When it comes to cultured/probiotic and fermented foods, I am officially obsessed. Not everyone is going to make as many of these foods as I do; but once you get started, it's an exciting journey! Here are the top eight probiotic foods I ALWAYS have on hand, and why . . .

Eight Probiotic Foods For Your Fridge

Strawberry Kefir

Kefir was the first cultured food I tried, and it has become my go-to food when I need extra help. I use it to prevent colds and flus or any type of sickness. When I'm struggling with anxiety or stress, kefir calms me down. Researchers have established a compelling link between gut bacteria and mental health 1 and believe you me, I'm a believer. Nothing calms me like kefir, and I just couldn't do what I do without its help. When I've taxed my muscles through exercise, kefir gives me a boost with 14 grams of high-quality protein in each cup. Its anti-inflammatory properties help my body recover quickly and supply the vitamins and minerals that are the building blocks of health. When I need a quick meal, kefir is what I reach for and the reason I have hundreds of kefir recipes in my books and blog. I consume a lot of kefir! There is a lot of science behind the power of the 50+ microbes in kefir. It has more probiotics than any of the other cultured foods, it's the easiest to make, and it's the most versatile. If I had to choose only one cultured food, I would choose kefir because of its huge benefits and because it's my personal guardian angel.

 7 Reasons I Drink Kefir Every Day

Kefir Cheese

Kefir Cheese is something I use constantly. If something calls for cream cheese, cottage cheese, sour cream, or Greek yogurt I substitute with kefir cheese. You can make kefir cheese overnight if you have milk kefir on hand, or some health food stores sell kefir cheese as well. You can use kefir cheese to top your potatoes, add extra creaminess to an ice cream recipe, add to soups and tacos, make dips, and more! Kefir Cheese has many of the same benefits as kefir - and don't throw out the whey because this has benefits, too. Check out this article:

43 Ways to Use Kefir Cheese!

Kombucha Fruit

Kombucha: This is the main drink in our house. It has replaced our soda addiction and we are forever grateful! Kombucha's unique probiotic properties allow for more diversity in the diet and assist the body in cleansing the liver. It also supplies you with acetic acid which helps with joint pain and digestion. It has one of the most researched and used probiotics, saccharomyces boulardii, that can't be killed by antibiotics. Kombucha is a tart and bubbly drink that is unique and delightfully delicious.

More Reasons I Drink Kombucha


Sauerkraut: You can get up to 700 mg of vitamin C in one cup of fermented sauerkraut as opposed to the 60 mg in cabbage alone. We add sauerkraut to many foods. A spoonful has more probiotics than an entire bottle of probiotic supplements. Nothing is more effective on an upset stomach or even food poisoning. A spoonful of the juice works quickly. When you feel the relief, you'll wonder why everybody doesn't know about this wonderful home remedy. A jar can last over a year in the refrigerator and remain perfectly preserved. Add a spoonful to sandwiches, wraps, on top of your stir fry, or alongside your meat and veggies! We even have dips and sauces with cultured veggies, so check out my books and recipe section

 7 Reasons I Eat Cultured Vegetables

yogurt plus

Yogurts: I have discovered that in certain parts of the world, yogurt and kefir have been strongly linked with an unusually high number of centenarians. Yogurt has been a staple in my diet for years. I use it as a dessert! Kefir has many more strains of good bacteria than yogurt, but we have developed a couple of new yogurts that have important strains that kefir does not have. L reuteri and Bifidobacterium are two very important strains that many in the modern world are missing. And interestingly enough, kefir feeds some of these strains once you acquire them. This gives you a robust microbiome that keeps you young and your immune system going strong along with many other health benefits. Plus, these yogurts are incredibly delicious. Check them out and build your microbiome!

L. Reuteri Superfood Yogurt

Yogurt Plus

Fermented Garlic

Fermented Garlic: These garlic buds will last months in your fridge. You can use them in hundreds of recipes (the juice as well) and they will knock out a head cold ASAP! Garlic is also a prebiotic, so it provides extra benefits as well. You just peel a bunch of cloves and throw them in a jar, cover them with water, salt, and a culture - and you're done. It's easy, and the juice can be added to salad dressings and sauces to make them probiotic! We also have Fermented Garlic and Honey which is delicious and has health benefits too!

Fermented Garlic

Fermented Garlic and Honey

kefir soda whey

Kefir Soda: This is a wonderful substitute for soda pop. It's a naturally carbonated drink that has probiotics, enzymes, and minerals. It has very little sugar compared to conventional sugary sodas. I love how you can change the flavors and please all your taste buds. We have two ways to make Kefir soda. One is made with kefir whey or you can use a kefir soda package. Pick the way that suits you, and keep your favorite flavor in the refrigerator.

How to Make Kefir Soda

kombucha Mayo

20 Second Kombucha Mayo: This recipe is in my new book, Cultured Food in a Jar, and I wanted everybody to have this recipe because it’s quite life changing to make your own mayo. I can’t count the times I needed mayo, went to the store, stood in the aisle, looked at the ingredients on all the jars, and just couldn’t buy it. Soybean and canola oils, along with chemicals and preservatives, made me cringe and I would wind up buying healthier versions of mayo at the health food store. But they were super expensive. So, I found a way to make my own and it only takes 20 seconds and is crazy good! We have two recipes and they're both 20 seconds!

Kombucha Mayo Recipe

Avocado Kombucha Mayo

While consuming a wide variety of cultured foods is ideal, these eight staples cover a lot of ground and give you plenty of probiotic diversity for different meals!

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When it comes to cultured/probiotic and fermented foods, I am officially obsessed. Not everyone is going to make as many of these foods as I do; but once you get started, it's an exciting journey! Here are the top eight probiotic foods I ALWAYS have on hand, and why.

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