The 12 Days of Kefir

12 Holiday Recipes Made With Kefir!

Recipes Made With Kefir!

The year 2020 has been intensely crazy and life-changing for everybody, that's for sure. I made a series of videos for my Biotic Pro Members called The 12 Days of Kefir, but I decided to end this crazy year of 2020 by giving these recipes and videos to everybody. These 12 videos are all about making holiday Christmas recipes with kefir. It was super fun (and crazy) trying to film it all in a couple of days. It was so intense filming these videos that my video guys nicknamed it "The Beast"! It was an adventure for sure.

Try making 12 recipes in two days, shooting 12 videos, changing your clothes and dishes for each video, trying to remember the recipes, cleaning up after each take, and setting up for the next. Whew! It was intense. But I love Christmas and kefir, and I wanted you to learn to put kefir in your holidays. Christmas is fun for me and I want to stay healthy, be happy, and spread the fun through the holiday season. I want to help you do the same!

In this series, we made recipes like Kefir Snowtherland, Kefir Cheese Ball, Creamy Kefir Broccoli, Kefir Lemon Yule Log, Kefir Rice Pudding, and more. Of all the cultured foods I consume, kefir is my absolute favorite. It has been life-changing in so many ways and it's so easy to make. I hope you enjoy the videos and recipes, but most of all I hope you'll make my favorite cultured food — kefir. After almost two decades, I still make it every day and watch it ferment on my kitchen counter. Come join my family as we enjoy the many ways you can have kefir in a variety of ways. Check out the schedule below to see when the videos come out each week.  I love you guys, and we'll get through this tough time in history and we'll come out on the other side better and healthy - just you wait and see!

12 Days of Kefir Videos

Day 1 - Kefir Christmas Soda

Day 2: Kefir Snowtherland

Day 3: Kefir Guacamole

Day 4: Kefir Claus

Day 5: Kefir Cheese Ball

Day 6: Kefir Apple Bowls

Day 7: Creamy Kefir Broccoli

Day 8: Kefir Lemon Yule Log

Day 9: Coconut Kefir Eggnog

Day 10: Kefir Rice Pudding

Day 11: Kefir Christmas Cupcakes

Kefir Christmas Cupcakes

Peppermint Kefir Frosting

Day 12: The Night Before Christmas

Merry Christmas!