So, do you want to know why you have certain persistent problems with things like ringworm, toenail fungus, and athlete’s foot? All of these are caused by a fungus that can spread and grow like crazy and last for years and years. “Onychomycosis” is the medical name for the infection that causes the fungi to appear on the nails. It is caused mainly by the Candida species, so there is also a good chance you have Candida if any of these are plaguing your body. Medical treatment can be intense and most of the drugs for toenail fungus are super hard on your liver, and you have to stay on them for long periods. They will often test you to make sure your liver is handling the drug. Topical treatments often won’t work for the long term.  I’ve had two of these ailments, toenail fungus and ringworm, for many years and took the drugs. They would work, but the toenail fungus would always come back. Now, these many years later I have discovered why it always returned and how to rid myself of it for good.

Treating Toenail Fungus

You Probably Have Candida

If you read my last article on candida you will remember that Candida is a yeast/fungal organism that lives naturally within the human body. We need small amounts of the yeast Candidiasis since it can digest things like heavy metals that our regular digestive system cannot handle. It is normally found in the body in low levels, but an overproduction of this yeast can cause many problems. When you have toenail fungus, ringworm, or athlete's foot it can be a sign of Candida virus or yeast within your system.  People who have taken a lot of antibiotics, undergone chemo, or have taken a lot of steroids can all be susceptible to these types of fungal infections. Also, people with compromised immune systems are even more susceptible to this type of thing and here's why. Having lots of healthy bacteria in your body will control all of these types of infections by crowding out the fungal yeasts and making them go into their proper place in your body. You have good probiotic yeast in your body too, but when you've taken a lot of antibiotics, or your body has been through chemo, that decimates the good and bad bacteria. Then when yeast sees all the extra room, it takes advantage of it and multiplies quickly, leaving you with an imbalance in your gut flora. And believe you me, you don't want this. You want tons of good bacteria so they can control the environment and keep these little yeasty guys in check. Yeast isn't bad, so don't plan on complete extinction. You want balance and that means you want your good microbe allies to be the commanders-in-chief in your gut, calling all the shots, and telling yeast and fungi where they can live and how much room they have to populate. Think of your gut as an inner world that is building a city. Like it or not, you're host to 100 trillion of these little fellas and they want to fight your battle with fungi so you don't have to! Then you won't have to take drugs that are hard on the body and can potentially cause other problems, too. Work with these invisible microbes and just you wait and see all they can do.

Microbes will fight the battle for you

So I'm talking from experience on this and nothing, and I mean nothing, worked permanently like having lots of good cultured foods and I mean every day! You've gotta change your inner ecosystem and become a host to billions of good bacteria, and then they will fight the battle for you and take care of your symptoms. You'll be so glad one day you got toenail fungus because it's going to make you be consistent in eating cultured probiotic foods - which will not only fix your symptoms but will help your entire body. Your cholesterol and blood sugar levels will improve, joint pain can subside, food allergies will go away. Asthma and acid reflux will get better and so many other things that only lots of good bacteria can do will occur. Your body will be your best teacher and your taste buds will change. You'll crave healthy foods like never before. Some of the strains of good bacteria in cultured foods are transient which means they only last a few days in the body so you need to have them often. You need to make a commitment to do this, stick with it, and the results will come. You're gonna show yourself the power of probiotic foods and then watch out! You'll be telling everybody and it might possibly take over your whole life. Believe me, I know!

So Here Are My Recommendations

Have at least 1 -2 cups of kefir every day. Any of the kefirs will work: milk kefir, goat kefir, and coconut kefir.  Coconut is wonderful because it has caprylic acid in it that kills fungi too. I have lots of recipes to make it easy to consume every day. I do have it every day, so I get really creative and create a lot of recipes. Some of the bacteria in kefir are transient, and some of the strains are permanent; but if you're serious about getting rid of your ailments, then you need it every day. If you only want to do one cultured food, this is the one you should choose. It has the most benefits and it's super powerful, so even if you don't want to have the veggies or kombucha, then do this one. It can work all by itself if you're consistent.

More Help

Have one to two tablespoons of cultured veggies every day. You can have more, but try and do this every day (or every other day) if you can. It will speed your progress and help things work faster.

Kombucha is another great addition and four ounces a day works great due to the special probiotic yeast called saccharomyces boulardii. It helps boost the good yeasts in the body and reign in the other ones that have gotten out of control. Kombucha isn't strong enough to get rid of these problems by itself. It simply doesn't have enough healthy strains like kefir does, so make sure you have kefir too. It's powerful medicine.

So, basically you're rebuilding your inner microbiome with lots of healthy strains of probiotics. Prebiotics work well, too, and will speed things along, making those healthy strains grow and multiply quite rapidly. I encourage you to eat plenty of prebiotics, too.

You can learn more about that here:
Prebiotics – As Important as Probiotics

Start out Slowly

If you haven't had kefir before I recommend you start out slowly with 1/4 to 1/2 cup. Let your body adjust, and then add at least a cup a day to begin healing your toes. Kefir is really powerful with 50 plus strains of bacteria!


Building up the good bacteria in your body with a lot of cultured foods can become a very powerful weapon that can clean house and bring you back into balance. As you start adding them to your meals and adjusting to the huge influx of good microbes that begin to conquer and dominate your microflora, it can cause a Herxheimer Reaction as the bad bacteria and bad yeasts leave the body. They give off toxins as they die off and you can experience a healing crisis. Please check out this article. The Healing Crisis

It takes a while for the toenail to grow out

If you have toenail fungus, it's going to take a while for your toenails to grow out, but you'll get to watch the healthy nail emerge at the bottom as the old nail grows out and this can take many months to a year, but that's okay. It's an indicator that you're on the right path and a reminder to stay the course! Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither were your toenails.

Here is another tip that one of my readers shared with me. It's pretty cool and once again, make sure you consume kefir every day. And it can't hurt to soak your toes, too!!

"Last week, I noticed that my husband had a very bad case of toenail fungus. Every toe was affected.

I decided to give him a kefir foot bath. The next day, 35% was gone. The second treatment 75% was gone. Waited two days, gave a last treatment and it’s 98% gone.

He was suffering a lot. He could not believe it. I tried many times to give him kefir and fermented vegetables with no success.

I think now he will try with less hesitation."

France B

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So, do you want to know why you have certain persistent problems with things like ringworm, toenail fungus, and athlete’s foot? All of these are caused by a fungus that can spread and grow like crazy and last for years and years. It is caused mainly by the Candida species, so there is also a good chance you have Candida if any of these are plaguing your body. But the good news is cultured foods can help with this problem. Check out the podcast for the many ways good bacteria keeps all of this in check.

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