Best of 2021

Best of Cultured Food Life 2021: Our Top Articles!

By Donna Schwenk / December 25, 2021

Good Tidings of Comfort and Joy!  Our Most Popular Articles of 2021  I’m chasing a feeling when I cook, write blogs, come up with recipes, and even when I eat…

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HMOs and Bifidobacterium — Why They’re So Important For Your Gut

By Donna Schwenk / November 6, 2021

One of the most important Bacteria In Your Gut For years I’ve been looking for a way to increase Bifidobacterium. I’ve been wanting to discuss this all-important gut bacteria, but…

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Resistant Starch — The Key To Extraordinary Health Benefits

By Donna Schwenk / September 4, 2021

Feed those Microbes and watch what Happens I’m constantly learning new things about the benefits of bacteria but especially what feeds these tiny microbes that keep us healthy and thriving.…

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Your Microbes Love Coffee Just As Much As You Do

By Donna Schwenk / August 21, 2021

I love coffee, and I drink a cup every day. Some believe it’s not good for you, but I’ve gotten so many benefits from it that I just knew this couldn’t possibly be true. I have a philosophy about the foods I eat. If I eat or drink something that I know is bad for me, I can never get a positive result from it. […]

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The Probiotic Superstar in Cultured Veggies

By Donna Schwenk / June 19, 2021

I have been getting a lot of letters asking if you can ferment vegetables with water kefir or kombucha. You can ferment vegetables with these two different cultures, but the vegetables tend to get mushy and don’t last very long. […]

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Why You Should Be Growing and Eating Sprouts In a Jar

By Donna Schwenk / May 22, 2021

Fermenting, sprouting, and soaking are all ways I enhance my food. These are the heroes that help me stay healthy in spite of all that seems to tell me I need to fear aging and all the disease that could come my way. I believe so firmly in wellness that nobody can convince me otherwise. […]

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Seven Healthy Reasons I Love Dates

By Donna Schwenk / May 8, 2021

It’s Mother’s Day and I’m thinking about my mom who lives 2,637 miles away from me in Leesburg, Virginia. My mom loves, loves dates so this blog is for her. […]

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6 Ginger Sodas That Can Do Amazing Things

By Donna Schwenk / February 27, 2021

Pain touches everyone in some way; and when this happens, all of us reach for something that we believe will help us. The older I get, the more I find that every ounce of pain is here to teach me something. […]

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Are You Getting Enough of This Powerful Protein?

By Donna Schwenk / February 20, 2021

I have used bone broths and collagen as a form of natural healing in my life and in the lives of my family members. The older I get, the more I find how essential these foods are to my body. […]

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Reasons And Recipes To Have More Miso

By Donna Schwenk / January 16, 2021

When people think of miso, they mostly think of miso soup, but it is so much more. It has an incredible microbial makeup and is a nutritional powerhouse and is so simple to make and use in recipes that I’ve found myself making and consuming it almost every day. […]

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H. Pylori and Fermented Foods

By Donna Schwenk / January 9, 2021

Last October, someone asked a question on my forum.

“Hi! I am a new member, diagnosed with H. Pylori bacteria in July, currently on my second round of tough antibiotics. […]

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Why and How You Should Soak Your Beans, Nuts, Seeds, and Grains

By Donna Schwenk / November 14, 2020

More and more people are eating raw and unprocessed whole foods which is a good thing – unless they’re loaded with enzyme inhibitors and phytates. […]

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