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Do you want to get started making Kefir?

Contains live strains. Gluten-free. Non-GMO.

Cultures at room temperature!

Kefir is a cultured drink, traditionally made by adding kefir “grains” to some type of milk, including non-dairy milks. We have gone a step further and freeze-dried the kefir grains into a powder and made the process into EASY KEFIR. It’s fun and very Easy to make! Kefir is a fantastic source of many nutrients, supplying you with calcium, magnesium, vitamins K and B and billions of friendly microbes that help your micro-biome thrive and flourish.

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Ingredients: Active bacterial strains (L. lactis, L. cremoris, L. diacetylactis, L. acidophilus, Saccharomyces cerevisiae, Kluyveromyces lactis), kefir grains, maltodextrin.

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Change The Inner Eco System

Kefir is more potent than yogurt with its numerous beneficial strains of organisms. Since Easy Kefir is a powder made with freeze dried grains, you receive numerous strains and probiotics. It contains over 3 billion live bacteria and over 50,000 lactic yeasts per gram. The kefir made with it will typically contain +/- 1 billion active bacteria.  Over a period of 24 hours or so, the microorganisms in Easy Kefir multiply and ferment the sugars in the milk, turning it into kefir.

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So Many Benefits!

Kefir helps boost the immune system, replenishes the body with good bacteria after antibiotic use, is great for those who are lactose intolerant, reduces or eliminates cold and flu illnesses, and so much more.

Hippocrates stated, “All diseases begin in the gut.” Kefir is the perfect remedy to bring the gut back into balance. click here.


United States:

If you live in the USA, you can order directly from my store. I keep these cultures refrigerated to ensure that they stay alive & fresh while they are waiting for you to adopt them.

Purchase from my store

Cutting Edge Cultures also has them for sale directly on their website.

You can also get them from Amazon.com, just know that I don't think that the Amazon warehouse keeps them refrigerated.

Refrigeration is always recommended! These cultures will last 24 months in the fridge, even longer in the freezer, but only about two weeks at room temperature.



You can find even more detailed instructions with step-by-step pictures by clicking here.

  1. Pour four cups of milk into a quart-sized jar. The milk doesn’t need to be warm, it can be cold from the fridge.
  2. Sprinkle the entire contents of one Easy Kefir starter packet into the jar and mix well. Put a lid on the jar.
  3. Let the mixture ferment at 72° to 75°F for 18 to 24 hours. If the temperature is below 72° let it ferment a little longer.
  4. You will know it's ready when the milk has thickened and has a distinctive, sour fragrance. Consistency is like a pourable yogurt.
  5. Drink right away or store in the refrigerator.

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