Carrot Water Kefir
This has a mild carrot flavor that is so delightful I can't really describe it. Just trust me you will love it!~Donna
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  1. Add your carrot juice to a 16oz bottle. (Make sure you use bottles such as Grolsch or Bormioli thick glass bottles. Bottles bought at craft stores can explode.)
  2. Add 14 ounces of Basic Water Kefir to the bottle leaving a small amount of room (about 1 inch) at the top. Seal your bottle.
  3. 2nd Ferment Water Kefir only needs to sit 1-3 days or until it becomes bubbly. Check it often by opening it to see if it is bubbly. (Warmer homes take less time)
  4. Once ready, you can drink or refrigerate for storing. (Drink within 1 week for optimal flavor and benefits.)
Recipe Notes

Make sure to use bottles that are for brewing. If you are using glass bottles you must beware because there may be flaws in the glass or the yeast might just go crazy and blow up your glass bottle!

You can use old synergy bottles but my favorite is clamp down bottles by Grolsch. You can also find bottles at home brew stores. The clamp down lids are safer and are thick glass for brewing.