The Secrets To Probiotic Sugar-Free Ice Cream

By Donna Schwenk / September 10, 2022

4 Ice Cream Secrets Making good homemade ice cream is really fun – making probiotic ice cream made with kefir and yogurt is even more fun. You can really use…

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Fifteen Kefir Ice Creams

By Donna Schwenk / July 10, 2021

I’m always looking for ways to enjoy my kefir, and kefir ice cream can be enjoyed anytime – even for breakfast! If you don’t have an ice cream maker that sits on the counter, you may want to consider owning one as they are a great investment. […]

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How To Make Kefir Donut Holes

By Donna Schwenk / March 30, 2019

I’m always looking for recipes that give us healthy foods that are fun to eat and also help feed our good bacteria. It’s also important that the recipe be easy to make and not time-consuming. These donut holes are gluten-free and have lots of healthy fiber-rich ingredients. Not only do these treats have probiotics from the kefir, but they have lots of prebiotics too. You’ll be changing your microbiome with every bite. . .

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The Secret According to Kefir Ice Cream

By Donna Schwenk / February 7, 2016

Somebody asked me the other day how I come up with recipes for cultured foods. Many times they come suddenly into my brain. This will often make me miss my exits while driving on the highway because I am thinking about the specifics of how to make it. […]

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Coconut Almond Kefir Ice Cream

By Donna Schwenk / June 23, 2013

Probiotic Ice Cream If I had to choose only one cultured food, which would it be? If I were banished to a desert island, which one would I take to…

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Walnut Kefir & Chocolate Fig Pudding

By Donna Schwenk / April 13, 2013

Have you tried making your own nut milks? Walnut milk is delicious and easy to make. I have been trying a lot of different recipes using different nut milks and I am really enjoying them. Kefir is easy and fun to make using nut milk, and is a great dairy-free alternative to regular kefir. […]

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Pumpkin Kefir Cheese Ice Cream

By Donna Schwenk / September 9, 2012

Pumpkin Kefir Treat My dad’s (Don) birthday is coming up in a few days. Several years ago he died suddenly. Three months before he passed, my mind was filled with…

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Popeye and Olive Oyl Kefir Ice Cream

By Donna Schwenk / March 10, 2012

This is a wonderful smoothie that can be made into kefir ice cream This is probably one of the things I make at least once a week. I love it,…

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