Pocket Thermometer

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 5" pocket probe dial thermometer is a must-have tool for any busy kitchen.

This is great for making yogurt and cottage cheese when you need to get the milk to a certain temperature, so it is vital to have a thermometer that you can count on to give an accurate reading fast. This thermometer is a perfect companion to home kitchens because of its portability and ease of use!

1" Dial Display

A 1" dial display lets you easily read temperatures from 0-220F (-20-100C), degrees Fahrenheit.


  • 1 1/2" dial
  • Stainless steel stem
  • 0 to 220°F
  • -10 to 100°C
  • Storage sleeve
  • Recalibration nut
  • Glass lens


  • Sanitize before use
  • Wash stem in hot soapy water after use

Plastic Sleeve

The plastic storage sleeve keeps your thermometer clean and ready to use at all times, and limits the risk of accidental cross-contamination. A built-in clip makes it easy to secure to a shirt or a pocket as you move around the kitchen.


How to recalibrate
Since the cheese-making process happens at temperatures similar to our healthy body temperatures, a good-quality medical thermometer can be used to calibrate your thermometer.

  1. Run warm water between 88-98F into a container deep enough to immerse both thermometers.
  2. Place thermometers in the water, and check temperature readings once they have stabilized.
  3. If your new thermometer is not reading at the same temp as the medical thermometer, locate the nut found under the dial head.
  4. Using a wrench, turn the nut clockwise or counterclockwise as needed until the needle reads the same temperature as the medical thermometer.
  5. Repeat this process as needed.