Are Probiotic Foods Stronger Than Supplements?

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Part of the secret to a healthy body is to eat probiotic foods and let the food fight it out inside.


Many people wonder if probiotic pills provide the same benefit as probiotic foods since they seem to be marketed in the same way—healthy bacteria for our guts. However, probiotic foods work significantly better because of their construction. To get into the small intestine and colon, where they do the work of breaking down and processing food and powering up the immune system, the bacteria first have to move through the stomach; but the stomach is filled with acid designed to kill bacteria. When you eat a probiotic food, the food itself provides a protective armor that helps shield the friendly bacteria. It also speeds the transport out of the stomach, thus keeping the good bacteria intact. Probiotic pills are often trapped in the acids of the stomach, and the probiotics are killed before the body ever gets a chance to use them. So consuming probiotic foods such as kefir, kombucha, and cultured vegetables is way more effective than taking pills.

Stronger Than Supplements

Cultured Foods Are Inexpensive

Dr. Mercola, from, stated, "Fermented foods not only give you a wider variety of beneficial bacteria, they also give you far more of them, so it’s a much more cost-effective alternative. Here’s a case in point: It’s unusual to find a probiotic supplement containing more than 10 billion colony-forming units. But when my team actually tested fermented vegetables produced by probiotic starter cultures, they had 10 trillion colony-forming units of bacteria. Literally, one serving of vegetables was equal to an entire bottle of a high potency probiotic! 1 So clearly, you’re far better off using fermented foods."

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Kefir Grains contain billions of bacteria. It was shocking to me how different I felt when I switched from probiotic supplements to kefir. I noticed within a day that something was happening inside of me, and in less than a month I was free from diabetes and high blood pressure. I was convinced and began to tell my friends. I watched as person after person with different ailments got better from everything you could imagine.

The main polysaccharide in kefir grains is kefiran, which is a heteropolysaccharide composed of equal proportions of glucose and galactose and is produced by the many strains of lactobacillus in kefir grains. Kefiran has antitumor, antifungal, and antibacterial properties and can help regulate the immune system in a powerful way.2

A professor of microbiology at the University of Florida was a regular consumer of goat milk kefir and decided to have his class test the kefir he drank from Glades Ridge Goat Dairy Farm. Testing showed 10 billion CFU (colony forming units) per ml! 3 More testing is being done on different milks using kefir grains. but this is quite impressive.

Easy Kefir Powder which is made from kefir grains (using whole dairy milk) has been tested to contain over 3 billion live bacteria and over 50,000 lactic yeasts per gram. The kefir made with it will typically contain +/- 1 billion active bacteria and +/- 10,000 lactic yeasts per gram or ml.


Cultured Foods Are Inexpensive

You really need to try it and see for yourself just how different you feel while eating probiotic foods. Don’t you always find that homemade foods are better for you? Well, these foods are no exception. While I believe there are a lot of really good probiotic foods selling in health food stores, you never know how long they’ve been there and the longer they sit, the fewer probiotics you will receive. I took probiotic pills for years and found very little change in my health. Contrast this with adding cultured foods to my diet and the results were dramatic. I started to feel alive inside and health problems began to vanish. The money I spent on probiotic pills was more than I care to recall. Cultured foods are inexpensive, more potent than pills, and the logical way the body wants to receive these beneficial bugs. I tried the supplemental route, but then I found cultured foods; and well, the rest . . . is history.

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How to Make Kefir

How to Make Veggies

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Many people wonder if probiotic pills provide the same benefit as probiotic foods since they seem to be marketed in the same way—healthy bacteria for our guts. Probiotic foods work significantly better because of their construction. Tune in to listen and learn more.

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