My husband was the last one in my family to try cultured foods. I experimented on my children first. My kids were sick and I wanted them to be well, so we all ate cultured food; and much to my surprise, everybody got better. Then as the cultured foods began to take over my kitchen counters, my husband started calling them science projects and wondered why all our food was getting fermented. He thought this was just one of my new hobbies and waited for it to die out. But instead of dwindling, it began to grow and take on a life of its own. People were coming to my house to get cultures and to learn how to use them. They were calling me for help and then begging me to teach classes, and write a book, and they just kept on me until I just couldn't tell them no anymore. This was how my hobby became a passion. People were getting well and I became a woman on a mission to help everyone I could.

Resistance Is Futile

It took me a little while to convince my husband (Mr Picky Eater) to try these cultured foods, but try them he did. And he succumbed to the fact that cultured foods weren't going away. I have told him many times, "Resistance is futile" and now he has cultured foods every day. If he doesn't, he notices the difference and will tell me that he doesn't feel as good without them.

I have noticed that more and more men are coming to my Trilogy classes and joining my membership site, and they make some of the best-cultured foods! Often men are dragged to my classes by their wives, but on more than one occasion I have had a wife tell me that their husbands will start nudging them during my presentation and say things like, "Why aren't you making me these foods?"

Men Need Cultured Foods Too!

My video guy became a convert when he found it helped his young son who was lactose intolerant and had food allergies, and he sent me pictures of his ferments. They had so much trouble finding him foods to eat that wouldn't cause severe reactions. Cultured foods have helped him find balance and allowed him to eat foods he couldn't eat before. He was allergic to cheese so they substituted kefir cheese, and his favorite is tacos topped with kefir cheese!

My website manager had stage 3 Hodgkin's Lymphoma when he first contacted me asking how to make kombucha. Now he's 8 years cancer free and he and his family all consume cultured foods! He makes kefir for his family to help out his wife and four children, and his kids help too. Check out this article on Cancer and Cultured Foods.

Probiotic Foods and Cancer

Men Make Fantastic Ferments!

Louis Schneidman, a reader, friend, and a master fermenter works with Cirque du Soleil. He works at the Criss Angel “Believe” Show (a Cirque du Soleil Production) as a rigger. This is Louis and all his ferments! Louis says, “As you may or may not know, Criss is a master magician. And so am I since I make Cultured Produce that is ‘Magical’ and makes unfriendly bacteria ‘disappear’!! I am weeks away from starting my Cultured Produce business. My samples passed at the labs with flying colors. And yes . . . I am a real man who eats cultured and real food!!”

Cirque du Soleil


Men Teaching Men

One terrific post on my Facebook page thrilled me and I want to share it with you.

"Donna, I wanted to share a pic of 3 real men. My husband (middle) did a small class at his job on ferments and taught his co-workers how to make fermented veggies. They picked it right up and are on their way to better living. I am proud of them. They are on a field job where eating out all the time is the norm. Now they are getting their probiotics in. Feeling better, more energy, and better digestion. This is their second or third batch. I'll be honest. I was stereotyping them because they're manly men and I couldn't imagine them going out, gathering everything up, having a teaching session, putting it all together, then to top it off . . . doing it again when they ran out of their ferments.
My bad! Manly men can make Ferments too."

Leigh Carter

Way to go, guys!

Can Probiotic Foods Make You More Manly?

If you men need further convincing that you need to eat cultured foods, then this might just convince you . . .

Can Eating Beneficial Bacteria Make You Sexier?

ronIn the Journal of Scientific American, researchers studied mice that were fed a probiotic-rich yogurt and they noticed the mice had a certain "swagger."  The yogurt caused the males to project their testicles outward because they were five percent heavier than mice fed a typical diet, and 15 percent heavier than the mice that ate a junk food diet. They also inseminated their partners faster and had more babies. Their fur was shinier and silkier than the other mice as well.

The researchers noted: "The probiotic microbes in the yogurt help to make the animals leaner and healthier, which indirectly improves sexual machismo."

Harvard scientists are doing their own research on the impact of yogurt consumption on semen quality in men, and their results are consistent with those of the mice. I can't make this stuff up - you can check it out for yourself!

My husband says that eating cultured foods gives him his stealthiness back.  So I make him his favorites because I wouldn't want to mess with a man's stealthiness, whatever that is!

Finally, both my website manager and my video guy came to shoot a video on my boat a few years ago and spent the weekend with me and my family and ate a lot of cultured foods. About nine months later, both of their wives had new babies. So I'm just saying . . . cultured foods make men more manly.

Enough said!

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