Cultured Cabbage

A Healing Modality.


"As knowledge increases, wonder deepens."Charles Morgan

Captain Cook was one of the first people to make cultured sauerkraut a healing modality. When he took his first vessel and crew on a long voyage in 1768, a violent storm arose. The waves tossed the ship about violently, and many crewmen were injured. To save the men from gangrene, the ship's doctor made poultices of the cultured cabbage on board to apply to their wounds.

Vitamin C and kraut

Cook was one of the first ship captains to recognize that a lack of Vitamin C in a sailor's diet (due mostly to a lack of fresh fruit and vegetables) caused scurvy, a terrible disease that killed millions of sailors in those times. Captain Cook always sailed with barrels of fermented cabbage (7,860 pounds of sauerkraut, to be exact) which he insisted the sailors eat. Scurvy was never a problem on his ships because cultured cabbage contained lots of Vitamin C. This is good news for you, too. We all need lots of Vitamin C on a regular basis and fermented cabbage is a fantastic way to get it.

Cultured Cabbage is a Super Food!


Cabbage has about 30 mg of Vitamin C per cup, but guess what happens to cabbage when you ferment it? Cornell University found that fermented sauerkraut can have as much as 600 to 700 mg per cup! You also get the boost of probiotics that gives cultured kraut super powers!

Vitamin C has become one of the most important nutrients for me.  I have found it is hugely important for the adrenals. The body rapidly uses up available Vitamin C during infection or stress. My life has more demands on me than ever and extra vitamin C keeps my adrenals functioning properly. I just can't think of a better way to get your Vitamin C than in this powerful food.

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Here are some of my favorite kraut recipes. I have a lot of them!

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