Why You Should Be Growing and Eating Sprouts In a Jar

By Donna Schwenk / May 22, 2021

Fermenting, sprouting, and soaking are all ways I enhance my food. These are the heroes that help me stay healthy in spite of all that seems to tell me I need to fear aging and all the disease that could come my way. I believe so firmly in wellness that nobody can convince me otherwise. […]

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Why and How You Should Soak Your Beans, Nuts, Seeds, and Grains

By Donna Schwenk / November 14, 2020

More and more people are eating raw and unprocessed whole foods which is a good thing – unless they’re loaded with enzyme inhibitors and phytates. […]

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Why Sprouted Flour is Better Than Regular Flour

By Donna Schwenk / October 10, 2020

Sprouted flour is made by intentionally soaking and germinating grains and then drying them at specific temperatures and milling them into flour.

While I mostly make bread from my sourdough culture (this also unlocks the nutrients), I make almost all my cookies, muffins, and desserts from sprouted flour. I’ve done this for two decades. […]

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Kombucha Bread and Muffins

By Donna Schwenk / April 11, 2020

Five-Ingredient Bread If you want a fast and easy probiotic bread, then you’re in for a treat with Kombucha Bread. The naturally-occurring carbonation in kombucha will also raise your bread…

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Sprouted Grains FAQs

By Donna Schwenk / January 11, 2010

Frequently Asked Questions About Sprouted Grains No, you shouldn’t use sprouted flour when making sourdough bread. The bacteria in the sourdough starter wants to break down the enzyme inhibitors in…

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