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Three Foods That Can Change Your Life ~ The Trilogy


Trilogy is a set of three works of art that are connected, and that can be seen either as a single work or as three individual works.

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Fermentation is an art form and each individual cultured food is, in and of itself, unique. The three foods of The Trilogy each provide different good bacteria and yeasts that enhance the trillions of bacteria in the body and allow them to thrive, grow, and multiply. This allows you, the host, the opportunity to heal disease, remove pathogens, enhance digestion, make serotonin, and experience a multitude of other opportunities for healing that otherwise would not have been possible. This is what I call ~ The Trilogy

The Trilogy is my secret weapon. It has changed my life and so many other lives. What is The Trilogy? Three magic and powerful foods that I consume every day without fail. They are kefir, kombucha, and cultured vegetables; and they bring me more joy than I can express in words. This is the thing I noticed the most when I taught others about cultured foods – when they consumed one of these foods they would get better, but when they consumed all three, they seemed to thrive! These three foods (kefir, kombucha, and cultured vegetables) are unique unto themselves and each food contains a different set of bacteria and yeasts that we need to thrive and feel alive.

These foods are powerful and they will train you to eat them because of what they can do. I have noticed that the homemade versions are much stronger and the benefits more, as compared to store bought versions. I highly recommend that you try to make your own. The Trilogy is something I eat every day, and I want to share it with others because it will change you, too.  

“May you live every day of your life.”Jonathan Swift


Homemade kefir has 50 plus good bacteria and yeasts. It is so powerful that I recommend people consume only small amounts when they first start kefir, so as not to overwhelm their body with good bacteria. These bacteria are strong and will go to work killing pathogens and bad bacteria, making some individuals uncomfortable. You can read more about that on this blog post: The Healing Crisis.

Kefir and its special bacteria will make you its home and keep things in balance for you. It will add probiotics to any kind of milk, whether it be cow, goat, coconut, or almond milk. It will transform the milk, increasing vitamins and nutrient absorption, and it will do this sitting on your counter in a glass jar while you go about your day. Then when you consume it, you will find it will digest your food, reduce inflammation, make elimination a breeze, and, well, the list is so long it would take this entire page to explain it all. It transformed me and I don’t go a day without it. It was the first cultured food I started with and the one that changed me the most. If you would like to see more reasons to consume kefir, check out this blog post. 7 Reasons I Have Kefir Every day. 


My, my, my, how I love this fermented tea. Talk about powerful! It is a wonder drink and there is nothing else like it on the market. It helps remove toxins through the kidney, liver, and the bowels. You might notice, as I did, that kombucha can help you lose a lot of excess water weight.  It helps you eliminate the excess swelling and fluid that accumulates in your tissues from chemically laden foods and alcohol.

I was talking with a friend this weekend and he noticed the same thing. On the weekends, he tends to drink a lot of alcohol, and if he doesn’t have his kombucha, he will retain a lot of fluids. The body tends to do this when it has a lot of toxins. On weekdays when he goes back to drinking his kombucha, he will release the water weight and easily lose five pounds. This does not surprise me because kombucha will assist your liver in removing toxins that have accumulated. Kombucha will also help relieve the water retention that often happens when the body protects the organs by holding on to water when under stress or a heavy toxic load. Check out this blog post, 7 Reasons I Have Kombucha Every day. 

Cultured Vegetables

Everybody knows that vegetables are so, so good for you – but when you ferment vegetables, they become even more powerful. Let me tell you my little story about these veggies. I went on a trip and didn’t have my cultured veggies for two weeks. I ate everything imaginable under the sun and enjoyed it all. Delicacies and desserts and, well, I was having a good time but having very little, if any, cultured foods. My body has become accustomed to these foods and without them I am fine for a while; but after a week or two, it revolts. I think it actually gets mad at me and will create symptoms to get my attention. I will get red rashes on my fingers and body odor occurs which I don’t have often since this is caused by bad bacteria. My stomach will start to feel bloated and, well . . . let’s just say that elimination is not as pleasant as it can be. But the worst thing of all is that I get grouchy and cranky. Yeah, my family makes sure that I eat my cultured foods. But as soon as I have as little as a large spoonful of cultured vegetables, my insides do a happy dance and the cultured vegetables start working inside of me. Believe you me, in a day or two I can feel it, see it, smell it, and know it. They will clean me out, and then some. Talk about housecleaning! They go at it, removing all the inappropriate food debris and making me feel great again. Check out this blog post, 7 Reasons I Have Cultured Vegetables Every day

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66 Responses to "Three Foods That Can Change Your Life ~ The Trilogy"
  1. Kefir has been a blessing to me and my husband. It eliminated his acid reflux and my digestive problems. We make it everyday. When a friend or family member tells us they are having any type of digestive problem, we recommend kefir. We also give them our kefir to use and if they want to make it we give them grains and teach them. We are learning to make dishes with kefir cheese and my husband and I drink the whey after we work out. Kefir is a great food. Your website has been so helpful, and I learned all about it and got my original grains from you. I can’t thank you enough! One question: is it possible to make kefir with reconstituted dry milk?

  2. I know you mentioned previously that Kefir can repopulate the good bacteria in your gut, but in the article you mention that after 1-2 weeks of not consuming these foods your body revolts. Can these foods permanently re-colonize your gut (making lasting change) or is it temporary only while you consume these foods?

    • It really depends on what your eating in addition to theses foods. You’re microbes can shift depending on the types of prebiotics you feed them and also what your diet over all looks like. Lots of prebiotics are the key then your bacteria grows and crowds out the other bacteria and pathogens. They can change quite quickly but if depends on your diet over all.

  3. Can you tell me if you know where I might be able to obtain the starter culture here in Australia. I am very keen to start making Kimchi.

  4. I stored some kefir grains in fridge for 4 days since I was away, as usual I strained kefir and I wondered can I use the milk I use on top of kefir grains in fridge?Is that going to be like kefir or should I just toss it out or add grains again and ferment it. thanks

      • I will use the liquid I store my kefir grains in my smoothies. Delicious! I also discovered a wonderful secret (by accident!). If you leave this liquid out for a few hours, you can drain the whey (add it to your smoothie or water your tomatoes with it) put the solids in a cheese bag to drain, and you will have delicious cream cheese!

  5. How much of the cultured veggies should I be consuming if I’m just starting out? And is this safe for children?

  6. Hi, thanks for the book. I just want to say thankyou for letting us know of your knowledge. I always known about fermentings benefits, but you’re making me want to start for real. best regards from Lisbeth in Sweden

  7. Hello,
    Where can I purchase good kefir starter grains. I live in Ontario, Canada.
    Also, do I have to use raw milk. Cannot get raw milk in Canada.

  8. Hi Donna, I’m very interested in your trilogy- but as a hypothyroid patient I have to be careful about consuming goitrigens. Raw cabbage is highly goitrigenic and not recommended for hypothyroid patients. Do you include instructions for alternate vegetables? Will they not have the same great effect? I ‘d appreciate your reply! Thanks

  9. I see that “grains” are used to start Kefir. My son eats a gluten and grain free diet because of his Crohn’s disease. What type of grains are these?

    • They are not grains as in wheat they are combinations of bacteria and yeast and are not a grain in the way most would think. They’re completely gluten free. They are wonderful for people with Crohns and help many with this greatly.

  10. Hi Donna,

    Is the an ideal amount of the three of these I should be consuming and can I consume too much? I’ve been drinking 16oz Kombucha and 24 oz of Kefir (any less and it ferments too quickly, can only ferment 12 or 24 hrs due to my job), as well as 1/2 cup of Cultured Veggies. I’m still going through a mild healing crisis, I’ve had IBS for the last 15 years, and am hoping the symptoms will subside. Could they continue indefinitely if I’m consuming too many or will they stop?


    • I would take a break from them. Its a lot of good bacteria and if you take a break it will clear out pathogens and toxins and then start back up again but give yourself aa break for a week or two and let the body adjust. It’s a lot of good bacteria for some people and your body will go to town cleaning you out and rebuilding your eco system.

    • Here is an amazing website for learning how to deal with IBS by Sherry Brescia. It teaches how to properly combine the good, nutritious foods we eat to obtain maximum health benefits and deal with IBS, as Sherry learned to do. Combined with Donna’s cultured foods, kefir and kombucha for probiotic support, it should have you tuned up and ready for life without suffering any more….to your health! And, thanks, Donna! I recently purchased your book and am ready to continue in good health. Thankfully, I have been blessed with a strong constitution, but at 66 years of age, intend to stay healthy thanks to you and Sherry. Hugs….

  11. I was wondering , I have an under-active Thyroid, so my system runs slower than usual. I am aware that I need good bacteria because it takes a long time for the food in my stomach to digest, and going to the bathroom is not a daily deal for me. The concern I have is will these good bacteria, build up in my system because of the slowness of my body’s system. I am very sensitive to things and am fearful this will cause me problems. I have drank Life-Way Keifer from the store and it seemed to make a difference. Love your advice on this matter. Thanks crystal

  12. I cannot get past the taste of the products, any suggestions for a beginner? I have tried them and made several attempts.

  13. Do you know if kombucha tea is kosher and or halal. I am javing trouble finding this information

    Thanks. Just got you book.

  14. I tried Kombucha twice at home, and had NO luck with it. Also, I brewed my own Kefir from milk, and had great results, however, when I tried eliminating dairy altogether, and switched to water Kefir, the taste left a LOT out!! I haven’t had either in quite a while, but I do purchase KimChi every now and then, and do love it! I’m at a loss as to why my Kombucha tea didn’t ‘process’ correctly. The first time I attempted it, I surmised that it was too cold in my house (NE winters are the worst!!!) so, I tried it again in Summer, on top of the fridge, and still got really crummy results. I gave up on making my own, and went back to store bought items.

  15. Hi Donna. I stumbled onto your website by clicking a link on a Food Matters e-newsletter. I have heard of fermented foods, but never knew they had so many health benefits. I was diagnosed with a systemic yeast infection called Cadidia, and was given a very restrictive diet to follow, plus an antifulgal drug which I really don’t like taking, as it can cause serious liver problems. I was also told to take a probiotic every day. My question is…..would Kefir be helpful for Candidia? And if so, how much Kefir should a person consume in one day? Is it possible to have too much?

  16. Hi Donna, thanks for all your help. Love the trilogy of goodies. One question, do you know if members of the Mormon church drink kombucha?
    A bit of a random question I know but we don’t drink tea of coffee. I have been making kombucha for about 6 months and love it. But not sure if all the tannin from tea is removed? I sure cant taste any even after just a few days of fermenting.
    Also I think the alcohol content would be miniscule. Just wondering if you or any of your members have a comment. Thank you once again.

    • I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Days Saints (the Mormons) and would choose a different tea other than black or green (the same plant). Is rooibos the same plant? I don’t think so. That is what I plan to do with my culture. What other teas can be used? One concern I have is this: the Kombucha starter IS black or green tea, already. Green tea might have been better and I am not sure which one I have. What do you suggest I do?

    • I am a Latter-Day Saint. I wrestled with the idea of using “tea” to make kombucha at first quite a lot. I talked with my Relief Society president about it. I prayed about it. I have resolved that it is better to consume kombucha which does not resemble the original ingredients, and has numerous health benefits, than to be sick and take prescription drugs which have numerous possible hazardous side effects, and which will almost surely wreak havoc on my digestive and immune systems. I believe our Heavenly Father gave us good minds, and expects us to use wisdom in choosing the foods that will help us to be healthy.

  17. Hi Donna,
    I am having good luck with my cultured vegies and am ready to venture into making my own kifer
    I have ran into a problem tho,I can’t get raw milk here in Oregon, can I still use grass fed regular cow milk(homogenized) with the kiefer starter and/or grains (will both) work with homgenized milk?
    Thanks a million,
    Karla the garkic lady lol

    ps. my ginger garlic krout turned out sooo good, thank you.

  18. Donna, I am Gina’s mother. I had never heard of cultured foods until I saw about your book on facebook and wondered if you were Ron’s wife. When I saw “Maci” mentioned then I knew you were. How can I find out about classes and all other kinds of information–from the very simplest to more complex.
    I am completely ignorant about cultured foods.

    • Hi Evelene,
      Yes, I am Ron’s wife and how are you? The easiest way to start is with my free ebook or come to a class and I am adding three new classes this next week. You can also find my classes under the events tab on http://www.culturedfoodlife.com, but if you get the free ebook you will get an email when I add the classes to my site. It’s free simple to make these foods but to most, it is new. The next class is in Shawnee Mission Kansas on September 8th and I will be posting soon.

  19. So would you recommend Kombucha over Water Kefir – I stopped making Kombuccha because my husband got Kidney stones and the Dr said not to drink tea so he has been having Kefir – do you know if Kombuccha is still ok to have if you have kidney stones? Thank you as I am really interested to know as I miss my Kombuccha but I get too much drink made if I make both.

    • I do recommend kombucha over water kefir. It has more benefits. I do know a lot of people who were helped with kombucha and helped them to keep kidney stones at bay.

  20. Donna

    I was wondering why you don’t take a rolled up cabbage leaf on top of the veggies in order to keep them submerged??? I think I read that method on body ecology Thank you!

  21. I have been following your site for months now and love milk kefir and kombucha but I am having a real battle to get a successful batch fermented in winter temperatures. Do you have any tips to speed up fermentation without doing damage to the cultures on winter days?

  22. Hi Donna, thank you for all the information and encouragement. I drink kefir on a regular basis and trying to make fermented veges more often (btw, loved the carrots and jalapeno combo). However, every time I start drinking kombucha I get a tremendous headache after about 3-4 days. I start off slow (approx. 1/2 cup) and, no, it has fermented long enough so that it’s not overly sweet (8-14 days depending on the weather). Yes, I understand it may be the die off, however how do I incorporate this into my daily routine, i.e., drink it less often, start with a lesser amount, maybe should be more on the vinegar side?

    • Yes you should, “drink it less often, start with a lesser amount” But don’t let it get to vinegary the benefits lessen when you do. She you already knew what to do! Your question was full of your own wisdom.

  23. You often refer to milk kefir but I would like to know if water kefir is as beneficial. I prefer it over the milk kefir.

      • To add on to her question, using a non-dairy milk, such as almond or coconut– are they as beneficial as dairy milk or at the same level of benefits with water kefir? My son has dairy allergies and I had done water kefir before, but was thinking to switch to coconut or almond milk kefir. And follow-up question (sorry!), is it ok to use store-bought coconut/almond milk or does it need to be homemade?
        Thank you!

        • The benefits with no dairy kefir are equal to non-milk dairy and the benefits are much greater than water kefir. I highly recommenced it over water kefir because of the amount of good bacteria’s in milk kefir. It does not need to be homemade coconut/almond milk. Store bought or canned works too.

  24. I would like to know your advice onstarting these foods while pregnant. I have thought about cultured foods for awhile for my family and I. However, I know there is so much that can go into it, and theee can be a right and wring way to do it. I have done kefir before but unfortunately my grain ended up not being used so I no longer have it (my family didnt enjoy it as much as me making yogurt).

    During this pregnancy (my 4th), I have had to cut back on fiods I normally eat to try and combat the VERY bad indigestion i have been getting that seems to belring on vomiting and more at times. I have never experienced this before. I won’t bore u with more details. Just wanted to know what you thought. AND besides sauerkraut (which I nore my family love), what easy and inexpensive veggies would you recommend to begin culturing. Thank you.

  25. Thx so much for your book.
    I have fructose malabsorption and can’t consume the fermented cabbage. I’m unsure if its the cabbage or juice or both.

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