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A lot of suffering in this world comes from the fear of discomfort. In my own personal life, pain has come to teach me things and get me to change. I resisted it, fought it, and finally changed when I could do nothing else. When it came in a health crisis in 2001 and I found myself in sickness and despair, and watching my family suffer too, I decided to change what we ate. It was probiotic foods that showed up to help me and quite literally gave me my life back in a way I could have never imagined.

Eight years later, I found myself in a financial crisis. We thought we were going to lose our house. They were getting ready to put our house on the auction block on my 50th birthday, and I felt my world crumble. My dad had died that year and everybody around me was in so much pain, and I started searching my soul. Did I have faith, and did I really live the things I said to people? It shook me to my core and it was then that I started teaching classes and writing blogs and books. I remember trembling when I first started to write my first book. I felt so inadequate, and yet something inside kept telling me to do it. Helping people made me feel better and although it didn’t help us financially, it was all that I knew to do. I had to find a way to distract myself from the pain. Consequently, everything in my life began to reverse itself. Miraculously we didn’t lose our home and I had more miracles at that time in my life than I can count. People flooded into my life to help me and finances reversed and I am so thankful for that pain that made me shake inside, but made me change my life.

You can control what you put in your mouth

We don’t always need pain to make us change, but I might be more stubborn than you so I needed discomfort to wake me up and make me change. So many circumstances in our life often seem out of our control, but you can control what you put in your mouth. This is where it all began for me.

I heard  best-selling author Christiane Northrup, M.D., say that health is contagious. She went on to say that they’ve done studies that showed that you getting healthy has a 4 fold effect on others. People notice and then they want to get healthy, too, and they tell their friends, and it starts to spread like wildfire. Have you seen so and so, they look fantastic!

Fixing your gut — fixing your life

But this isn’t just about food and fixing your gut; it’s about fixing your life. When you feel good, you see the world differently. When you’re healthy, you act differently. When you’re no longer ill, you can check things like these off your list:

  • Time off from work to care for sick kids
  • High health insurance costs
  • Regular doctor visits from constant illnesses

Cultured Veggies!

In the fourth video in my free video series, I teach you one more aspect of the trilogy of cultured foods, cultured vegetables. I’m just going to sum up some benefits on why people have been making and consuming cultured vegetables for centuries:

  • The good bacteria help calm down stomach distress
  • They are jam packed with vitamin C (600 – 700 mg per cup)
  • They help get rid of food poisoning
  • When used in conjunction with kefir and kombucha tea, they have healed many illnesses and allergies
  • And much more!

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