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Kefir In Every Kitchen

kefir-grains-in-milk.jpg A few weeks ago I had a dream about kefir. I was watching TV in my dream and heard a newscaster say that kefir had swept the world and there was now kefir in every kitchen. I woke up and carried that dream with me for weeks. If everybody drank kefir, the world would be a better place. I am convinced of this. I see what it does not only to myself and family but from the hundreds of emails I get. It makes you well and heals you from the inside out. I am living proof of the words I speak. It's not just a good idea; it literally transformed my life and I spend my days trying to spread the good news. I would love nothing more than to see kefir in every kitchen. So I decided that to further help, I would take my kefir video on my Trilogy DVD and give it free to everybody. I want you to be successful at making kefir and so many people are visual so this seemed like something I could do to help everybody.

smoothieI hope it will help you, encourage you and make it easier for you to make kefir a part of your life. When something as simple as a food makes you well you want to tell the world about it. If you are reading this and haven't tried kefir, then you are not here by accident. If you are seeking wellness, then what you seek is seeking after you just by the shear act of reading this blog. The answers are trying to come to you but you have to let them in. Kefir was what brought me back to life when I was so sick, and it is a great place to start for you as well. Hopefully, this video will make it easier for you. I'm giving it to everybody for free. This will reach the masses faster and hopefully, more kefir will show up in kitchens everywhere.

Here is my video on how to make kefir. I hope it will help you to make kefir a part of your life. When you do find the many health benefits of making kefir a part of your life, please spread the word. We can replace illness with wellness, we just have to replace the I with WE and  illness becomes wellness.

"Always remember. . . I love your guts- quite literally"


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