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I Was Lost, Until I Did This . . .


I Was Lost, Until I Did This . . .


“Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.”

Thomas A. Edison

“How do I apply all this cultured food stuff to my life? Where and how do I get started?” This is something that I hear quite often. People want to change their life and feel better but don’t know where to start. What makes people change their lives while others stay stuck in old patterns that don’t serve them?

I have to share with you what I have discovered and how I have changed my life. Trust me. I was where you are and wanted to change and felt so lost, but didn’t know how or what to do. In the beginning, before I ever found cultured foods, before I ever felt better, when I was so sick I could barely get off the couch, I did just one thing.

I Did Just One Thing


I told myself over and over again that the answers would come to me.

Whenever I felt despair, I would do this. I turned my mind and focus towards looking for the solution, and I hoped and prayed that the answer would come.

So many times we can get so caught up in the pain of what we are living that we can't see the answers when they present themselves to us. Sometimes you've got to look inside and find your own way out. So day after day I repeated: "The answers will come. I was not meant to live this way. It will come. It will come. Soon I'll find the answers I can use." If you are certain your life won't change, you are right and I can't convince you. However, if I can give you just an inkling of hope, a mustard seed of faith, it can transform your health and change your life.

The answers did come. They came so swiftly and changed me so dramatically that it completely transformed my life. I did simple and small things at first. Then the ball started rolling and I got better and better until I didn't even recognize my life. I just had to take the first step and trust and believe that I would be guided.

Kimchi and Cheese

This is how change begins, with the strong desire to want change. Then you must turn your mind to look for the solution and look away from the pain of what you are living. Then the answers you are seeking will start to come to you.

Here is the other thing I know for sure: When you physically feel better, your life changes. Period. It just has to. When you feel alive inside emotionally, life appears different. You can handle challenges and difficulties with a lot more grace. Suddenly, taking a walk seems like fun, not drudgery. When you start to physically feel better, everything gets better. Let me tell you that you can not afford to not feel good. You are missing out on your life.

I know cultured foods can help you feel better. If you don't believe me, check out my Lives Touched page and read the stories.

So let me give you some steps to help you get started. (Click on each step below)

Hope For Healing

If you will just try cultured foods, you will see what so many of us are talking about. These foods work because you are made up of the foods you eat. These foods enhance what is already alive and working inside you: The millions of processes that are going on without your awareness, but long to work in harmony with you. Your body is your home that needs your help. You will feel it. You will become alive inside and that will reflect on the outside in a powerful way.

It is so wonderful to me. Out of all I went through, I came out on the other side and am able help others find it as well. It makes the pain so sweet. It can happen to you too. Just you wait and see.

“If you want to succeed, you have to try and I will help you.”Donna

41 Responses to "I Was Lost, Until I Did This . . ."
  1. Are you putting them in cows milk or coconut milk? They don’t grow in coconut milk. You can also pull the grains apart so they won’t just get bigger they will also divide easier.

  2. I just started making kefir from your packaged starter. It gets to the consistency of buttermilk and tastes just like buttermilk. Am I missing something?

  3. Donna, I got some kefir grains from you about a month ago and I am having fun learning something that is totally new to me. I have a few question that I am wondering if you could help me out with.
    I seem to be having heartburn sometimes at night that I never use to have. Could the kefir be doing something that is bringing this on?
    My kefir is not getting thick. Most often I use common 2% milk from the grocery store, but I have also used whole organic milk with the cream that comes to the top. It is cultured, but not thick and creamy. Letting it sit out longer just causes it to separate.
    Can I use chocolate milk to make kefir for my grandkids?
    I appreciate any help you can give me.

  4. Donna, I am so glad to have read your article today, simple and powerful. I truly feel your lost and found, as it is exactly how I feel now – lost. Thank you for your inspiration, I am now to be – found.

  5. For all who are giving up sugar does that mean fruits to I’ve gone gluten free but still have to little sugar addiction issue, I don’t usually eat a lot, but once in awhile I go wacko for sugar, I’m post menopausal, so I can’t blame it on that. I have always taken probiotics but am starting to make my own kombucha, I can’t afford to buy it, but I seem to feel kinda sickly for a short time after I drink it, I’m sure it’s the yeast die off, and then I use my EO and start to feel better but now the more I read the more I think I’m shooting myself in the foot by eating sugar, I’m getting much healthier than I was even a year ago, and I think sugar is my next step, just don’t tell me I have to give up fruit, one reason is I have no teeth(or replacements) and most veggies are hard to eat unless I puree them into smoothies and I like to sink my gums(not teeth) into things drinking them is not the same, and most fruits are soft enough I can do that, and I admit I like the sweet taste.

  6. Hi Donna…..
    My kefir is going great……I drink about a litre a day………the knombucha is still doing it’s thing……quite a few people getting into it here in Australia
    but my cultured veges..?? how do I know if they’e finished their fermenting period before I put them in the fridge….there’s a few bubbles stillI can see…maybe I put in too much salt?…about 3 tblsps for 5 pounds veges…and a good lot of kefir whey,. I don’t want to eat it if it’s not going to doing me the goood service, even tho it tastes good…..
    any thoughts…ta…SenorB

  7. Hi Donna,
    I’ve been using my homemade kefir now for about 3 months and I’ve had only one small bout of diverticulitis. I am going to be flying soon for a two week trip. I was wondering if you have any suggestions about how I can take some of my kefir grains with me.
    Thank you

  8. I thank God everyday that I was led to Donna’s website! I have gastrointestinal problems and recently had to have my gallbladder removed which seemed to make matters worse. I am making and drinking kefir everyday now and my gut is getting better and better everyday. Can’t wait to begin eating cultured veggies and making kombucha. Cultured foods work and I am blessed to have found them…thanks Donna!!

  9. Hi Donna,

    I am a probiotic member and I love your videos! They help immensely when I try many of the recipes in your book for the first time.

    I am sort of at a crossroads. I have had ALCAT allergy testing done twice. First is Sept. 2013 and then again in April 2014. I attempted to reduced/remove all the foods that were problematic from Sept (while also adding cultured veggies). My results in April were actually worse – I now have more foods that I am sensitive to. I know you mentioned that your daughter had many food sensitivities – how did you know? Just by how she felt?

    I have thought about following your recommendations for candida (reduce all sugars to 0, used coconut oil, breakfast – lemon kefir smoothly, lunch – cultured veggies , soup, sprouted chips, and kombusha, dinner – huge salad with protein and kombusha) for a week or so and then adding foods back in slowly over the next several weeks to see if anything has changed. I have over 30 foods I am severely/moderately sensitive too which doesn’t leave much.

    What are your thoughts? Thank you for all that you do!

    • You might need some extra enzymes while you are healing. It kind of can be a disruption in your system as your body removes pathogens and bad bacteria and candida. I think that a couple things you can try that would really help you are digestive enzymes and a pre biotic called Ecobloom.I have these products in my store and they are by Body Ecology. I am finding that feeding the good bacteria things it likes is quite helpful. Either one of these would help but you can also buy some enzymes at the health food store locally. Don’t give up things can look worse as your body starts to heal. You have added a lot of good bacteria and your body is proberly re booting things. Here is a blog to help. https://www.culturedfoodlife.com/the-healing-crisis-and-cultured-foods/

  10. Dear Donna:
    Making fermented vegies was not new to me . I just was not eating them several times a day .
    I felt great consuming milk kefir ,and the vegies .
    After about 3 months my body is having a major repulsive reaction,as well as reaction to dairy ,from old child hood experience ,though I used only raw milk .,except to GT kombucha (because I have not mastered that one yet ).
    My gut reaction is that I have flared up candida.I still crave the creme cheese I made ,but dare not have any more . Please help!!
    I love to hear your comments please .

  11. I have begun so I made some krout with red cabbage apple and orange and I juiced the rest of the cabbage to use as the liquid…my first batch is now done and I am eating it and while not fantastic flavour… like Lamb is fantastic flavour (I am counting on it growing on me)…thank you I will be back in touch. I just finished my second batch (green cabbage this time) and it is now fermenting.

  12. I ordered your kefir grains last week – finally! – and am very excited (a little nervous) to get started. Got everything I need. So, I put the grains in a jar, pour milk to about 3/4 way to the top, screw on the lid, not super tight. Then, I wait 24 hours and drain through the plastic spoon to another jar, and put that – my kefir – in the fridge to drink cold? Wash out the old far, put the stuff in the spoon in that, pour in the milk again, and start over? I got it, right?

    Once the weather is hot and humid, is there a chance of the jar exploding? That’s my worry, and since I’m out of the apartment during the day… Also, should I end up with too many grains, is it possible to eat them? I’ve heard of people doing this.

    Thank you! I’m praying this takes care of my post menopausal UTIs.



  13. Hi Donna,
    Where did you get that little green strainer that fits so nicely on top of the jar? That is perfect! Then I wouldn’t have to dirty and extra bowl! Fermented foods are amazing, they give me energy, boost my mood and I cannot live without eating them at least twice a day. I love them so much. Last year on Easter I was riddled with anxiety, my body wasn’t working well and I was so discouraged. I could barely get myself to church. It was awful. I never want to be in that place again. I know that fermented foods have been instrumental in my healing process and today on this Easter I feel alive and like I can handle live. I can commit to events and helping others because I no longer have to worry about not feeling up to it. Thank you so much for your positivity and encouragement, the world needs more of it:)

    • I am so glad you are doing better and thank you for sharing. Hope you had a great Easter!

      I bought that strainer a long time ago and they don’t make that stainer anymore which is disappointing.

  14. Donna, as I was draining my kefir grains to put into jars of coconut milk , I realized I was talking to them..and praising them for doing such a good job. I honestly absolutely love that pile of cheesy looking bacteria! It has more than tripled in size but I can’t bear to throw any out so I just make more and more kefir..lol!
    Thank you for helping me on this most wonderful healing journey.
    I do have one question, I just made a red cabbage, golden beet, ginger & lemon kraut, I let it sit for 8 days but still doesn’t taste very sour like the store bought..I did use a little starter. It’s very good & crunchy just very mild. Is that ok?
    Deb your loyal fan

    • Let it sit out a few more days until it gets more sour, and if you have already put it in the fridge take it out and let it fermetn some more and it will be ok.

  15. You are so inspirational!! So glad I found you … from kefir pudding recipe in KC Star. Made it 3 days ago, but w/plain yogurt I had on hand. Immediate joy just “knowing” I’d found my missing link {long story later}. Got on website…1st one I’ve ever navigated. Then purchased lifeway plain kefir, Synergy kombucha and 2 jars of bubbies veggies, began consuming and KNOW. Anxious to get started making my own under your blessed direction, especially as my fixed retirement budget makes those purchases seem outrageous. 3X?: 1. Can I begin kefir w/your grains and regular $3.50/gal whole milk from Costco, or must I use some other kind.? 2. Can you start veggies in 1qt batch instead of 2? 3. What is the difference between kefir and yogurt? Will kefir become yogurt? THX

      • Some People, Including My Son, React To Foods High In Histamine. He cannot tolerate anything fermented. Perhaps I will experiment with shorter fermentation times.

        • His sensitivity to fermented foods is do to his out of balance gut flora. Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride wrote a book called GAPS(Gut and Psychology Syndrome) that deals with this very issue and how to heal it through dietary change. Go to gaps diet.com for an intro. I have been using this program for over 1 year and love it.

  16. Hi, I would love to start trying some of your Ideas, but living in vanuatu it is hard to get most things, and importing them is Hugh cost, with import taxes and duty taxes. Is there an easy way to start.
    Regards cindy

  17. Donna, I have some very personal questions I want to ask you. Will you please email me or where can I fins your contact info? Thank you. 🙂

  18. Wow! I can’t believe i won! I never win anything! Guess this means I owe you an airplane ride, huh? You’re on!

    Thanks, Donna! I’ve been wanting to try sprouted grains for a long time and this is just perfect!

    Thanks again!


    • Congrads Bruce! Your name was picked, because I picked one day and the first person to sign up that day would be the winner, and it was you! A plane ride would be better than flour to me. Who won here? lol!

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