I am a big believer that you need more magnesium. Most people are very deficient in magnesium which affects 325 processes in the body. It's so important to me, and I have supplemented it for over twenty-two years.

Magnesium is a Co-factor in More Than 300 Enzyme Systems

The human body is made up of 75 to 100 trillion cells. Each one of these cells has the ability to communicate and receive messages from other cells. Magnesium is supposed to be the seventh most abundant mineral in the body.

Minerals are essential to our lives and many people struggle to hang on to magnesium. Magnesium deficiencies can wreak havoc in more ways than one. Magnesium is a co-factor in more than 300 enzyme systems that regulate different biochemical reactions in the body including protein synthesis, muscle and nerve function, blood glucose control, blood pressure regulation, as well as hundreds of other processes. Magnesium can be found in food, but the amount is dependent upon the amount in the soil where the food is grown. Highly processed foods, especially sugar, deplete the body of magnesium.

Magnesium is responsible for the relaxation phase of the muscles and the heart. A number of studies have previously shown magnesium can benefit your blood pressure and help prevent sudden cardiac arrest, heart attack, and stroke. For example, one study published earlier this year in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition looked at a total of seven studies collectively covering more than 240,000 participants. The results showed that dietary magnesium intake is inversely associated with risk of ischemic stroke. About 80% of  Americans are deficient in magnesium. A magnesium deficiency can lead to diabetes and high blood pressure, which is becoming more and more prevalent.

Who is Deficient in Magnesium?
Up to 90% of the population of the United States is magnesium deficient. We don't talk enough about minerals. but I think it's an important topic since the soils that grow our foods are more and more lacking in minerals.

The Reasons People are Deficient in Magnesium

  • People who exercise – exercise can strip magnesium from inside the cells.
  • People who do not exercise – exercise keeps the cells healthy and also helps detox the body from unhealthy substances that can use up the magnesium in our cells.
  • The young, the middle-aged, and the elderly – all can be lacking in minerals and especially magnesium.
  • Those on medication – Prescription and OTC
  • Anyone consuming a diet high in processed foods – The ground is missing a lot of nutrients from overfarming. Those consuming processed foods, sugars, and chemicals will strip magnesium from their body. Additionally, cooking foods decreases nutrients, vitamins, and minerals.

Let me tell you my story and how I found magnesium to be so essential to my well-being.

My Story

My family has a history of high blood pressure.  When I was a young one, I struggled with high blood pressure on and off for years and was told to just expect to take medication for it. This made me fighting mad, and I didn’t want to accept it as a predetermined destiny that I had no choice over. I wanted to know why I had a tendency for this and what was happening inside of me that was causing all of this. I kept getting clues all along but never figured it all out until the birth of my third child and finding cultured foods.  I had trouble in all my pregnancies with hypertension and preeclampsia, (which can be a sign of magnesium deficiency) and because of this, I had to be hospitalized for all of the births of my children.

My last child was born 7 ½ weeks early and I was on bed rest for six months of the pregnancy. My blood pressure was extremely high and the stress began affecting my liver. They delivered my baby early to save my life. But my blood pressure didn’t come down after the birth of my child, and in the hospital they put me on a high-dose magnesium drip. I couldn’t get out of bed to see my daughter who was in the neonatal unit down the hall. It tortured me, and keeping me from my daughter made my blood pressure even higher. She was too sick to leave the neonatal unit and I couldn’t even sit up long enough to get into a wheelchair because the dosage of the magnesium was so high. It is times like these that can change our lives if we let them. I was staring at the ceiling and begging God to bring my blood pressure down when a nurse came into the room and I asked her to please take me to see my daughter. I told her it would make my blood pressure come down. She did just that at 2:00 am in the morning - wheeled my entire bed into the neonatal unit and there I saw my four-pound preemie. Touching her tiny body, I vowed to find the answers to what had happened to me and give her the life she deserved.

Ron and Holli

Blood Pressure Normalized

My blood pressure started coming down after I saw my daughter, and as I rested in bed I started putting the pieces together. If they kept me on a magnesium drip so I wouldn’t have a stroke in the hospital, did that mean I wasn’t hanging on to magnesium in my cells and maybe this was the cause of my high blood pressure? I started researching this many months later and this was the time I started drinking kefir. I watched my blood pressure normalize with the addition of kefir, and I found out that not only was kefir high in magnesium, but it also helps you absorb more of it from the other foods you eat along with the kefir. I read in a study that kefir works on an enzyme in the stomach to lower blood pressure naturally in one out of three people. It also reduces inflammation throughout the body. It had normalized my elevated blood pressure and I was thrilled. The understanding didn’t end there. I started realizing that every food that I craved on a regular basis had magnesium in it: dark chocolate, avocados, bananas, figs, and nuts. So I started experimenting with things and found I could drop my blood pressure even more with certain supplements.


Magnesium Through The Skin

I have found that the body absorbs magnesium through the skin quite well, and it takes in what it needs. You don't have the excess that you do with supplements, which can cause loose bowels if you take too much. Bath salts, oil, soaps, and gels are an excellent way to supply the body with magnesium and these particular supplements are magnesium chloride from the dead seas. This is the same magnesium chloride that is used as one of the electrolytes in dialysis solutions for kidney patients for which the specifications for production are controlled and secure. These products are the best of any I have used and I've tried many. You can restore your magnesium levels by using these supplements in 3-4 weeks of supplementation by either using them in a bath or rubbing them on the skin or soaking your feet. After that, you only need to do it a couple of times a week to keep your magnesium levels at optimum levels.

Sometimes magnesium products can get a little itchy as they dry on the skin, and we have one product with aloe that helps with this. One thing to know is that once the product is absorbed and the skin feels dry you can wash it off as it has already been absorbed.

Magnesium can aid in the relief of back pain, muscle pain, and arthritic pain, stiffness, skin conditions and I also found it lowers blood pressure quite effectively. The Magnesium Bath Crystals are a highly concentrated dry form of magnesium oil. I absolutely love them.

Magnesium products

Minerals In Bath Salts

The body absorbs minerals, especially magnesium, in bath salts extremely well. It will only absorb what it needs and will leave the rest. I  found these wonderful  Mineral Bath Salts and when I would take a bath with these salts, my blood pressure would come down even more, virtually overnight. It was dramatic and it felt like I had found the missing piece to help my body find its balance. I started to realize that my tendency towards high blood pressure, especially during my pregnancies, was my body’s cry for more magnesium. Kefir was keeping my blood pressure normal but I take mineral-rich baths three to four times a week to give my body extra support.

Check out my magnesium gelsoil, bath salts, and soapsMagnesium Products.

Magnesuim crystals

Restore Cellular Magnesium Levels

This magnesium oil is pure USP (pharmaceutical) quality Magnesium Oil. It can be used as a foot soak (4 ounces recommended per soak), tub soak, topically applied, or even for brushing your teeth.

This is a 4-ounce flip top, but you can purchase an optional sprayer that helps to apply it evenly.  Get the sprayer

Sudden muscle pain? No problem, grab your bottle and massage some in, and within minutes – relief!

Magnesium (the relaxer) is required at the center of every cell in the body. When the cells are low in magnesium, calcium (the constrictor) moves to the center of the cell to protect the cell's integrity. This causes EVERY CELL in the body to be tight. It is little wonder we suffer from muscle stiffness, headaches, insomnia, rage, and more!

Why Transdermal Magnesium?

"Most people are deficient in magnesium and transdermal is the best and fastest way to use it. Furthermore, transdermal is the only way that has been proven to raise DHEA".– Dr C. Norman Shealy

Magnesium products

Magnesium oil

Foods That Contain Magnesium

Supplements That Contain Magnesium


Magnesium Bath Salts


Magnesium Soaps

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I am a big believer that you need more magnesium. Most people are very deficient in magnesium which affects 325 processes in the body. Tune in to listen to my guest, an expert in this field, Laura Collinwood. She talks about magnesium, why we need it, and how to get it in a form the body easily receives.

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