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The Healing Power of Cultured Foods


I filmed this free video series to help you discover the power of cultured foods. Its one of the best ways I know that will help you understand the power that lays inside of you. You’re equipped with trillions of powerful microbes that keep you well and when you harness their power you thrive like never before. Look at your body – do you see them? These microbes, invisible to the human eye are a mighty force in your life. Let me help you understand what they can do.

Are you still on the fence about whether to start eating cultured foods? You shouldn’t be! Through my initial discovery of kefir, I was given a new chance at life. My high blood pressure was reduced, and my blood sugar dropped into normal range.
By regularly eating kefir, I transformed not only my own health but also the health of my prematurely born daughter—and eventually my entire family.

Since then I’ve gone on to teach thousands about cultured foods, bearing witness to their individual healings on my radio show, through emails, at my classes, and through social media – but I’m getting ahead of the story. Check out this video. It’s the first of a free series I made that talk about this journey I started over a decade ago.

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Kefir in every cupboard – this is my motto. Kefir was the key drink that led to my personal healing and it has a special place in my heart. When something makes you and your family well, you stop and take notice. It is my favorite cultured food and personal angel sent to me just when I needed it most.

Kefir is a delicious fermented yogurt-type drink that contains more than 50 strains of bacteria and yeast to help rebalance your gut and transform your health.

Let me teach in this video how to make Easy Kefir. It’s so easy to do, you can make it in 24 hours with only 2 items! Check out my video now below.

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There is nothing I like more than talking to people about how they can use food as medicine. So today I want to share with you just what I did that has helped so many. Cultured foods help replenish the good bacteria in your gut in a powerful way.

Click on the video to hear how kombucha can help anyone heal their gut. It’s the special probiotic yeast in this tea that helps digestive issues, bowel disorders, and even allergies. The yeast is so powerful (and abundant) in kombucha, and it can’t be killed with antibiotics.

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In this video, I teach you one more aspect of the trilogy of cultured foods: cultured vegetables. I’m just going to sum up some benefits on why people have been making and consuming cultured vegetables for centuries:

  • The good bacteria help calm down stomach distress
  • They are jam packed with vitamin C (600 – 700 mg per cup)
  • They help get rid of food poisoning
  • When used in conjunction with kefir and kombucha tea, they have healed many illnesses and allergies
  • And much more!

The Probiotic Powerhouse

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