Probiotic Ice Cream

If I had to choose only one cultured food, which would it be? If I were banished to a desert island, which one would I take to live with me, leaving the others behind? I really love them all, and it kills me to think about choosing just one. But if I had to choose, it would be milk kefir - mainly because of the benefits I received immediately when I started to consume it.

It was the first cultured food I tried, and it convinced me of its power. My blood pressure lowered, my joint pain in my knee went away, and my blood sugar normalized. When I would stop consuming kefir, all those symptoms started to return - so I became a believer. After multiple episodes of stopping, then resuming my consumption of kefir, I was convinced that it truly was the kefir that was allowing me to heal my body.

That's when I started doing research and saw that homemade kefir has five times the amount of good bacteria than store-bought kefir. Store-bought kefir has 10 different strains of good bacteria - compare this with homemade kefir which has over 50. This creates health benefits like no other food on the planet.

I used to lay in bed at night and see how many of these good bacteria I could remember and pronounce. It was like learning to pronounce the name of a good friend.

My kefir has taught me many things:

  • I am made of ten trillion bacteria, 99% good or harmless.
  • Kefir calms down inflammation.
  • Kefir reduces stress.
  • Kefir helps me feel nourished and not hungry.
  • Kefir lowers my blood pressure.
  • Kefir improves digestion.
  • Kefir makes serotonin in the brain and helps me feel fantastic.
  • Kefir makes my skin glow and makes it smooth.
  • Kefir eliminates joint pain.
  • Kefir keeps my blood sugar stable.

These are just a few of the things it has personally done for me, and there are many more wonderful things it has done for others.

If you really want to know and understand kefir, then look at all its special bacteria and yeast helpers. You don't have to know how to pronounce them all, you just have to consume them. Then kefir does the work and you receive the benefits. This is how it was always meant to be.

Kefir grains contain over 50 different types of yeast and bacteria existing in a symbiotic relationship.

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Coconut Almond Kefir Ice Cream

The medium chain fatty acids found in coconut milk will support your thyroid and give you energy. They also provide important minerals needed to maintain blood volume, regulate heart health, and help with digestion. This recipe is a great way to enjoy kefir. Remember, you can make kefir using any kind of milk.
Course: Breakfast, Dessert
Servings: 4 servings


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  • Place kefir cheese or yogurt, almond and coconut milk, vanilla, and sweetener into a blender and blend for 15 to 20 seconds.
  • Add to ice cream freezer and freeze according to manufacturer's instructions.

Toasted Coconut

  • Preheat oven to 400°F and place shredded coconut on a baking sheet.
  • Place baking sheet in oven and bake for 5 to 7 minutes or until coconut is toasted brown.
  • Sprinkle ice cream with toasted coconut.

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