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Happy New Year Kefir Soda!


Happy New Year Kefir Soda!
You will need a 32 ounce clamp down bottle made for brewing. Check my store for options.~Donna
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  • 2cups cranberry peach juiceI purchased this at whole foods
  • 2cups Water
  • 1packet Kefir Starter PackageOr 1/2 cup Kefir Whey Or water kefir grains
  • 1bag Mulling spices or 1 teasp of Mulling spices sealed in a tea bag.I purchased this at whole foods but have also seen it at my regular grocery store by the apple cider.
  1. Pour your Kefir packet into 1 cup of the water and mix well. Then add to bottle.
  2. If using kefir whey instead of the powder packages add this to the bottle now.
  3. Add juice and rest of the water into a 1-liter bottle with a clamp down lid.
  4. Add the tea bag last and it will float at the top so you can remove it when you are done fermenting. Be careful pulling the tea bag out. It can rip and tear open.
  5. If you use the culture package let sit for 2 to 3 days or until bubbly and fizzy. If you use the kefir whey, it can take longer 2 to 5 days to become fizzy.
  6. You should check it by opening the lid and you will hear and see the fizz. Then it is ready. It should also not be overly sweet but a little tart.
  7. Place in refrigerator.
  8. You can take ⅓ cup of this fermented soda mixture and add some more peach juice, water and Mullen spices and ferment again. It will ferment faster, usually in a day and sometimes even faster. I have even let it ferment in the fridge. If you use the Kefir culture packages you can do this up to 10 or more times or until it stops becoming fizzy. Then you will need another culture package.
  9. If using kefir whey you will have to add more kefir whey (fresh) each time.
Recipe Notes

Check these bottles everyday to make sure that there is not too much pressure in them. They can build up pressure and explode if left for to long. Make sure you use bottles such as Grolsch bottles or Bormioli thick glass bottles. Bottles bought at craft stores can explode. Then place in refrigerator.


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