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Reasons to Have More Cultured yogurt 

Chia Yogurt

Yogurt is such a huge part of my life along with kefir and all my favorite fermented foods and drinks. I reach for it a lot when I'm hungry and want something fast to eat. I also have this thing that I do. I think about my microbes whenever I eat something. I will ask myself, "Am I feeding the good bacteria or the pathogenic bacteria? " The universe in your gut is comprised of trillions of microbes that are all fighting for dominance. So, for instance, if you eat cultured foods like kefir, yogurt, cultured veggies, kombucha, or kefir soda you are eating the species that want to colonize and grow and dominate in your gut. Now if you feed them their favorite foods which are the fibers in fruits and vegetables, resistant starches, and prebiotics they will grow like crazy and kill off the harmful bacteria that are also wanting to grow and multiply. This will also make you crave these foods as you consume them on a regular basis. Eat an apple and you're feeding a huge species in your gut called Akkermansia that keeps your gut lining intact. Consume foods with Bifidobacteria like our Yogurt Plus and Kefir Soda, and Bifidobacteria will grow like crazy and become a huge part of regulating your immune system. Bifido also loves to feed all the other bacteria in your gut too. Kefir will feed Bifido and add 50+ other good bacteria that will greatly boost the number of good guys in your own microbiome.

Good and Bad Bacteria Fight For Dominance

Contrast this with consuming lots of sugars and processed foods which feed those bad bacteria and then a war begins. They will want to overpower the good guys and you will start to crave these foods too. Then you'll have an imbalance in your gut which is a lot of the reason you won't feel well and are creating dysbiosis. All of this goes on without your awareness but it is so important to understand for leading a healthy and long life.

Everything we eat is what makes the cells of our body and also helps to regulate our moods and temperaments. We need lots of vitamins and minerals to keep everything running smoothly, and you absorb more nutrients from your food when you have cultured foods with a meal even if it is just a spoonful.

L. reuteri has helped my mood and emotions improve and gives me that feeling of wellness. My hormones have improved and I have experienced great improvement in growing more muscle which keeps me young thanks to the testosterone boost from L. reuteri. Improvement in sleep is huge with L. reuteri. I sleep so much deeper than I used to and that makes everything better.

I have more energy from the species of good bacteria in Yogurt Plus. Bifidobacterium longum (the young bacteria) and L. delbrueckii subspecies bulgaricus keep the pH in the small intestine too low for harmful bacteria growth to occur and are truly special microbes that have substantial health benefits. Bifido is also helping my immune system improve and stay strong.

Check out these fun recipes using our yogurt starters. The Vanilla Bean Yogurt recipe is so good! You won't regret it and your microbes will thrive!

 Yogurt Recipes

Chia Yogurt Berry Pudding

Vanilla Yogurt Plus

L. Reuteri Cheese

Sweet Yogurt Cream

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