4 Ice Cream Secrets

Making good homemade ice cream is really fun - making probiotic ice cream made with kefir and yogurt is even more fun. You can really use a multitude of ingredients. I even use my smoothie recipes and turn them into ice cream, especially when it’s a hot day. I love to make my ice cream sugar free, or a least 80% sugar free, and it has taken me years to learn all the secrets that all of this can entail. Check out all my years of learning and secrets to making really good probiotic sugar-free ice cream. Cultured foods are some of the healthiest foods to consume. Kefir and yogurts are what I call fast food because I can throw them in a blender and make a smoothie, or I can make them into ice cream. 🍨

Secret # 1 Get a Good Ice Cream Maker

In the world of chefs and restaurants, there is a coveted ice cream maker known as the $4,000.00 ice cream maker. The Swiss makers of the Pacojet designed it for a variety of purposes, both sweet and savory, and for making the creamiest, rich-tasting ice cream in a few minutes. It makes wonderful ice cream and I should know. I have seven tubs in my freezer right now just waiting to be made into ice cream.

I didn't have to pay $4,000.00 for this ice cream maker because the patent expired and Ninja Creami made a copy of this fabulous ice cream maker for a fraction of the price. It's so fun to use and we've been having ice cream parties at my house on the weekends. You basically throw your ingredients into little tubs and freeze them for 24 hours and then place them in the Ninja Creami maker; and in a minute or two, you have creamy delicious ice cream. They have a mix-in button to add nuts and chocolate, add extra ingredients, or even spin it twice for a creamier version. It also makes the best sorbets ever!

You don't have to use this particular ice cream maker. You can really use any ice cream maker and it will work great with any of my recipes.

Ninja yogurt Ice cream-2

Secret # 2  Use Allulose

There is a gelato shop in Carlsbad, CA not too far from me called GelatoLove. They serve the best gelato and it has 80% less sugar, and I get it whenever we head that way. They boast by saying "GelatoLove is the first company in the world that uses a revolutionary low-calorie sugar, found in fruits like kiwis, raisins, and figs. The name of this revolutionary low-calorie sugar is Allulose and it’s a completely natural product. Allulose is scientifically proven to improve sugar metabolism in your body."

Their ice cream is delicious and some of the best I've had, so I went on a mission to find Allulose and research it. It's pretty impressive and perfect for ice cream. You can find allulose on Amazon and now it is popping up in stores like Trader Joe's and it's in many new products. You will love it!

Allulose keeps ice cream soft

Allulose has a low freezing point so it doesn't get rock hard like other low sugar sweeteners. It keeps your ice cream softer and is the perfect sugar-free treat. Sugar crystals in regular ice cream keep it from freezing rock hard but sugar-free sweeteners usually result in hard ice cream once you refreeze it so this is the perfect solution.

Root Beer kombucha float h

Secret # 3  Use Kefir Cheese or Yogurt

Adding a little bit of kefir cheese or yogurt into your ice cream will give it probiotics, but it also adds a super creamy texture and has that mouth feel of ice cream. I remember when I became completely obsessed with kefir cheese in my ice cream and spread my addiction to my friend Nancy, sharing my recipes and the secret of kefir cheese to make ice cream. She called me a week later and said, "What is going to happen to us if we keep having ice cream every day? We can't stop eating it."

Making kefir cheese is super easy. But if you don't want to do that, you can also use some yogurt and the thicker the yogurt the better the ice cream will be. We love Yogurt Plus since it is less sour than L reuteri, but both will work. Just add less (a few heaping tablespoons will do) of L reuteri since it has a stronger, tangy flavor that could overpower if you add too much.

Strawberry Kefir Ice Cream

Secret # 4  Probiotics In Your Ice Cream

Does freezing kill the probiotics in your ice cream?

The freezing process does not kill any significant amount of the good bacteria in kefir ice cream. Freezing kefir puts the microbes into a dormant state, but when eaten and returned to a warm temperature within the body, they become active again. Enjoy your ice cream and make it probiotic too. It will help you digest your ice cream better and you'll receive more nutrients. That's how fermented foods work. They make everything more bioavailable so the body doesn't have to work so hard to digest everything.

Vanilla Kefir ice cream h3

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