Fermented Garlic

Garlic contains anthocyanins, water-soluble pigments that turn blue, green, or purple in a fermenting solution. While this color transformation tends to occur more often with immature garlic, it can differ among cloves within the same head of garlic. The garlic flavor remains unchanged, and it is totally edible without being harmful in any way. Fermenting makes the garlic more zesty and tangy; but in recipes you won't notice a difference between fermented and regular garlic.
Course: Side Dish
Servings: 20


  • Pint Jar


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  • Place garlic cloves in a glass pint jar. (You can use a quart jar if you have big cloves.)
  • Add water, salt, and culture package or kefir whey. Fill with filtered water to within 2'' of top of jar.
  • Secure with a lid and let sit 3-4 days until the jar is bubbly and/or cloudy.
  • Store in fridge. It will last a couple of months in the fridge, but the flavor and spiciness will decrease. 


Fermented garlic is super bubbly. This is because garlic is a prebiotic which is food for bacteria.