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  1. I am retired! I was! Thank you, Donna, for the last two going on three months. I have been fighting to get my health back. During this re cooperation my only alarm on my phone is for your Hay House Radio show. And my Sunday morning emails. So, for the last few months you have been in sync with me.
    Thursday I used my 100%can of pumpkin to make pumpkin bars. Then this morning you give me pumpkin recipes. Your the Best! Thanks again.

    • Awww thank you for hanging out with me! I love the feedback and please call in and talk to me on the radio. I’d love to give you a phone hug. Working on some cultured pumpkin bars myself!

  2. Can you use the liquid in the jars as a culture again for the next batch of veggies, or do you have to keep adding new water/starter culture?

    • You can reuse the liquid several times! The fresher the brine is, the more times you can reuse it.

  3. The beautiful photo ABOVE “Sodium nitrate and heavy metals” looks like something i might like to make. Can you tell me what it is?

    • Hi Kathy, this is a recipe that is coming out in Donna’s new book next year, so you’ll have to wait! (I’ll give you a hint.. it’s made with kefir cheese and a special raspberry jam)

  4. Could you please tell me how this compares as a probiotic source with kombucha? I have been making separately kombucha and a ‘ginger water’ (with apple cider vinegar and powdered ginger)… Maybe this will do for both! Thanks!

  5. Can you make this with honey? I make a drink with honey, kefir whey, ginger, and blended lemon.

  6. Have you tried culturing the thermophilic yogurt in an Instant Pot? I don’t have a yogurt maker, but I recently got a new Instant Pot with a yogurt setting and I’d like to try using it for that. I just wondered whether there were any special precautions or instructions for making yogurt in this appliance.

  7. I am wondering if I can make goat milk kefir using powdered goat milk. I can’t find raw goat milk in my area, so thought I would purchase organic powdered goats milk and then make my kefir from there. Wondering if that is possible. Thanks in advance for your help. Sharon, california

  8. Hello Donna,first off I want to tell you all your info has been great,and your video was so helpful.I have been drinking kefir for about 6 months now,which I was buying from a lady.I now have some of my own live grains and have made my own for 3 days now,with great success.My question to you is,I started with whole milk that has the highest fat content and I know it works the best to feed the kefir but the thought of drinking something with such a high fat content doesn’t really appeal that mush to me.I drink milk but it’s 1%.Does the kefir interact to the fat in the whole milk to make it healthier.The lady I was buying the kefir from must have used coconut milk because of the flovour of the kefir,do you recommend coconut milk and refresh the grains in whole milk every so often?In doing this will I take away some of the goodness from the kefir grains.Thanks so much Donna,Sincerely Lynn,Nova Scotia,Canada.

  9. Where in wicklow-Dublin can I buy a scoby.I’ve been buying mine from England. And not much success making kabucha. A mould grows after a few days ..can you help thanks

  10. Shelley’s recipe looks interesting – but I have not even tasted the cultured veges I refrigerated 3 years ago (still crunchy). I use Himalayan salt with dairy kefir whey as the starter. I have added dried shredded seaweed to some of my jars. A friend’s husband tried some of them and said they were the best he had tasted (my friend almost did not get any!) If I use Himalayan salt and packaged seaweed are the minerals still helpful?

  11. Hi Donna!

    I can’t purchase the Body Ecology Ancient Earth Minerals right now but am wondering if food grade Diatomaceous Earth would be a good substitute, as it’s a mineral and 89 % silica!

    Thanks so much, for all that you do! 🙂

  12. HI DONNA
    Im really excited about starting kefir – what I really want to do is make it thicker like yogurt.
    Is there a trick to that?

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