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Will Eating Probiotic Foods Make Any Difference?

Building Up The Good Bacteria

Your 100 Trillion Bacteria

jars copyMost of you don't know what processes are actually happening inside of you every day. There are microorganisms everywhere and you can't see them, but they are inhabiting you and everything else. You are 100 trillion cells of bacteria. Do you know how much that is? To get a point of reference, you could take canning jars and line them up to span 14,000 miles - that is 1 trillion glass jars. This is roughly the distance from my home (Kansas City) in the middle of America to Beijing, China – and back. Now do that 100 times and you have 100 trillion.

This is hard to comprehend, that we are essentially sacks of bacteria. Bacteria outnumber the cells in our body ten to one, and yet it seems the main thing you hear about is how to destroy bacteria. Antibacterial soaps and dispensers are everywhere. Antibiotics are plentiful and used regularly by most people with the thinking that there will be no negative consequences to killing both the good and the bad bacteria inside of them. Don't get me wrong, there are times when antibiotics are needed and should be used, but this should be infrequent and as little as possible so that we don't kill the good bacteria that protect us. The more good bacteria you have, the less sickness and disease you will experience. It's designed this way to help keep you healthy. Although antibiotics can be effective in ridding us of harmful bacteria, if we don't rebuild the good bacteria that we also kill with the antibiotics, we will find ourselves in a vicious cycle of having to take antibiotics regularly - thus causing more sickness and disease instead of less. Building up the good bacteria will protect us from getting sick, and wellness will be the norm.

We Are 100 Trillion Bacteria And 99% Are Harmless

Probiotic benefitsIf we are 100 trillion bacteria and 99% are harmless, or good bacteria, don't you think we should be paying attention to the things they do? And why not eat foods that make them grow and multiply and become stronger? Probiotic foods just make sense. Build up the bacteria and make it strong and mighty, then you and your 100 trillion bacteria will be a force to be reckoned with. A study called the Belly Button Biodiversity Project at North Carolina State University found about 1,400 different strains of bacteria living in the navels of 95 participants. Of these, 662 strains were previously unrecognized.That's a lot of different strains of bacteria living in and on you, and this is why I recommend eating different types of cultured foods that supply different strains of bacteria.

I eat The Trilogy every day which has many strains of good bacteria. These different bacteria work together and when I eat them on a regular basis I thrive. To find out more about these foods, you can read here: Three Foods That Will Change Your Life. ~The Trilogy

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Bacteria Work With Purpose And Direction

Bacteria are intelligent and have a complex system of chemical “signals” that go both within and among bacteria, helping them decide what to do and how to act. In the April issue of the journal Trends in Microbiology, Klaas J. Hellingwerf found that the bacterial system contains all the important features that make neural networks function, leading to the idea that the bacteria have “a minimal form of intelligence." For instance, some strains of bacteria commit suicide when infected by a virus, thereby protecting their bacterial neighbors from infection. Bacteria cooperate: they can group together to take on tasks that would be difficult, or impossible, for one to handle alone. A single bacteria can contain dozens of such systems operating at the same time for different purposes.

So, why should we eat more probiotic foods, and will it make any difference?

You and your bacteria are co-creators in this life and should be best friends. We need good bacteria to digest food, to synthesize certain vitamins, and to form a barricade against disease-causing bacteria. But this is just the beginning of understanding what they can do. They are now saying bacteria control our weight and brain chemistry, and the list keeps growing.

When I started to consume these foods, I got better. Not just better . . . I went from really sick with diabetes, high blood pressure, and chronic inflammation to feeling like I was aging backward. Everything started working better. My brain was clearer, my emotions were enhanced, my joint pain was gone, allergies got better, serotonin produced feelings of well-being - and sadness and despair . . . gone. Oh, how I love these foods because they brought me here.

You don't have to believe me, just open your mind to the fact that there is something living inside of you by the trillions that is trying to help you. Don't kill it! Feed it probiotic foods and watch it grow and thrive. Get to know the bacteria inside of you and they will change not only your digestion and stomach problems, but you will see improvement in so many other health issues as well. They will convince you of their power and then you will know for yourself. You're so much more than flesh and bones. You're mostly bacteria - the good kind. Get to know your bacteria and become friends. They have always been there, helping you twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. They don't get weekends or vacations, they slave away night and day assisting the numerous processes in your body. They can make you well. It's their job, but they need your help. They'll be your very best friends.

Check out this link to get started with cultured foods.

 20 Easy Ways to Get Cultured!

Welcome to the world of good bacteria and probiotic foods. We have been waiting for you . . .  Donna

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