Gluten Pain: The Best Teacher

By Donna Schwenk / May 28, 2022

I have met hundreds of people who are now on gluten-free diets. My daughter used to be one of them. Gluten pain can make life difficult and become a heavy load to bear. How can this grain that has been around since time began suddenly wreak such havoc on […]

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Feeling Younger is an Inside Job

By Donna Schwenk / May 21, 2022

I was 41 when I first found cultured foods. I felt old, discouraged, and sick. I remember resting on the couch and watching documentaries about people who had changed their lives and done extraordinary things. […]

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An Apple Peel a Day Keeps The Doctor Away

By Donna Schwenk / December 4, 2021

The Bacteria that keeps your gut lining intact Do you know the old English-language proverb that appeared in the 19th century that said, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away “? There may be more truth to this than we know. Apples have been associated with a number of benefits that could help promote…

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