Kefir Salsa Dip

I don’t expect anyone to make complicated recipes, because I don’t want to make them either. I live my life simply, and while these foods may take a little time to ferment, once they do you can put them in all kinds of dishes and recipes—fast! This recipe is a perfect example of that. I whip it up in no time and serve it to my family as a snack. It’s filling and a little addictive. You'll get fermented veggies and kefir in this dip so you'll get billions of probiotics, and different kinds that will help you build a strong microbiome. All day long your trillions of bacteria work on your behalf, digesting your food, making vitamins and strengthening your immune system while you go about your day. Kefir supplies magnesium and B and C vitamins that help keep the blood in your arteries moving through with ease. The first thing I ever noticed about cultured foods was how much they helped me with high blood pressure. I experimented and went off of them to see if it really was the cultured foods and then I saw my numbers creep back up again. I tried it many times and finally, these powerful microbes made me a believer. If I take care of them, they take care of me. It's a mutual admiration society we have had going on the last 15 years. So I keep eating these cultured foods and they keep helping me with a myriad of things, and I am thankful. They'll make you a believer one day, so keep hanging out with me and just you wait and see. 😉
Servings: 3 servings
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