Two Ways To Make Fermented Garlic

Fermented Garlic

Fermented Garlic and Honey

🧄 Fermented Garlic is a MUST-have for your refrigerator! I also have a fermented honey and garlic recipe that you can use in all the ways below. It's a wonderful food-like medicine, and making it a part of your diet can work wonders for many health concerns.

Fermented Garlic Recipe

Garlic Benefits

Garlic fights colds and flus

Garlic has a compound called allicin which has many health and medicinal uses. It has been used to fight colds and flus. In one 12-week study, it reduced the number of colds by 63% compared with the placebo.1

Garlic can lower blood pressure

Lowering blood pressure is another benefit of garlic. You have to consume about four cloves a day to achieve the most dramatic results, but there is a lot of research supporting garlic having a significant impact on reducing blood pressure in people who have hypertension.2,3,4 Research shows that aged garlic is best and although there haven’t been any studies on fermented garlic, the process of fermentation increases the bioavailability of nutrients making it an effective way to consume any type of cultured food. Cultured foods are predigested, loaded with enzymes, and the vitamins often increase, allowing the body to digest and use the nutrients with ease and efficiency.

Garlic can lower harmful cholesterol

Garlic can lower LDL cholesterol. All cultured foods help to lower harmful cholesterol through the magic of microbes. When you have lots of healthy microbes in your body, they will consume cholesterol as a food source, thereby naturally lowering harmful cholesterol throughout the body. Consuming fermented garlic would be a win-win situation.5,6,7

Garlic can detox you from heavy metals

Garlic has sulfur compounds that have been shown to protect against damage from heavy metal toxicity. A study was done on employees of a car battery plant where they were exposed to excessive amounts of lead. Garlic reduced the lead levels in the blood by 19%. It also reduced many signs of high toxicity including headaches and blood pressure issues.8

Many ways to enjoy garlic

There are certainly many ways to enjoy garlic, but having a jar of fermented garlic in your fridge is easy and convenient to use. You can use this in so many ways, and it is even great to have on hand for heated recipes. Fermented garlic will last for several months in your fridge and while heating the garlic will kill the probiotics, it is still a great alternative to use instead of canned or vinegar garlics, as it has no preservatives and you will get more benefits from the garlic staying fresh longer. I make a huge batch of fermented garlic and use this for just about everything!

One thing to note is that when you make fermented garlic, it becomes REALLY spicy! However, we’ve noticed that over time (several months) the spiciness will eventually go away. So if you like super spicy garlic, I encourage you to eat it sooner rather than later. 

garlic and honey

20 ways you can use Fermented Garlic

Some of these recipes are just for my  Biotic Pro Members, (including two brand new ones!) but I have lots of other ideas and recipes for everybody!

Get my Fermented Garlic recipe

1. Salad Dressings

You can throw a clove or two in your food processor or blender while making dressings, or you can use the brine/juice of the garlic! This will add loads of probiotics and prebiotics into your salad.

Lemon Kefir Dressing

2. Dips

Same as with the dressings, simply add a clove or two (depending on the dip) or use the juice from fermented garlic to make all kinds of probiotic dips!

📹  Members, we have a video  for this recipe too!

Tuscan Zucchini Dip

3. Add it to soups!

You can cool your soup until warm and not hot, and add in the fermented garlic (chopped) or the juice, to retain the probiotics.

Pepperpot soup

4. Marinades!

For extra prebiotics and probiotics, you can mince or press the fermented garlic to add into marinades for chicken, fish, meat, or tofu!

Kombucha Marinade

5. Fermented Garlic and Honey  

This wonderful home remedy does not need a culture. Honey has its own special microbial abilities and is also a prebiotic that will ferment the garlic. Garlic is also a huge prebiotic, and together they make for a wonderful food that works like medicine. And it's super easy to make! Allicin is an organosulfur compound in garlic that is made when you crush the garlic or ferment it. It's a defense mechanism against attacks by pests on the garlic plant and has incredible benefits. There have been studies that suggest a daily high dose of allicin showed effectiveness in preventing the common cold. Eat a clove a day at the first sign of a cold or flu. Food is medicine, especially if it's fermented!

Fermented Garlic and Honey

6. Drizzle the fermented garlic and honey  over cheese

If you make your own kefir cheese or goat cheese, then drizzling the honey from this fermented garlic and honey is super tasty and adds a lot of flavor to your cheese.

Fermented Garlic and Honey

7. Stir Fry!

Heating will kill the probiotics, but you will still get the prebiotic benefits of the fermented garlic, and it is nice to have it already peeled and preserved in your fridge. Add a spoonful of cultured veggies on top of your stir fry for extra probiotics! Check out my book Cultured Food for Health for a good stir fry recipe.

8. For staph infections!

If you see a small blip of a staph infection or ring worm, you can use this fermented garlic (or juice) topically and cover with a bandaid. It works wonders!

9. Do a shot!

If you are feeling a cold coming on and are in desperate need to knock it out, be brave and do a shot or a tablespoon of the fermented garlic juice. Just juice a few cloves. Your breath will not be pleasant, but this works great.

10. Munch on them!

I personally am not a raw garlic snacker, but many of you have shared with me that you or your kids or grandkids love snacking on Fermented Garlic and Honey! It's a great preventive for colds and flu.

11. Make bruschetta!

If you don't have time to make a fully fermented bruschetta, you can do the next best thing by mixing in some fermented garlic to chopped tomatoes, fresh basil, and a splash of balsamic vinegar. You will still be getting some powerful probiotics and prebiotics even if the tomatoes aren't fermented.

Tomato Bruschetta

12. Dipping oil!

You can make this delicious Italian dipping oil to be served with a loaf of sourdough bread or my Pizza Sourdough Bread. It's yummy served with my fresh pasta sauce too. (see below)

Garlic Dipping Sauce

13. Make fresh salsa!

You can make a quick probiotic salsa by using fermented garlic with fresh tomatoes and cilantro, ready to serve immediately!

Check out this recipe! Cultured Chile Salsa

14. Add to pasta sauce!

Again, heating this too hot will kill the probiotics. But if you keep your sauce slightly warm and not hot, the probiotics will remain intact! Try my pasta sauce recipe here!

📹  Members, we have a video for this recipe too!

Fermented Pasta Sauce

15. Make this Garlic Mashed Cauliflower! 

This is a great substitute for mashed potatoes. It is easy to make, and kids and adults will love it!

Garlic N Kefir Cauliflower Mash

16. Make this Fermented Hummus!

Who doesn't love hummus? This is one of my favorite snacks in the summertime. Serve with fresh cucumbers and carrot sticks.

Fermented Hummus

17. Make kefir pesto!

This yummy pesto is made with pistachio nuts and kefir. it is so good, you'll want to eat it with a spoon. I've done this many times!

Kefir Pistachio Pesto

18. Try my fancy cultured sourdough veggie salad!

It's loaded with veggies and tons of probiotics. It's filling, and people love the bright colors and delicious flavors that make this unique probiotic salad.

Panzanella Probiotic Salad

19. Fermented Ketchup!

Originally, all ketchups were fermented. Nowadays they're made with vinegars and preservatives. This ketchup is fermented, fun and easy to make, and probiotic too!

Fermented Ketchup

20. Kefir Caesar Salad 

This has a crazy good dressing made with kefir and fermented garlic. It's such an easy salad to make, and Caesar salad is popular with just about everybody. It tastes wonderful and the dressing is better than store-bought salad dressings.

Kefir Caesar Salad

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Fermented Garlic is a MUST-have for your refrigerator! It's a wonderful medicine-like food and making it a part of your diet can work wonders for many health concerns. Learn 19 ways you can use fermented garlic and stay healthy!

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