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Best of Cultured Food Life 2022: Our Top Articles!

By Donna Schwenk / December 31, 2022

Good Tidings of Comfort and Joy!  Our Most Popular Articles of 2022 This has been a very special year for me. I’ve been eating cultured foods for over years and I never expected new cultures with special species to come into my life and create such joy, wellness, and challenges. With the addition of L.…

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The X Factor Vitamin In Cheese

By Donna Schwenk / November 19, 2022

Raw Milk Cheese The rewards of making your own cheese are by far worth the effort, and it’s easier than you may think. It is thought that cheese was first discovered around 8,000 BC. Milk curds were strained and salt was added to help with preservation. This gave birth to what we now know as…

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Jicama if You’re Sicka-ma! 📹 Video

By Donna Schwenk / November 5, 2022

If you are looking for an easy cultured veggie that your family will love, then you have to try Jicama if You’re Sicka-ma. […]

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How to Make Yogurt with Lactobacillus Gasseri

By Donna Schwenk / October 29, 2022

The Microbe L. Gasseri Lactobacillus gasseri (L. gasseri) is a very important microbe that lives in the genital, urinary, and digestive systems of the body. It also has the special ability to live in the upper gastrointestinal area similar to Lactobacillus reuteri (L. reuteri).  L. gasseri is also believed to offer other specific health benefits.…

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Eczema and Probiotic Foods

By Donna Schwenk / October 15, 2022

Skin Problems What’s Going on Inside Eczema is a skin condition that causes itchy, red patches on different locations of the body and affects over 30 million people, especially children between the ages of one and five. The standard treatment is steroidal creams, corticosteroids, or antihistamines but this does not address the underlying cause of…

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Healing From Food Allergies

By Donna Schwenk / October 1, 2022

“We cannot teach people anything; we can only help them discover it within themselves.” ~Galileo Galilei It was early 2002, and my sixteen-year-old daughter climbed out of bed and stumbled into the kitchen. “How do you feel this morning?” I asked. Her response broke me. “I never feel good anymore mom. I feel bad all…

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Make Probiotic Cottage Cheese With Yogurt or Kefir

By Donna Schwenk / September 3, 2022

Cottage Cheese with probiotics I love cottage cheese but I didn’t always love this soft cheese. I used to think it was awful as a kid and wouldn’t touch it. Then when I got older, I started making it myself after a good friend who had a raw milk dairy farm showed me how to…

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Fermented Probiotic Salsa Recipes

By Donna Schwenk / August 27, 2022

Fermented Salsa Salsa is one of the easiest ways to get in your fermented vegetables. It is super easy to make, everybody will enjoy it, and most will never know it is filled with billions of probiotics. I basically throw all the veggies in a blender, pour them into a jar, add a culture, let…

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Cultured Veggies ~ Saving Lives

By Donna Schwenk / August 20, 2022

Forget everything you think you know about vegetables and let me tell you what happens when you culture them. Grow your own probiotics in a jar of vegetables, and you’ll be shocked and amazed at all they can do. I feel like I’ve been standing on the top of a mountain singing the praises of…

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Living Longer on Yogurt and Kefir

By Donna Schwenk / April 9, 2022

Yogurt And Kefir Yogurt and Bifidobacterium I love to eat and make kefir as well as yogurt. Lately, I’ve had yogurt turn my world upside down. I love kefir with every fiber of my being and have it every day, but there were bacterial strains that kefir didn’t have that I wanted. Bifidobacteria is a…

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L. Reuteri — The Bacteria You’re Missing and the Superfood Yogurt I Love!

By Donna Schwenk / March 12, 2022

The Journey – Finding answers Before refrigeration in 1927, everybody fermented their food. It was what people did to keep their foods safe and preserved. They would ferment their milk and their vegetables. They also made drinks teeming with good yeasts and bacteria – water could be risky since it wasn’t always clean. They would…

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HMOs and Bifidobacterium — Why They’re So Important For Your Gut

By Donna Schwenk / November 6, 2021

One of the most important Bacteria In Your Gut For years I’ve been looking for a way to increase Bifidobacterium. I’ve been wanting to discuss this all-important gut bacteria, but first I wanted to figure out how to significantly produce more of it since it diminishes with age. The more Bifidobacterium you have, the more…

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