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Stomach Bug

One morning I woke up hearing voices in the hall. It was my husband and daughter Holli, and I could hear Holli crying. She was throwing up and having diarrhea and was very upset about it. In our family, we are so accustomed to wellness that when someone gets sick, it feels like the world is coming to an end. Holli was pale and holding her stomach and saying it was cramping and begging me to fix it. I did what I do for myself - I gave her a spoonful of cultured veggie juice, a soft pillow and a blanket, a puppy by her side, and then we waited. After about three hours and three spoonfuls of cultured veggie juice, which is the miracle remedy for any kind of stomach bug, she fell asleep on the couch. When she woke up, she was a new kid. She said she felt like herself again and said she was thirsty and hungry. and she wanted to play on her computer.

Knowing this might have been a virus that she picked up from one of her friends who had previously had it, I waited for my favorite part - watching my own body fight it off for me. The next day I heard gurgling in my stomach, I felt slight fatigue for about an hour, and I knew that my body was fighting off the invader. Then nothing much ever happens after that, I just know that my body has taken care of it for me. As crazy as it sounds, I thanked my body for taking care of me again.  And I thanked the trillions of microbes that are my brothers in arms against any sickness or disease I seem to encounter.

We all harbor trillions of diverse groups of microbes that live on us and inside of us. There are microbes that are “permanent residents” and also microbe “tourists” that only stay for a short time. If the population of good bacteria isn’t large enough, then an imbalance can occur. Good bacteria help us in so many ways, by digesting our foods, making vitamins, and by sending signals to our immune system to reduce inflammation when there is something causing distress and flare ups.

Cultured Vegetables for Stomach Problems

Cultured vegetables are extremely effective when dealing with stomach problems. The powerful good bacteria Lactobacillus plantarum, abundant in cultured vegetables, is a powerful force against any foreign invader that is trying to attack your body. L. plantarum was isolated from the traditional African fermented food ben saalga and was tested for inhibition of food poisoning and pathogenic bacteria. L. plantarum completely eliminated Bacillus cereus, Escherichia coli, and Salmonella enterica within a 48 hour incubation period.1

Another study was done on the L. plantarum that is found in kimchi. The antibacterial activities against bacteria that cause food poisoning were examined with a culture using L. plantarum. The antibacterial effects were clearly observed against all the bacteria tested in this work. 2,3

These billions of microbes will fight on your behalf to defeat the enemy and eliminate it from the body. The stories I have witnessed are nothing short of miraculous. On many, many occasions I have used cultured vegetables and their juice to get rid of food poisoning and a nasty stomach virus. It was like injecting some kind of magic tonic that worked so quickly I was shocked. When my children came down with the stomach flu, I gave them small sips of the juice (the juice is just as powerful as the veggies) from cultured veggies and watched as a couple hours later the vomiting and diarrhea and stomach cramps subsided. I have personally seen it knock out food poisoning within a few hours

Mount an Army Inside of Us

One of my favorite things bacteria can do is to mount an army inside of us to fight off pathogens. This army of good bacteria works together in large numbers. These bacteria sense you (the host), decide if they have enough in numbers, begin to dominate (which kills off harmful bugs), find new places to live and reside and they restore order in your gut. Feed this mighty army plenty of prebiotic and probiotic foods, watch it grow and strengthen, and sickness will be a rare event in your house, too. But if you change the course of what you feed the good microbes, or what I call your brothers in arms, they can't do their job as effectively and you will suffer. Sugar can lower your immune system significantly as stated in the famous 1973 study out of Loma Linda University, and if you would like to understand in greater depth how sugar can lower your immunity by 75%, check out this article.

70 Percent Of Your Immune System Is In Your Gut

Most people do not realize that 70 percent of your immune system is located in your digestive tract. The powerful army of good bacteria located in your gut helps develop and operate the mucosal system which aids in the production of antibodies to pathogens invading your body.

Good bacteria train your immune system to distinguish among the good guys and the pathogens and the non-harmful antigens, and then they train them how to respond. This will prevent your immune system from overreacting to non-harmful antigens, which is what happens when your body develops allergies. Your body is overreacting to a substance it shouldn't overreact to and treats it like a foreign invader attacking it, thus creating inflammation throughout the body. Now new studies are finding that a loss of good bacteria is at the basis of food allergies.

A study, published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, has discovered not only a possible cause of food allergies but a probable cure. The team found that young children overexposed to antibiotics were at greater risk of developing food allergies. They were able to identify a naturally-occurring bacteria in the human gut that keeps people from developing food allergies. The bacteria, called Clostridia, is a big class of bacteria that includes hundreds of members. This strain of bacteria diminishes with frequent antibiotic use at a young age — making children more susceptible to food allergies later in life.

Cultured Veggie Juice For What Ails You

Of all the health ailments cultured foods can help with, the one I hear the most about is either food poisoning or stomach virus (Gastroenteritis). I’ve seen it work personally on my family many times. When I started sharing this remedy with my friends, I was overwhelmed with how much it was helping them. It was one of the reasons I finally decided to write a book and start a blog sixteen years ago. People needed to know there was help for them, and it was a simple remedy that they could make in a jar and keep in their refrigerator for many months. I have found nothing more effective then cultured veggies and their juice to stop food poisoning or a stomach virus dead in its tracks. It was the very thing that finally convinced me once and for all that cultured vegetables were powerful medicine. Since then, I have kept them in my fridge at all times.

Check Out My Cultured Veggie Juice Recipe!

Cultured Veggie Juice

This recipe is all about the juice. While you are also making kraut, you’re making only half the amount of vegetables as you normally would—the other half of the jar is a powerful fermented probiotic juice that you can use in myriad ways. Pour off as much as you need and save the rest in with the veggies. You can actually do this with any other cultured vegetables recipes, but this just happens to be my favorite and the one I most often use. I use the juice for anybody who isn't feeling well and needs a shot of probiotics and doesn't want to eat vegetables. One shot of the juice gives your adrenals a huge boost of vitamin C and billions of probiotics. It's just what you need when you feel run down and need a little help. This is wonderful for any kind of sickness be it stomach distress, food poisoning, viruses, colds or flu. A bit of this juice can speed you on your way to healing. I have seen it again and again. Are you having trouble digesting your food? Have a spoonful of this juice. Do you feel a virus coming on? Have a spoonful. How about food poisoning? Nothing works better than cultured veggie juice for this. The billions of microbes work to keep you well and fight pathogens. The large amount of vitamin C gives your immune system the boost it needs to help you heal. It’s just the best medicine I’ve ever found when your stomach is on the brink of despair. Trust me, you’re going to want this in your refrigerator. Take a few gut shots of juice for health and wellness!

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We all harbor trillions of diverse groups of microbes that live on us and inside of us. There are microbes that are “permanent residents” and also microbe “tourists” that only stay for a short time. If the population of good bacteria isn’t large enough, then an imbalance can occur. Listen to learn how you can help your immune system stay strong with good bacteria.

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