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Fermented Garlic


Fermented Garlic
Garlic contains anthocyanins, water-soluble pigments that turn blue, green, or purple in a fermenting solution. While this color transformation tends to occur more often with immature garlic, it can differ among cloves within the same head of garlic. The garlic flavor remains unchanged, and it is totally edible without being harmful in any way. Fermenting makes the garlic more zesty and tangy but in recipes you won't notice a difference between fermented and regular garlic.~Donna
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  1. Place garlic cloves in a glass pint jar. (You can use a quart jar if you have big cloves)
  2. Add water, salt, and culture package or kefir whey. Filli with filtered water to within 2'' of top of jar.
  3. Let sit 3-4 days until jar is fizzy and bubbly!!
  4. Store in fridge.
Recipe Notes

Fermented garlic is super bubbly. This is because garlic is a prebiotic, which is food for bacteria.

30 Responses to "Fermented Garlic"
  1. Hi Donna! I love the thought of fermented garlic. My husband has kidney disease and lymphoma so can’t take salt, and any thing sweet. What should I use? I’ve heard celery juice? Can I dilute and use it?

  2. Hi. Can I use sauerkraut juice instead. I’ve been making my own milk kefir for months and my childhood excema has come back. It’s the only new thing added to my diet. Disappointed..

  3. Why ferment garlic? And please, I have read tumeric is a healer for rosacea acne. It can be applied directly? It is to calm down the inflammation. Rosacea acne is so painful. What is your take, please?

  4. Hi Donna: just wanted to share a very positive experience. I am prone to cold sores usually 2 times per year, I have been a little run down and started to get one so I use the juice from my fermented garlic, I put it on a cotton ball and pressed against for the cold sore was going to form, I did this 3 times during the day and it never appeared! the healing properties of garlic never cease to amaze me and fermented even more so!!!

  5. Have you ever tried crushing the garlic before fermenting?

    I eat so much of this and love it so much I will never go back to plain unfermented garlic again! I grow my own and it is wonderfully potent – if I feel the slightest cold coming on I just eat a clove or two a day straight out of the jar for a few days and the bugs never have a chance! My favourite recipe so far.

  6. Can you explain kefir whey? I already use kefir grains. Are you meaning the whey that seperates from the milk if left too long while culturing for 24 hrs?? Or is it any liquid that has been cultured by kefir grains or is it the actual kefir grains?? Thanks

  7. JE Désire faire un test: combien de gousses d’ail ? et peux-t-on mettre des probiotiques à la place du kéfir ? Merci de nous donner d’autres recettes de lacto fermentation, c’est super !

  8. Hi Donna, I’ve fermented garlic two ways… both with ACV and honey, both for 2 months. The garlic did turn colors and at the end of the 2 months, the garlic is good, its just lost most of its heat, so easier to chew. This recipe says 3 days with the kefir, what would fermenting longer do to the garlic? Or does the whey become less effective after 3 days? Fermenting with whey seems, to me, to be able to produce more bacteria than with the honey. Does the garlic absorb the good bacteria after the 3 days? Thanks Donna!

  9. this certainly has my interest and I remain unclear about the uses and benefits of fermented garlic. Can u help me with this please?

  10. Years ago I remember preserving garlic in pure mother cultured Apple cider vinegar for a year or so to create Aged Garlic. Is this similar to fermented garlic with same benefits?

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