5″ Pocket Probe Dial Thermometer

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 5" pocket probe dial thermometer is a must-have tool for any busy kitchen.

This is great for making yogurt and cottage cheese when you need to get the milk to a certain temperature, so it is vital to have a thermometer that you can count on to give an accurate reading fast. This thermometer is a perfect companion to home kitchens because of its portability and ease of use!

1" Dial Display

A 1" dial display lets you easily read temperatures from 50 - 550 degrees Fahrenheit, with +/- 2 degrees of accuracy. The lens is made from polycarbonate to provide protection from drops and impacts, letting it stand up to use in even the busiest kitchens.

5" Stainless Steel Stem

The durable stainless steel stem allows for fast, easy cleaning and ensures that this thermometer will last you a long time. It measures 5" long so that you can penetrate deep into even thick products for an accurate reading.

Plastic Sleeve

The plastic storage sleeve keeps your thermometer clean and ready to use at all times, and limits the risk of accidental cross-contamination. A built-in clip makes it easy to secure to a shirt or a pocket as you move around the kitchen.