and whey. I have used this whey in cultured vegetable recipes in the past with good results. Can I use raw whey and kefir whey interchangeably, depending what I have on hand that day?

    Thank you,

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