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My Grandparents Knew


Grandparent Nutrition

Growing up without cultured foods

My grandparents knew.

They knew the grandkids were eating badly. They fussed at our parents but nobody listened, because the foods we were eating were so addictive. We reasoned that they were the older generation and they were just being cranky. They didn’t like it when we ate sugar-laden cereals for breakfast or soda pop with lunch and dinner. They knew it was bad for us.

I blame it on my microbes

My grandparents lived to be 90 and 94 years old and ate whole, real foods. They instinctively knew that all these new foods in cans and boxes weren’t healthy. Why didn’t we know that? We were seduced by the flashing TV commercials and the sugars, chemicals, and additives included in these foods. So, as a consequence we developed different species of bacteria in our guts that craved these foods and cried for more. Our grandparents never developed these junk food-craving microbes, so they resisted with ease. I disliked my grandma’s carrot salad that she made every Thanksgiving, and I wanted the one with red jello and marshmallows. I blame it on my microbes.

icies copyMy grandpa called my frozen Icees “liquid poison” and shook his head. But we ate them anyway.

My grandma was a nurse, and now I wish I could go back and talk to her. I have memories of things she said and did, and I never paid attention. I remember asking my dad what they ate for dessert growing up and he said, “fruit.” I feel sad I never recognized the importance of what she was doing, and for the way I dismissed the things she said. I had much to learn. I’m sorry, Grandma. You knew!

Throwing out the last box of cereal

I remember the day I threw out the last box of breakfast cereal I would ever buy. It was garbage and I’d had enough. No more pop-tarts or cupcakes masquerading as muffins. I started making smoothies instead. It wasn’t easy, since we craved those cereals and muffins, but I was determined to not spend another dime on junk food cereal. We felt infinitely better! That was the beginning, and 14 years later I still make my kefir smoothies. My body and microbes now demand it. Fresh fruits with kefir blended together – breakfast of champions!

Hopefully, my grandkids won’t think I’m weird or cranky. Maybe they will ask me how I lived to be 100, and I will share what I have learned and let them choose to carry on the legacy. I hope they will listen, because I now know that . . . mistakes are meant for learning, not repeating.

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Pina Colada Kefir Smoothie
I love to top this with fresh coconut. Toasting the coconut is even more tasty, but I never do this. I'm always in a hurry and hungry and can hardly wait to eat this yummy smoothie. If you don't have coconut kefir, no worries. Use regular kefir and add some extra shredded coconut to the smoothie.~Donna
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  1. Blend all ingredients together until well combined. Add ice for an extra thick delight!
  2. Sprinkle with coconut, an extra slice of pineapple and kefir whipped topping. Serve immediately.
    Sprinkle with coconut, an extra slice of pineapple and kefir whipped topping. Serve immediately.
20 Responses to "My Grandparents Knew"
  1. I just enjoyed your story regarding your Grand-parents very much. I probably would not have listened to mine either if I had been fortunate enough to know them. I grew up without ever knowing any of my grandparents, sadly ,they had all gone on before my arrival! My mom always did try to feed all of her 8 children healthy meals. she was a firm believer in eating whats good for you and she would always be making up weird concoctions whenever one of us children would become ill. I remember one such remedy for a chest cold.. she would soak some bread in warm raw milk ,then add some dry mustard ,heat up a moist bath towel in the oven and plaster it with the milk/mustard mixture.then attach it around our chests with big safety pins ,then we would need to be laying down for the entire day.. It REALLY worked very well. She also (as I do) did NOT believe in chemical medication… She lived to be 94 years old.. On September 4th of this year ,it will be her 1 year heavenly anniversary…God Bless her ,Miss her tremendously !!

  2. Hi Donna. I have been making water kefir for just a few weeks and the grains and kefir have become viscous, Is this normal?

    • Hi Anna, If you are a biotic pro member you can sign up above to request a kefirko jar!
      The Team at CFL

  3. Hi Donna,

    I’m on Day 5 of my fermented sauerkraut juice. All the kraut – which I filled a third of the way up the jar, and then filled the rest with water – has floated to the top, which the water at the bottom. I don’t see any mold. I used plenty of salt, no culture. I opened one jar, and it didn’t smell good, but I don’t know what it should smell like. I see bubbling in there, though. The house is pretty warm. What do you think? I find the juice is like magic for me, in a way the kraut isn’t, so I’m trying to make it and not buy it (I’ve been buying real fermented kraut juice, not shelf-stable, and it’s expensive!) I’d love to know what you think – thank you!

    • Does it smell like kraut? It should float to the top, this is normal. Give it a few more days and then check it again. Kraut can have a really strong smell but it shouldn’t smell like something rotten just like sauerkraut.

      • Thanks, Donna. I can’t actually tell if it’s a “bad” smell – it didn’t smell good to me, that’s for sure. I’ll wait a few days as you say, drain it, and put it in the refrigerator. I assume if it tastes rotten I’ll know! (I hope….) Thanks again.

          • Oops, I just drained it. But I left some juice in there. BUT – to me it smells awful. Maybe that’s because it’s warm? I’ve never made sauerkraut before, so really have no way of judging. I put it all in the refrigerator and will see how it smells tomorrow, cold. It had been bubbling slightly the other day, but today it wasn’t. I don’t know….! As you say, no one has died from this, but why does it smell so – sour and cheesy?

          • I KEPT the juice, by the way. Drained most of it and put it in two jars. I added extra water to make more juice than kraut, as I feel the juice somehow digests better for me. I felt a tremendous change in my energy when I started drinking it – buying it, however from Wise Choice, which is too expensive #1 and they are on back order for who knows how long #2.

  4. I was just thinking of my grandmother yesterday and how much she taught me about real food and taking care of her body as naturally as she could. I wish she were still around so we could talk about all the things I have learned. She and my grandfather didn’t live as long as your grandparents, but they lived longer then my parents did. They were hooked on processed foods and a sedentary lifestyle, and it cost them their lives. I’m changing that for my life and for my children.

  5. I am so happily making kefir and cultured veggies now. I bought a grain mill that is on its way and will be making the bread too. Thank you for all the inspiration!

  6. A friend has been trying to get me to try kefir since it cured her of a mysterious skin condition last year. I’ve been reluctant to do so because so many things I’ve tried since my stroke have made me feel nauseated.

  7. I have 9 grandchildren. Caitlin loved the smoothies and just didn’t want to stop. I feel that she would make them. She is a go getter. Maybe her 8 yo brother with soy,egg, and nut allergies would become interested too. She has a two yo sister who I am sure would follow her lead. Then, maybe parents would follow. Mom is a school teacher. Then who knows how big this could get! Thanks.

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