A Cold You Can Beat After A Holiday Treat

By Donna Schwenk / January 1, 2022

For many years, and way before I found cultured foods, we would travel to my mom’s house in Virginia for Christmas. It was a twenty-hour car ride from my home in Kansas City and we would often drive all night to get there so the kids would sleep. We would always be exhausted by the time we arrived at my mom’s home. . .

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Warm Up With Prebiotic Marshmallow Hot Chocolate

By Donna Schwenk / December 18, 2021

New Hot Chocolate Traditions Cozy up with Healthy Hot chocolate I love the holidays and all its festive foods. It makes me so happy to make holiday foods, but as the years have gone by I learned that I needed to incorporate healthy holiday treats that not only satisfy my cravings around the holidays but…

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Candida and Cultured Foods

By Donna Schwenk / October 23, 2021

I get hundreds of emails about the subject of Candida, and a lot of them are asking me why so many health care practitioners don’t recommend the consumption of fermented foods if you have Candida. […]

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Milk Kefir FAQs

By Donna Schwenk / March 27, 2021

Kefir is my favorite cultured food. It has the most probiotic strains of any cultured food (over 50 strains) and is also super easy to make. It was the first cultured food I tried and it made me well in so many ways that I started on a journey to learn all I could about this magical food. […]

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6 Ginger Sodas That Can Do Amazing Things

By Donna Schwenk / February 27, 2021

Pain touches everyone in some way; and when this happens, all of us reach for something that we believe will help us. The older I get, the more I find that every ounce of pain is here to teach me something. […]

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Best of Cultured Food Life 2018: Our Top Articles!

By Donna Schwenk / January 5, 2019

I hope 2018 was a wonderful year for you. I hope you incorporated cultured foods into your life and saw the difference they can make. I’ve been making and eating these foods for over sixteen years and they never cease to amaze and teach me. I hope you will look to this next year as a chance to find the you that you were always meant to be – healthy and happy. . .

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Probiotics and Your Skin

By Donna Schwenk / March 13, 2016

Skin Care Hi everyone! My name is Maci Dierking, formerly Maci Schwenk. I am Donna’s eldest daughter and I love cultured food too! I wanted to share with you some wonderful new skin care uses for cultured foods and extra benefits and how you can make your own! So, let’s get started: Face Care Products…

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What is Kefir?

By Donna Schwenk / January 24, 2010

What is Kefir? “What is kefir?” You’ve probably asked yourself this before. Pronounced “KEE-fuhr,” kefir is a tangy, slightly fizzy, FANTASTIC fermented milk beverage. It can be made with all kinds of different milks, dairy and non dairy. It looks similar to yogurt, but is far superior. Click here to learn more on the difference between kefir…

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