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I Want to Get Cultured —Where Do I Start?


I Want to Get Cultured —Where Do I Start?

Do you want to change your life and feel better? Here’s the truth. I have tons of resources to help you. You can find everything you need on my site to get started, and that information is free. I have other resources that I sell to expand and help you grow, but everything you need to get started and get well is right here at your fingertips – and it’s free. Let me show you where you can find it, and let’s get you well – deal?

Passion Kombucha

It’s not hard, it’s just new

I’m trying with all my heart to help you and honestly, I’ll keep trying to think of more ways to make this easy and accessible. I’m afraid you think it’s too hard. I promise you it’s not, it’s just new to you and I’m here if you need help. I worked out all the kinks and got rid of all the crazy intense stuff other people tell you that you must do, cause quite frankly, I’ve been doing this fifteen years and I’m really good at it. Quit listening to people who make this hard, because it’s not. They’re just trying to scare you and create blogs that drive traffic to their site. I’m never going to tell you to do something I don’t do. I want my site to be the place where you can learn easily. I no longer put ads on my site because they clog up my message and make it hard for you. There’s got to be a better way than having ads everywhere. So this is what I believe. If I bring value to your life, then it always finds a way to come back to me. What you put out is what you get back. We all win!

Kefir and Kombucha

Resistance is futile

Hang out with me, read my blogs and Facebook posts, and I’ll convince you sooner or later – it’s just inevitable. I believe in the power of these foods to heal you and make you well because I’ve lived it. I hope I haunt your dreams, and I hope cultured foods start popping up everywhere in your line of sight, and then maybe you will say . . . “Okay, resistance is futile, I’m ready.” And then hang on to your hat cause your life is gonna change. Wellness is so crazy addictive, you’ll be hooked on the best drug ever.


If you want to make kefir, kombucha, and cultured veggies but you don’t know where to start, I have lots of options 

Here’s a video we made to show you some of the stuff we offer!

The Free Stuff!

Getting Started Guide eBook

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It contains step by step instructions on how to make kefir, kombucha, and cultured vegetables.

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Videos, pictures, and step-by-step guides

Are you a visual learner? I have free videos you can watch and I have step-by-step pictures as well.

How to Make Kefir

How to Make Kombucha

How to Make Veggies


Do you need cultures? I sell them in my store, and I also have some resources where you can find shared cultures.

My Store (USA Only):

Donna's Cultures

Live outside the USA? Here are other places to get Cultures:

Other Cultures

Water Kefir Crystals Kit


Do you need recipes? I have hundreds of cultured food recipes on my website and you can find many more on my Biotic Pro membership site.

Carrot Recipe Grid

Health Articles

Do you want to read more about health topics and cultured foods? I have so many posts - close to 300!

When did I write all of these?!

Blogs about Wellness copy

Places to connect

I have a Facebook page where I post every day to share with you things I've learned. You can also find me on Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest.


That's not all! I also have my own Podcast!

Now you can tune in and listen to my weekly Cultured Food Life Podcast. It's free for everyone to listen and subscribe

Cultured Food Life Podcast

Do you want to learn even more?

Here are some things I sell that support me and my team. It’s what allows us to give you everything I mentioned above for free. I offer lots of extras to help you, which in turn allows me and others to work on this website full time. It’s our job and I can’t think of a better way to make a living.

Biotic Pro Membership

My Books


Do you like to read and learn? I have three books with everything you need plus lots of gifts to help you.

Cultured Food in a Jar Best Seller

Cultured Food in a Jar — my new book!

This is my favorite book to date! It has over 100 recipes - all made in a jar. It has what you need to get started making cultured foods and lots of recipes to help you live a cultured life. Check out the free gifts when your order early.

Click to Learn More about Cultured Food In a Jar 

Cultured Food for Health Best Seller

Cultured Food for Health

This book has over 100 new recipes and a 21-day guide that you can download and includes a shopping list to get you started. It also shares the stories of many people who have conquered health ailments utilizing cultured foods, as well as the science behind the integration of cultured foods with these ailments.

Click to Learn More about Cultured Food for Health

Cultured Food for Life Best Seller

Cultured Food for Life

My first book has over 130 recipes plus all the resources and instructions to make kefir, kombucha, and cultured veggies. I tell you my story and talk about others who were healed utilizing the benefits of cultured foods.

Click to Learn More about Cultured Food for Life

Live Classes

I love teaching live classes! They are super fun and they're one of the most effective ways to learn. Check out my events page for upcoming classes

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It’s all here for you

Hang out with me

It's all here for you and always has been. Maybe you just didn't realize it. Okay, that's all I can think of at the moment and now I'm kind of tired after looking at all of this. When in heaven's name did I do all this? It didn't feel so much like work, it just felt like something I couldn't stop myself from doing. There's always more to come. I can't stop until everybody knows what cultured foods can do.  Somebody had to love bacteria, and I'm so thankful they chose to love me back. Now they're choosing you, all 100 trillion of these microbes that inhabit the body known as you. Can you hear them calling you? Feed them, nurture them, and watch them change your life.

Welcome to the world of bacteria . . . we've been waiting for you.

10 Responses to "I Want to Get Cultured —Where Do I Start?"
  1. I have finally mastered kombutcha and kefir thanks to the information from your site. I even made kefir cream cheese which is really quite simple. Now I don’t buy store bought cream cheese with all the questionable ingredients. Donna keep up the good work

  2. Hi. I’m trying to learn all I can and really want it to seem not too complicated to add into real life. I am definitely a visual, take you by the hand and do it with me kind of learner. I was excited to see you said you have free videos and pictures for making kefir, kombucha, and cultured veggies. However, when you click on them it takes you to a page where when you click to watch the video says you have to be a member. Can you help me find the free videos you referenced? Thanks.

    • Hi Karin, sorry about that! It looks like the kefir video linked to our membership site. I got it fixed now, so you should be able to watch it. The other two videos, kombucha and cultured veggies are working correctly.

  3. Thank you for making your information free, easy to understand, and your blog ad free! I have learnt a lot. You’re right, other sources can make cultured foods look scary but you make it look like a normal, simple part of every day life! Thank you! !

  4. I have cultured vegetables, using whey from kefir cultured milk. I have been diagnosed with SIBO – should they still be safe? Not drinking much fermented milk at present because the GI doctor said I have almost no lactase.

  5. What is the recipe of the cultured food shown at the beginning of this blog 1/31/16? It has tomatoes?, basil, cinnamon stick, it looks delish.

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