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Video: Is Your Kefir Separating?


Video: Is Your Kefir Separating?

Try to understand your kefir. If you pay really close attention, the billions of organisms will transform your food and then transform you.

Kefir Separating

Is your kefir separating into whey and curds? Is your kefir thin and runny? Most of the time this is because it is over fermenting and you need to add more milk or remove some of the grains. It also might be warm in your home and this will make it separate faster as well. Either way, it’s hard to explain and understand, so here is a video to help you see what is actually happening.

If kefir over ferments it can separate into whey and curds and thats okay! Even if it does separate, it’s not a bad thing. You can still make it into a smoothie or include it in a recipe.  Here are a couple of articles that have all kinds of tips to help you if your kefir is too sour or too thin, or you want to make your kefir creamy again.

Make Your Kefir Creamy

Help My Kefir is Too Sour!

Thick and Thin of Kefir

22 Responses to "Video: Is Your Kefir Separating?"
  1. My mother would like to start on cow’s milk kefir unfortunately where she lives only pasteurised and homogenised milk is available.
    She is unhappy about using homogenised milk.
    She is a very healthy person, age 87 , no vascular health issues except mild high blood pressure for what she takes a low dose medication.
    I wonder whether it is worth to make kefir using homogenised milk.
    I suggested to use goat’s milk instead however she dislikes the taste and the very thin consistency.
    Any ideas of how to improve taste and consistency in goat’ s milk kefir and should homogenisation in cow’s milk be avoided.

    • Yes, I think it is worth the effort and I started on pasteurized homogenized milk and kefir adds so many enzymes and add benifits it is worth the effort.
      Goats milk never gets thick like cows milk but tends to make creamy kefir instead.

  2. I can only get pasteurised goat’s milk to make my kefir , will I get a watery kefir or can I still make a smooth drink when using goat’s milk.


  3. I’m not very imaginative I’ve decided 🙁
    I have my kefir culturing away and each morning I strain it, renew it’s milk supply and drink the strained culture. Is this all there is?

  4. After I strain my kefir through a plastic sieve with very small netting it has a “gritty” texture to it. What can I do to get a smooth texture to kefir? Could the strainer be causing the grittiness? Also, I do both first and second ferments with fat free, 2%, and full fat milk, and nothing seems to change the texture. Thank you in advance.

  5. My grains have multiplied and now I have way too many in the jar… probably about 2-3 tablespoons of grains. I plan to share them, but would also like to keep a back up supply. Is there a way to keep them safe without using them immediately? I’m also going to be going away from home for several weeks soon, and would hate to lose what I’ve got.

  6. Hi Donna, I have made some cucumber pickles in Early September. It has been sitting in my fridge after the fermentation was completed. I noticed now there are white slimmy stuff at the bottom of my jar. Could you tell me what is it and is it safe to eat? Thank you for you kindness in answering my question.
    I wish I can send you the photo.

  7. Good question, since moving to a high altitude, my kefir has been less consistent, and often separates. Makes me wonder, because with my no knead bread, I’ve had to reduce the amount of yeast, put it straight in the fridge without proofing it on the counter first, skip the pre bake counter rest, and use the batch in 3 or4 days vs 5 or 6. At this altitude, yeast is more active and can wear out more quickly. I never thought to apply the same logic to my kefir! Makes sense to me, I’m going to try a much shorter ferment!

  8. It is still nutritious if it separates, just more sour????
    Also, my grains are not one big lump but separated and they still make good kefir. Comes for being rushed and handling the grains roughly.

  9. First, let me just say…I just received my kefir grains about two weeks ago so I am really new at this! My grains have grown from the amount that arrived to approx. 3T. I am wondering how thick my kefir should be. The consistency of what I’m make is just slightly thicker than whole milk. I was expecting something a little thicker. Perhaps I am comparing my homemade to the commercial brand that I am used to drinking. As far as taste, it is great! Also, I made my first batch of sourdough waffles today. Loved them. My husband thought they were the best waffles ever. That is saying a lot as we are in our sixties. Thanks for your help!

    • It depends on the type of milk you use as to how thick it can be and kefir is more of a pourable yogurt but in the winter mine can get thick like yogurt due to the cooler temperatures

  10. EXCELLENT VIDEO. I found I was putting too much milk, now using half and half, oh my goodness, its sooooo thick and oh so creamy!!! Thank you Donna, my favorite teacher!!!

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