Everyday Salad

I try to have a salad every day. I've noticed a profound difference in my energy level and so I continued consuming a daily salad. This isn't really so much a recipe as it is a reminder to eat a salad. I have a bunch of toppings and dressing recipes that make it so easy to throw lettuce on a plate and have your health improve, and here's why. Eating salads provides fiber for your microbiome and this reduces inflammation and so much more. ScienceDaily explains what happens when you eat leafy greens, "A critical discovery about how bacteria feed on an unusual sugar molecule found in leafy green vegetables could hold the key to explaining how 'good' bacteria protect our gut and promote health. The finding suggests that leafy greens are essential for feeding good gut bacteria, limiting the ability of bad bacteria to colonize the gut by shutting them out of the prime real estate.
"Researchers from Melbourne and the UK identified a previously unknown enzyme used by bacteria, fungi, and other organisms to feed on the unusual but abundant sugar sulfoquinovose — SQ for short — found in green vegetables. Each year, leafy green vegetables — such as spinach — produce the sugar on an enormous scale."
So, eat a salad and add a dressing since the probiotics and fat in the dressing will help you absorb more nutrients. It can be life changing!


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  • In a large bowl add lettuce, top with dressing and toppings of your choice.