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Your Body Was Designed to Heal You


“I can tell my story and It doesn’t bring up any pain. Now I know for sure – that I am healed.”Donna

Finding the Answers

Help is on the way

How did I get here?  I was a new mother at 41 years old, falling apart, and paralyzed with fear. I was sick with diabetes and suffered from high blood pressure. I also had a brand new premature baby girl in my lap. I knew that I was in trouble and I desperately needed help. I begged for help. I wasn’t living any more. I was merely surviving and getting through the days.

One afternoon I cried out, “God, please help me! If you help me, I promise I will help others.” This was the promise I made, and I meant it. When you are sick and don’t feel good, it is hard to be spiritual and feel the joy and excitement in life. You are simply existing and not truly living. I tried to comfort myself every day, talking to myself in the privacy of my own head. I told myself things like, “The answers will come to me. I know they will. I was not meant to live this way. They will come. They will come and help me.”


The answers did come, and they were tailor-made for me. They came in a form and fashion that spoke volumes. They came to me in the form of food. However, it wasn’t the kind of food that most are accustomed to. These foods were fermented, or as I call them cultured foods. They are similar to foods like yogurt and sauerkraut, but are teeming with billions of probiotics and good bacteria. They changed me in an extraordinary way. I’m talking about foods like kefir, kombucha, and cultured vegetables. Not only are these foods delicious, but they also have the extraordinary ability to speak to the cells of my body and change me from the inside out.

You and I are 100 trillion cells of bacteria. It’s who and what we are. For thousands of years, people ate and consumed cultured foods. Sadly, we have forgotten about them. We have become a society that is obsessed with speed and convenience. When we get sick, our first thought is to reach towards the medicine cabinet. We don’t stop and try to figure out what the true source of the problem is.

When I started eating cultured foods, every ailment I had went away. I watched as these foods healed my tiny baby. Then they healed my older teenager from Irritable Bowel Syndrome and food allergies.  I was astounded as these foods worked miracles in my friends and their children. Problems like ulcers, asthma, food allergies, and digestive issues were going completely away.

What were these foods and how were they changing everybody? I’ve spent over ten years researching them, learning how to make them, and teaching others. They have changed my life. I’ve become filled with such a sense of wellness and joy that I can’t contain it. It just spills out of me. I’m no longer struggling with sickness and disease, but am so well that I feel reborn twenty years younger.

It was from this place of wellness that the most wonderful thing happened. My spiritual life grew by leaps and bounds, and I connected to a part of my life that dwelt with me in a way I had never known. I discovered what I had been searching for my entire life: The real me, the part that was spirit. My world changed dramatically.

My body was trying to get my attention. Sometimes pain is the only way we can learn and change who and what we are. Then we can connect to what we truly desire. We yearn for a connection to the divine expression of God within us. It is so interesting to me that as my body repaired through the foods I was eating, I began to listen, really listen, to that still small voice inside. It knew that this was the way to reach me. I had forgotten who and what I was. It made me remember that I was here to serve, love, and live a life of joy. These foods healed me and made me well. The gratitude I feel has become my driving force. This force within me drives me to teach others how to heal their own bodies and become the joyful people they were meant to be. I went from lying on the couch to living life like never before. This is the journey I took, and I am so thankful for the pain that led me here.

So you see for me . . .  food is one of the most spiritual things of all. It led me home.

“You don’t have a soul. You are a soul. You have a body.”C.S. Lewis

31 Responses to "Your Body Was Designed to Heal You"
  1. Thank you for sharing your story! My son has severe eczema. I know he has a lot of allergies, but not sure what all he is allergic to. He is 12 months old and still breastfed. How much kefir do I give him a day? What is the best way to give kefir to a baby? Should I just stick to kefir for him or can I give the veggies to him as well? He only has 2 teeth so I know he can’t really eat sauerkraut, but are there any veggies that become soft enough for a baby when fermented? Thanks! 🙂

    • Just give him a spoonful of kefir when you feed him. Start with that for a few weeks and see how it does and let him get used t it and then try the veggies.

  2. Hi Donna I have been diagnosed as having Psoratic Arthritis and ostoepenia.Keep looking for natural alternative that may help me heal the psorisis and problem I have with my tendons and joints.I refuse to use drugs Dr, suggested.My fingers are bent.swooping and frozen.Hoping this may be a solution for me.Also allergic to all sulppha based drugs and foods w/ sulfates and sulfites,extreme swelling.Linda

  3. I have been having a cup at least of KM every morning. Today I tried a second fermentation!, used orange peel. I loved the fizz! Not sure how to make kombucha?

  4. 18 months ago I lost 25lbs through diet. I came to the USA and put 30lbs back on. I don’t have the motivation to diet again but have been feeling that the answer is to discover how to have a healthy balanced diet.
    Maybe this is the next step for me. Looking forward to you free download. Thank you.

  5. The whey that’s left when making cheese….can you save it in one jar or should you keep different batches separate? How long can you keep whey to use as a starter?

  6. hi , a friend got me into drinking kefir water with grains. i figure she bought them from you, since she liked your fb page. can u tell me how the grains are formed? they are balls of bacteria…but are they grown on bread or anything? i began drinkin the water, and maybe it was too much too soon, but had some constipation, intestional issues….i am gluten intolerant. just want to make sure whats in the grains….or how they’re made? thanks so much!

    • You don’t grow them anywhere. They have been passed down for 1000 of generations and they grow and multiply. Nobody has ever been able to duplicate them. You have to get them from somebody, they are just a combination of bacteria and yeasts and are not a grain in anyway.

  7. Hello Donna,
    l enjoy your website and also subscribe to it. Your life story into your healing is inspiring.
    l am also on the journey to heal myself of the Eczema…..a condition that was managed by Dermatologists before l embarked on my Holistic approach. Now it is managed by my TCM Practioner. I am practising 2 of the Trilogy; consuming KOMBUCHA and MILK KEFIR ; so will be embarking on Sauerkraut soon. l strongly share the same sentiments as you, Donna.
    We are Our Own Healers. “Let Food Be Thy Medicine.”
    l believe too l can Heal, as in the eyes of Orthodox medicine *There is no cure for Eczema*. l choose to beleive ottherwise.
    Also, l have made a pledge to myself that one day….SOON I will publish a book to share my story when I am HEALED!!

  8. I love how open and honest your story is. Your book has enabled me to incorporate cultured foods into almost every meal or snack time. We’ve been using kefir for about 3 months daily and my hormones feel as if they are normalizing, finally. The terrible ovulation pain is gone (I hope for good!), I feel calmer and grounded, and I have energy to exercise! There is such a big difference for me when I consume all 3 cultured foods in the same day that I truly believe it is essential.
    My mother has been sharing her kefir grains with people and here’s the latest praise report. An elderly lady, probably 80 years old and a neighbor of my mother’s, has cancer. She’s taking chemo pills. She just shared with my mom that all her life she’s had the runs, then with cancer she has been constantly constipated. She’s never have normal BMs, she says. After 3 weeks drinking kefir she has normal BMs!

    Isn’t it just like God to give us something so simple for our health? These cultures reproduce like crazy, cost just about nothing and are easy to make. I think enemas, which are written about in depth in ancient scrolls found throughout the world including the Dead Sea Scrolls, are another wonder of healing.

  9. Thanks for all the information and hope with these cultured foods. I struggle with acid reflux and other things too – my daughter also has been diagnosed with Asthma and allergies (she also has heartburn)… we are just starting (maybe a few months) with Kefir & Kombucha – I want these to help us also. I feel that do but I still have to watch what I eat (fear of food and having heartburn/acid reflux) 2 questions: are store bought Kombucha & Kefir (I’m lactose intolerant too) good to use? and how often do you need these food – how often a day, etc.? thank you. God Bless you! cm

    • Store bought kombucha is really good but store bought kefir is not as strong as homemade although it still has good properties in it.

      I recommended a cup of kefir at least a 1/4 cup of cultured veggies and 8-16 ounces of kombucha a day.

  10. Donna- As a neonatal intensive care nurse and health promotion coordinator who has worked to improve the health of many military families for 20+ years, your story has me crying tears of JOY! to know the beauty of your story and how much God is using you to help others. Thank-you for the work that you are doing. My story is different, but yet the same. Our family is healing as well and now we are blessed to have moved to a 1200 acre farm (TourmalineFarms.com) where we are working hard to raise food and educate others where they can feel good about themselves, their food & their community… to heal ourselves and be stewards of the blessings we’ve been given. Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you for your inspiring story. You’ve been just the “shot in the arm” that I needed today to remind me that we are on the right path. LAUS DEO!

  11. I made the kombucha , I let it sit for 7 days. No fezzs , My first batch. I’m writing
    because, my eye, my right eye was giving me trouble, now it seem to be clear. I’m
    wondering if this is just in my mine or what. Is this kombucha working this fast? and
    I don’t even think I made it right, not waiting longer than 7 days. what do you think?

  12. Thank you Donna for your website. I had been praying for healing for my IBS and was introduced to kefir by a friend, then came across your site. I started kefir 5 months ago, then cultured vegetables and now kombucha. I am 90 percent better and looking forward to total healing. I thank God because this was a Godsend for my healing. Thank you for sharing your gift of knowledge. Praise God for His loving kindness!!

  13. That’s such a lovely photo of you in the purple shirt – honestly, you look ageless. A wonderful illustration of you story :).

  14. I am in your place now. I have been very ill for several years. I take 12 or prescriptions every day. I don’t believe that prescriptions heal but cover up the symptoms. I order your cultures they were so big and beautiful. I just need to learn how to flavor my keifr so I can drink it. I don’t like the taste other wise. My sister fixed me some of the beets and I loved them I could almost eat a whole quart at one time. I know you explain about adding flavor but mine just didn’t turn out.

  15. Dear Donna,
    Your video brought tears to my eyes, it’s so touching. I’ve been on a healing journey for nearly a year now, trying to get rid of candida and to heal my gut. I’ve been incorporating the trilogy daily since reading your blog and it has made a big difference but the journey isn’t over yet. I often despair but your story gives me a lot of hope and I can’t wait to be truly well.
    Thank you so much for sharing your touching story, it’s these kind of stories that give me the willpower to keep on going!
    God Bless

  16. Thanks Donna for your story. I can sense your passion for helping others and the message that our bodies were made to work for us not against us. While this is all new to me (cultured foods) I still have a hard time crossing over to truly love myself enough to make the necessary change. It’s like misery loves it company so I’d rather double over in pain from me stomach rather than loving sauerkraut! I’ve stated all this to ask a question..can you give an example of what foods you would eat for a full day? I’m faithful now to eating keifer ever morning but that’s about it. Thank you!

    • OH my its so different everyday but I usually have at least a cup of kefir, 1/2 cup of cultured veggies and 16 ounces of kombucha everyday. That’s the standard but I really mix it up sourdough bread and kefir soda but I always have the trilogy everyday.Kefir, kombucha and cultured veggies

  17. awwww, thank you Donna!!! I’ve been on a journey for over a year. I will try kefir again, used to consume it, but i couldn’t really tell a difference, and it seemed to cause my daughter constipation? Your story gives me hope to try it again. It sucks to have so little energy and feel so depressed with young child so full of life and joy. P.S. i love collecting quotes and LOVE Joseph Cambpell…. have you heard this quote? 🙂 Enjoy! “Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”
    ― Howard Thurman

  18. Beautiful post Donna, thankyou. I’m at the start of my healing journey but you make me so excited for what’s to come x

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