Why You Should Be Growing and Eating Sprouts In a Jar

By Donna Schwenk / May 22, 2021

Fermenting, sprouting, and soaking are all ways I enhance my food. These are the heroes that help me stay healthy in spite of all that seems to tell me I need to fear aging and all the disease that could come my way. I believe so firmly in wellness that nobody can convince me otherwise. […]

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Why and How You Should Soak Your Beans, Nuts, Seeds, and Grains

By Donna Schwenk / November 14, 2020

More and more people are eating raw and unprocessed whole foods which is a good thing – unless they’re loaded with enzyme inhibitors and phytates. […]

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Why Sprouted Flour is Better Than Regular Flour

By Donna Schwenk / October 10, 2020

Sprouted flour is made by intentionally soaking and germinating grains and then drying them at specific temperatures and milling them into flour.

While I mostly make bread from my sourdough culture (this also unlocks the nutrients), I make almost all my cookies, muffins, and desserts from sprouted flour. I’ve done this for two decades. […]

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Kombucha Bread and Muffins

By Donna Schwenk / April 11, 2020

Five-Ingredient Bread If you want a fast and easy probiotic bread, then you’re in for a treat with Kombucha Bread. The naturally-occurring carbonation in kombucha will also raise your bread…

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Sprouted Grains FAQs

By Donna Schwenk / January 11, 2010

Frequently Asked Questions About Sprouted Grains Can I use sprouted flour to make sourdough bread? No, you shouldn’t use sprouted flour when making sourdough bread. The bacteria in the sourdough…

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