Flax and Poppy Seed Sprouted Buns

Sprouted flour has more vitamins and minerals than regular flour. Start making your baked good with sprouted flours that you can buy at health food stores or you can make your own. You can substitute sprouted flour for conventional flour one-to-one in most recipes. Sprouted flour can be stored at room temperature for six months after milling unlike un-sprouted flour that must be used immediately so it doesn’t go rancid. The germ cell of the grain is the part that degrades and becomes rancid when milled. When grains are sprouted, the germ cell is consumed by the endosperm and it is no longer in a state that can become rancid. This is one of the many advantages of sprouted flour. These are some of best sprouted buns you’ll ever have! Use sprouted flour its better!
Servings: 12 buns
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