Video: Is Your Kefir Separating?

Try to understand your kefir. If you pay really close attention, the billions of organisms will transform your food and then transform you.

Kefir Separating

Is your kefir separating into whey and curds? Is your kefir thin and runny? Most of the time this is because it is over fermenting and you need to add more milk or remove some of the grains. It also might be warm in your home and this will make it separate faster as well. Either way, it’s hard to explain and understand, so here is a video to help you see what is actually happening.

If kefir over ferments it can separate into whey and curds and thats okay! Even if it does separate, it’s not a bad thing. You can still make it into a smoothie or include it in a recipe.  Here are a couple of articles that have all kinds of tips to help you if your kefir is too sour or too thin, or you want to make your kefir creamy again.

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