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Probiotic Foods for Food Poisoning and Stomach Virus


Finding Help For Stomach Problems

The Fix

Of all the health ailments cultured foods can help with, the one I hear the most about is either food poisoning or stomach virus (Gastroenteritis). I’ve seen it work personally on my family many times. When I started sharing this remedy with my friends, I was overwhelmed with how much it was helping them. It was one of the reasons I finally decided to write a book and start a blog sixteen years ago. People needed to know there was help for them, and it was a simple remedy that they could make in a jar and keep in their refrigerator for many months. I have found nothing more effective then cultured veggies and their juice to stop food poisoning or a stomach virus dead in its tracks. It was the very thing that finally convinced me once and for all that cultured vegetables were powerful medicine. After that, I kept them in my fridge at all times.

Most of the immune system resides in the gut

Most people do not realize that 70 percent of the immune system is located in the digestive system. The large majority of the body’s immune cells are located in the digestive tract and these immune cells are assisted by the probiotic microorganisms that live there. These powerful microbes can recognize the presence of a pathogen and stimulate the body to initiate an immune response to fight off threats and to attack these harmful invaders.

Certain strains of probiotics support our immune system by killing disease-causing pathogens with the anti-microbial substances they produce called bacteriocins. These mighty helpers work to eliminate pathogens from the body. Here’s where having lots of healthy microbes is important. Good bacteria help us to eliminate harmful or pathogenic bacteria and viruses by outcompeting the harmful microbes for food and other resources. Having lots of good bacteria takes up space within the digestive tract which makes it harder for the bad microbes to take hold and cause harm.

 Cultured vegetables for stomach problems

Cultured vegetables are extremely effective when dealing with stomach problems. The powerful good bacteria lactobacillus plantarum, abundant in cultured vegetables, is a powerful force against any foreign invader that is trying to attack your body. plantarum  was isolated from the traditional African fermented food, ben saalga and was tested for inhibition of food poisoning and pathogenic bacteria. LP completely eliminated Bacillus cereus, Escherichia coli, and Salmonella enterica, within a 48 hour incubation period.1

Another study was done on the L plantarum that is found in Kimchi. The antibacterial activities against food-poisoning causing bacteria were examined with a culture using L. plantarum. The antibacterial effects were clearly observed against all the bacteria tested in this work. 2,3

The powerful L billions of microbes, it will fight on your behalf to defeat the enemy and eliminate it from the body. The stories I have witnessed are nothing short of miraculous. On several occasions, I have used cultured vegetables and their juice to get rid of food poisoning and a nasty stomach virus. It was like injecting some kind of magic tonic that worked so quickly I was shocked. When my children came down with the stomach flu, I gave them small sips of the juice (the juice is just as powerful as the veggies) from cultured veggies and watched as a couple hours later the vomiting and diarrhea and stomach cramps subsided.  I have personally seen it knock out food poisoning within a few hours.

Food Poisoning and Cultured Veggies

The first time I ever made cultured veggies I put them in my fridge and forgot about them. A few weeks later I had some bad artichoke dip and found myself with food poisoning and all that food poisoning can bring. Laying in bed I remembered an article I had read about how cultured veggies helped defeat the bird flu in chickens, so in desperation I dragged myself to the kitchen and opened the jar of cultured veggies and took a swig of the juice. I was too sick to get a spoon and I was amazed at what a difference it made. In less than an hour, I was up doing dishes when the hour before I couldn’t even get out of the bathroom and was weak and lethargic. From that day to this, I keep a jar of cultured veggies in my fridge. They work like a mighty army inside of you when you can’t even help yourself. I know of nothing on the market that is this effective, and it’s just food that works like medicine!

Here are three more stories that were posted on my Facebook page just a few weeks ago.

Donna, Out of desperation for my son who was throwing up all night until 7 the next evening, I googled remedies for a tummy bug (I don’t like over the counter meds). A suggestion (yours) was to give fermented juice. So I did. Try telling your sick son to drink kimchi juice with a straight face, “It “might” make you feel better 😄.” He drank it and within a few minutes he was back to normal. The next day I researched more about fermented foods, then realized that I had one of your books, Cultured Food for Life. I had bought it for ideas on milk kefir and kombucha. I opened that book up again and read it from cover to cover with a pen and paper to take notes. I loved it so much that I ordered Cultured Food in a Jar. Just as we were leaving to go out for pizza, the book came in the mail. So, I took it along to check it out while waiting on our food. Oh my goodness, I read small bits of it to my boys and husband. To make a long story short, we now have fermented veggies in the fridge and new ones sitting out fermenting all the time. I’m sorry your story started out rough, but I am thankful that it did and I am thankful that you have shared it. I pray God blesses you and your family beyond measure. Side note, I now have Cultured Food for Health on my bookshelf too.
Has worked exactly like this for my family — thanks to the knowledge you’ve shared, Donna! Stopped my husband’s terrible food poisoning in literally thirty minutes. Astounded all of us and made a firm believer out of him. Stopped my daughter’s stomach flu within an hour as well. The best part is that my teenagers wouldn’t touch it at first, but now they have all started taking it without me telling them to at all — because they’ve seen how it works! They’ve started giving it to their friends when their friends are sick too! 😊😂 
 Donna, this story rescued me from a pretty horrible bout with shellfish poisoning. I had woken up around 2 and spent the next few hours in the bathroom. Then I remembered this story and went to the fridge and dipped directly from my jar of fermented veggies. I was feeling human again in minutes.

Make yourself some cultured veggies, and then if you need them you have a jar which can last nine months in your fridge. Then you just see how effective they are, okay? Start eating them and don’t take my word for it – try it and see for yourself. They will make you a believer,  just like they did me.

I love this part . . . where you don’t believe me. Then you try it and it works and then I get an email about it. Resistance is futile. These veggies will convince you one day, but you’ll need a jar in your fridge. Just you wait and see, these microbes will make you a believer and then you’ll want to tell everybody!

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Of all the health ailments cultured foods can help with, the one I hear the most about is either food poisoning or stomach virus. I’ve seen it work personally on my family many times. So many people have emailed me and shared the same thing. Nothing works faster or better, check out the podcast!

Here are some of my favorite recipes that work wonderfully for both of these ailments. Remember, the juice works too!

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21 Responses to "Probiotic Foods for Food Poisoning and Stomach Virus"
    • It depends on if your new to this or have been having it for a while. In the beginning it is best to go slowly but your 100 trillion bacteria and you can have quite a lot of cultured foods. Its what your made out of.

  1. After reading your posts about using cultured foods for illness, I tried using sauerkraut juice for allergies. I put it on my eyes! \When they itch whether it be due to pollen, or too much sugar in my body, I soak cotton balls in the juice and apply to my eyes. The itch is gone in minutes. Only once did I have to apply the juice again about 5 hours later. Your information was a life saver. Thanks

  2. I did not find out about this thru you, but I have been evangelizing this for 2 years now. I felt my body fight off the flu and I haven’t had anything as little as a sore throat since. Spread the word, keep a jar of something in your fridge, no doubt. Thanks for the tip about drinking the juice though. Also don’t forget to tell people that you don’t need a starter culture for sauerkraut or kim chi .

  3. Donna I enjoy and follow what you are doing, I think your mission is a great contribution for humanity. Wish the best for you!

  4. I am fascinated by this subject. I think I will start with the salt and whey. If it goes as good as the hype I am going to benefit enormously.

  5. Thanks Donna, you were what I needed to hear. I have been on antibiotics for 4 yrs, for a infection that was resistant. I have been so sick and haven’t felt good for a long time. But I heard you and it was like I needed your info. I just wanted to say thanks, and I will order some stuff when I get my list done.

  6. Hi Donna,

    I’m wondering to the Caldwell starter packets contain any dairy? Also, at this point the only thing I make is cultured cabbage, I just use a salt and water solution as at this time I haven’t made kefir for a while and don’t have any whey (I need to start it up again!) I’m wondering can I use the juice from a jar of empty kraut as sort of a “starter” for a new jar? I’m thinking that maybe then the batches will get more and more potent. Also what type of milk do you use for kefir? Raw? Organic? Whole? Thank you so much! I love reading your articles, you are so inspiring and genuine:)

    • The caldwells uses microscopic amounts aas a carrier to keep the cultures alive. You can use the juice from a previous batch to make more. It depends on how old the cultured veggie juice are as to how potent the batch will be.

      I use raw to make kefir but you can use any kind of milk and kefir transforms it into something wonderful.

  7. Donna,
    Just last night Axel was under the weather. He was Stuffy and congested. I gave him a couple droppers full of cultured veggie juice and within 15min or so he was breathing better, wanting his paci and back to sleep. Oh and Iris is getting big enough to open the frig. Guess what she’s wanting me to dish out for her…Shelly’s Cultured Veggies and kombucha!!!! I LOVE IT! You are Amazing and so are these Awesome foods….

  8. Would love to get registered to win your book or a free membership, but do not have a Facebook account and do not want one. Is there another way to get in the drawing? Thank you.

  9. Absolutely love your mindset. We all need to take responsibility for our own health. We need to learn to avoid relying on things like Obamacare and take pride in maintaining good health for ourselves and not depending on the medical establishment and Big Pharma. Keep up the great work.

  10. I love this article and can testify for it’s truth. Cultured veg has kept me and my family well when we used to be sick 3-4 times during a flu season. Thanks Donna! Love the CFL superman figure also.

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